Travels with Rhe ~ Westgate Town Center Resort, Kissimmee, FL

I was thrilled to be able to visit Westgate Resorts during their Military Families weekend. Not only does Westgate offer free vacations to families every year, but they also offer military discounts to their resorts. Not enough? Well, Westgate also strives to hire veterans and spouses and support them in their transition out of the military. Both their CEO and COO are former military, and if you spend just a moment on their property you can feel just how important it is to honor military families with TIME. Time to be together in a relaxing environment, and time to take a step back from the business of life and just be a family.

Whether you are military or not the Town Center Resort is everything you could hope for in a home away from home. You don’t even have to leave the property to have a great time; but if getting out for an adventure is on your list you are only a short drive from experiences like Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, Legoland, and more!!

Military Weekend is full of fun things to do for families, including a military vehicle demonstration with a WWII reenactment group, a family night with games, food and music, a movie night, and so much more.

The Resort

I was absolutely impressed by the resort itself. The rooms were gorgeous, clean, and spacious. If you stay in one of the suite rooms you will have a full kitchen, access to laundry right outside your door, and a balcony with seating. There are several food and dining options whether you are vacationing with or without kids. The waterpark was great, with plenty of seating, areas for food and drink, and fun for all levels of comfort with water structures. There’s an ice cream shop, arcade, and small store on-site with a deli and pizza joint. You can catch a movie, play mini golf, rent bikes or even pick up a meal kit to cook in your room. Everything is walkable within the resort (or by Westgate Tram!), and you honestly could enjoy time away from regular life and never leave or use your vehicle. I gave a full room tour on my Instagram so I hope you check that out, as well as some more highlights of my stay. Westgate staff can help you get tickets to local attractions and even access swim lessons for the kiddos right on site!


My favorite place to eat during the whole trip was Villa Italiano Chop House. And you know I ordered an old fashioned! They did an excellent job, and the large round ice cube (or globe) was a perfect touch! I want to mention that they were so busy that night, but the bar tender checked in with me extra despite being a little shorthanded that evening. I think its important to acknowledge that sometimes life happens, but its what you do in situtations like that that matter and the staff was absolutely amazing….serving my food quickly and refilling my water and drinks. Try the tomato soup, its killer!

Why Westgate

I don’t know about you, but when I choose to spend my money or share how to spend yours I want to try my best to focus on businesses that not only give back but show their true priorities. I am more likely to spend my money and encourage you to spend yours in places that not only aim to please their guests, but also are committed to supporting their communities (military or not). It’s what makes the world go around! And in this crazy world, kindness matters.

I’m proud to support Westgate Resorts. I would encourage military families to stay there so that they can continue to pay it forward to others. And watch next year when Military Salutes returns and Westgate gives away free vacations to military families.   



have you ever stayed at a Westgate property? I’d love to hear about it!




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