Explore Your City with an Urban Adventure Quest!

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Explore Your City!

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for awhile you might know that I am a huge fan of being a tourist in your own city. I say this especially for military families. Embracing where you are can sometimes help combat any of the negative feelings that you have about your duty station. Having been in places that are rural and pretty desolate before, I get it when it sucks! Urban Adventure Quest is one way that you can explore your city in a fun way, and also provide any visitors with some fun as well. Its also something I will keep in my back pocket for vacations!

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What is Urban Adventure Quest?

The idea for Urban Adventure Quest came from the favorite tv show of its creators, the Amazing Race! Wouldn’t it be fun to go on your own amazing race in the comfort of your own city? The answer is of course yes!! Get a quest, go on the stops, complete the challenges and score points! Create your team of 2-5 people and embark on your own three hour tour {insert Gilligan’s Island theme music}. Because the owners love adventures as much as their customers they take their creations seriously. They want to create quests that they themselves would enjoy.

Where is Urban Adventure Quest?

UAQ has over 50 quests available! Some cities have more than one type of adventure available to you. From Sacramento to Boise, Baltimore to Dallas, UAQ is growing!

They are also afforable, and I will be adding them to my Free and Cheap in DC list. You can purchase an adventure for up to five people for $49, $30 for a mini-quest. They also offer a rather large 25% military discount. All you have to do is call to receive a promotion code, which I can handle for sure. For schools and non-profit groups they offer 20%, no matter how many teams you purchase. I love a company that gives back like this. Its something that I want to support and encourage others to support as well.

Be A Tourist in your Own Town Pinterest

Turn YOUR CITY into a giant game board with this fun scavenger hunt adventure. Combine the excitement of the Amazing Race with a three-hour city tour. Guided from any smart phone, teams make their way among well known and overlooked gems of the city, solving clues and completing challenges while learning local history. Play anytime during daylight hours. Start when you want and play at your pace.

And I’m so excited because Adventure Quest has offered my readers 20% off a Quest! For only $39.20 for a team of 2-5 people you can enjoy a night of fun with friends! Use code: FGBLOG. Sign up online at www.UrbanAdventureQuest.com.

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