Five Things a New Runner Needs

When I started running, about four years ago, I couldn’t image that I would have several 5ks under my belt and actually miss it when an injury side-lined me. Here I am though, a year after an extremely bad sprain stopped me from regularly running and I miss it terribly. So, since I haven’t started up again I thought I would write about running. That’s close right? To be honest I’m a little scared to start running again. I know that it is going to be feel like I’ve never run.

So what does a new runner need?

Arming yourself with the right tools to start your running journey is important, and whether you are running solo or finding a partner, setting yourself up for success before you even step out the door is a surefire way to keep running!

1. A good app

When I started running I started with ‘Couch to 5K’. I chose an app and started going. But by the third week I was like I’m going to keep on running when it tells me to walk!! Sticking to the app was hard for me becuase I was ready to run for longer distances sooner than the app had me. However, I would still recommend this type of app for anyone that wants to start running who has never really been a runner, is nervous about starting to run, or just wants some guidance.

I quickly found myself using the Nike Run app and here’s why! It encourages you through the run and gets your friend to as well. Nothing is better for one’s self esteem than to have a round of applause break through your music when someone has given you a thumbs up. It gives you badges for achieving a certain number of runs, miles and keeps track of your pacing. It’s also amazing because it can help you figure out when you need to get a new pair of shoes! I know its crazy to think about, but running in worn out shoes is not good guys!

2. Good Running Shoes

This segways nicely into my next item. A good pair of running shoes can make or break your run. When I started running I just grabbed my tennis shoes that I had. I couldn’t even tell you when I bought them, but I used them to run and that was not a good idea. So I marched myself over to the store and snagged a new pair of shoes. I’m a Saucony fan. Its just the brand I like. They are quality shoe with a less than a $100 price tag! I’m sold!! But do your research. If you have a flat food or high arch look for a shoe that works best in research and try them on with your running socks. Don’t be afraid to jump around in the store. Totally did that!!

3. Support!

So maybe this next one isn’t for every runner, but I’m speaking to my well-endowed ladies specifically. This issue is probably the number one reason I wasn’t a runner after my brief foray into middle school track, which I loved by the way. Thankfully the clothing, workout and fashion industries have gotten a million times better and realized that girls with big chests would also like to run without killing themselves. I’ve tried so many bras, but I have two that have become my tried and true standbys.

 Under Armour Compression Bra

This one on Amazon was as close as I could find to my original bra. I purchased it at the Base Exchange and from what I can tell they no longer make the exact one that I had. Mine is the Underarmour Heat Gear Compression sports bra. This one looks close and could be a newer version. Under Armour has really stepped up their game with sports bras and now have a whole line of super supportive ‘high support’ sports bras that I’m going to have to try.

The second is also one that I can’t find anymore at Old Navy, but they too have stepped up their game in the support arena. The bra I have has wicking and a thick band. It doesn’t dig into my shoulders AND I can comfortably wear an xl and run. I’m going to be honest with you guys and tell you that as a DDD that is insanity!!!

4. Muscle Rub

Self- care post run is super important, especially if you want to get back up there again. I was given this muscle rub by my dear friend, who actually owns and makes this product so I am a little partial. However I will say I have continuously gone back to purchase this item on my own, so you know its good. She also added a muscle bath soak recently and its heaven!!! The tin of the rub utilizes natural ingredients, using essential oils, capsacian, st jonn’s wart and arnica! Love it!! It also lasts for forever, which is a huge selling point. So while you might initially freak out at a $17 price point…just forego¬† 2 1/2 Starbucks and do yourself a favor. Trust me. Sugar + Spruce knows what they are doing.

5. A good play list

Do not underestimate the power of a good play list. I have very rarely altered mine, and it includes songs that I don’t usually listen to outside of the running. You need a certain song to make up that playlist, that keeps you moving and energized. If you have songs that you love on your playlist I’m always looking for more so make sure to leave them in the comments or tweet at me!!!

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other must-haves given to me by recommendation (but I haven’t tried yet!)

Megababe products are one of the most recommended products to me. Its on my list, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet! But so many of my blogger babe friends have recommended it so I know its good!!! I can’t wait to add it to my life!!!

so, find a good 5k and reach your goals guys!! I love the glow run and color run 5ks!!
if you have favorite products or songs for your playlist share them in the comments below.
Products for new runners


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