Seven Ways I’ve Gone Green with MightyNest

First let me just start out by saying that this is not a sponsored post! I love MightyNest and have been using it for about seven months. My friend sent me a free box one month and the rest is history. Trying to find ways to go green can a) be a daunting task and b) be expensive. It’s just overwhelming to think about making changes like that. But what I love about MightNest is that it takes the thinking right out of it. Each month I get a new item to help me make that change in an easy and meaningful way. MightNest doesn’t just send you one little sample or part of something. It sends you full-size products and enough to actually do the thing it’s trying to help you do. Each box is a surprise, but you are able to swap a month for an item of your choosing from a small list! This month I decided to do a swap and chose Tidy dishcloths instead. You really get your money’s worth. So today I’m going to share with you the seven products I’ve received, how I’ve used them and what I think so far.

  1. Swedish Cloths – I have heard of reusable dishcloths before and even made some myself, but I haven’t heard of Swedish dishcloths before receiving them in my MightNest. I received 2 of them, saving about $2. One of the many green benefits of the Swedish dishcloth is that it is fully compostable. You are keeping disposable scrubbers out of landfills by using these. They soften when wet, fully dry out so you aren’t dealing with a wet sponge getting all gross and moldy (which is a real savor here where humidity is high and your towel never dries between uses). They are sturdy enough to use and wash in the washing machine several times. You will easily get many months out of one cloth!
  2. Dryer Balls – This was the only product that I have received that I have used in the past. They got lost in one of our many moves and I had just never gotten around to getting more. I purchased them to use when I was cloth diapering our now seven year old and really fell in love with how well they worked. In my MightNest box, I received THREE large dryer balls which is sufficient enough for most size laundry loads. I added a couple of drops of essential oil to add a fresh smell and we are good to go! Drying time is shortened and you aren’t using dryer cloths full of chemical and nothing is getting thrown out!
  3. Flip & Tumble Produce Bags – This is the one product that I hadn’t seen before and is probably the one that has been the hardest to remember to use. I’ve taken to keeping them with my reusable grocery bags in the car. Getting in the habit of using them will be great in the long run, because who has a use for those annoying and pesky produce bags! In my MightyNest I received three, which is a great number, but I frequently use more in one shopping trip. You can purchase five of the same brand that I have, Flip and Tumble for $11 as a MightyFix member (or $12.99 as a non-member).  They also have another brand, EcoBags, they carry on the site which comes in a set of two.
  4. Meliora All-Purpose Cleaner – This is my newest item and I am really excited to put this to the test! Make sure to follow me on Instagram so you can find out what I think. Using a chemical-free cleaner is great when I’m having my kids help, which is one of the reasons why I use Norwex cloths. It’s a great way to safely involve your children in chores when you don’t feel they are quite ready to handle chemicals. Meliora cleaner comes in a glass bottle and you purchase pellets that you mix with water. The cleaner is biodegradable, organic, vegan and never tested on animals. You can feel confident is using this in your home safely.
  5. Silicone Spatula and Spoon – made from food-grade silicone, heat resistant up to 110degrees these products help you slowly get rid of items that will fill up landfills, break or leave toxins in your food.
  6. LunchSkins snack and sandwich set – made from certified food-safe and dishwasher safe fabric, Lunchskins are a perfect replacement for disposable baggies for your sandwiches and snacks. I think of these as an investment as having several of each size on hand, and enough for each kid or family member that regularly packs a lunch, can get a little pricey, but once you own them you are good to go for a long while.
  7. Bee’s Wrap set – Bee’s Wrap is some pretty cool stuff, and like most things, takes a bit to get used to AND remember to use. You can get different sizes, for sandwiches, bread loaves, and mixing bowls. It is really a unique item made of organic muslin, jojoba oil and beeswax. You can wash it with mild soap with cool water and lay flat to dry and reuse again. This is the priciest item I have received, a single sandwich wrap going for $12!

Using MightNest has been one of the easiest and best things I’ve done and such an affordable way to make green transitions in the kitchen and home. Give MightyNest a try and get $7 off by using the code {INVITE7} when you check out! Once you start receiving your box you are officially a member and are able to purchase ala cart items at the discounted member price!


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