On a Mission with National Geographic Kids

I’ve talked about National Geographic Kids before and I’m so excited to share the latest from them! The National Geographic Kids Pleybox subscription is the perfect gift for your curious little ones. Winner of Best Green Toy and Brainchild Toys, and parent approved, send your kids on a mission to discover the Great Barrier Reef, the Serengheti, the Artic or the Amazon. Learn about each areas endangered species and become an Expert after you complete your mission.

My kids are obsessed with National Geographic Kids books. We’ve amassed quite the collection in our home. Partly due to the awesome gig of being a blogger’s kid; but most of the time NGKids books are part of their library checkouts, or requested as a gift. So I knew right away these little mission suitcases would be a huge hit for us. In the boxes we got one of the famed NGKids books, a super cool shirt with corresponding animal, stick sheet, collector cards, and in the Serengeti one my daughter got a little bracelet and two mini animal figurines.



At the end of your “mission” to learn as much as you can about the area (and the animals) your box is from you get your Achievement Certificate! I make mine earn it by teaching me all about what they learned. It is a great interactive tool for the whole family to use.

Lastly you are able to access a fun, interactive online game, where you can learn EVEN more about the area and its wildlife! After that…your mission is complete!! But the fun doesn’t have to end there. You can keep going back to revisit your mission with each box you get, combining your knowledge. These subscription boxes are only $17.99,  making a Pleybox Mission box a super cool and unique gift for a cool kid in your life. I know that I’m always looking for unique, non-toy, related gifts. NGKids Pleybox’s are definitely on my list of unique gift giving that both parents and kids will love!

Visit their website to find out more, and learn how to get your own mission box!


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