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Dr. Jacobs Naturals Soap Pump



I was so thrilled to try out some of Dr. Jacobs Naturals products, especially during the summer time when we are literally bathing in chlorine all day long. Its nice to have natural and gentle products taking care of your skin after a long day at the pool. Trying to maintain natural products in your home can be really hard for those of us without a lot of experience; but there are small steps that you can take to remove chemicals as much as you can from your home! Starting with what goes on your body is an easy way to make the jump into a natural lifestyle. These products are affordable and last forever, which also makes this step easy (for you and for your wallet). Being healthy and natural doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Founded in 1911, the company pays homage to the real-life Dr. Jacobs who was a swiss chemist. He perfected the Castillian tradition of making castille soap. Joey and Ezra Aini, founders, desired to provide a multi-tasking, natural soap….and this mom feels like they knocked it out of the park!

My kids adore the smell of the soap, it leaves our skin feeling awesome and the pump action option makes carting this soap to the pool easy peasy!!! Dr. Naturals soap is Cammo Style Love approved!!

The almond honey soap is probably my favorite, and my youngest can’t get enough of it. The blend of honey and almond provides a natural Omega 9, which helps keeps moisture where it your skin. You’ll also find Vitamin A, B and E!

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