14 FREE YouTube Workouts for the New Year!

I know, another blog post about working out! But no, this is about continuing on with the momentum that I have! For me its more than just working out or even being healthy. Its taking the time to work on myself and being focused on that. I always feel better when I take the time to work out. Endorphins are a thing people! So what do you do when you don’t want to go to a gym, and buying an a specific program is either a) not in the budget or b) not something you want to buy? I’ve done the gym thing and I’ve done the “program” thing, but I have never really had success until I started creating my own programs with free YouTube videos. I’m going to share some of my favorites with you here so that you can start your new year off on the right foot.

Channels I Freaquent – BeFit, PopSugar Fitness, Apartment Friendly and Fitness Blender

Equipment I use – 3, 5, 10lb Weights (sometimes 15), Yoga Mat, Chair

  1. Denise Austin Boot Camp Cardio and Strength Workout
  2. 20 Min Total Body Sculpt and Tone with Autumn Calabrese
  3. In- Home Arm Sculpt with Katie Austin
  4. Awesome Abs by Katie and Denise
  5. Target Tone Legs with Katie Austin
  6. Target Tone Abs with Katie Austin
  7. Denise Austin Total Body Workout Dance!
  8. No Equipment At Home Cardio Workout
  9. 5 Minute Cool-Down and Stretch (some workouts on youtube do not have their own so this is good to keep bookmarked)
  10. Tank Top Arms
  11. No Equipment Belly Fat Burner HIIT
  12. No Run Cardio Workout PopSugar Fitness
  13. Apartment Friendly Workouts (Any!!)

Check out some of these workouts and aim to do cardio every other day, unless its a short HIIT! On your off days focus on one part of the body and switch things up. Keep your body guessing and have fun!! Do you have a favorite YouTube workout?

Here are more of my favorite YouTube workouts

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