Rewind 365 – January 16, 2013

Welcome to Rewind 365!  This is a recently resurrected blog hop started by one of my dear bloggy friends over at Mommy Only Has Two Hands.  I am so excited to a part of it with her.  When I first discovered it, this hop quickly became one of  my favorites.  A good excuse to go back a year and see how far you come – I’ll take it!  Some weeks this really helped me to gain perspective and just remember.

So, what was I doing a year ago today.   
We were with our amazingly amazing friends in Colorado.  They are really family to us.  My husband grew up with him, and his parent’s are my hubby’s God Parents.  Its really great that we were able to see them and spend a day or two with them.  They were able to see our newest addition when he was little and we had a wonderful free place to stay.  
 The kids’ Uncle wowed them by making some fancy pancakes!

 Brian making their little laugh
 We were able to see the Air Force Academy.  Definitely something on our bucket list!
 It’s more beautiful then the pictures give it credit for
 a little hike from the car to the chapel and museum
Me and Aunt Allie and the little!  Isn’t she freaking adorable!!!
See, don’t you just love this post!?  I now I have a huge smile on my face

I hope you guys enjoy and I look forward to seeing all the blogs that link up.

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Meesh and Mia – Fashionable Collegiate Clothing

           It’s not every day that I get to reminisce about my college days. It seems so darn long ago doesn’t? I started taking classes at my local community college when I was still in high school. The campus I went to was a satellite location so we didn’t really have sport teams, and when I moved to the four year campus they sucked! It’s so terrible, but I don’t think I actually went to a game ever, but I didn’t attend a school awesomely known for its football or basketball, or really anything else for that matter. I went to a gymnastics meet…I seriously did. Total fail in the school spirit program. It’s one of those things you don’t think of until after the fact.

          There are tons of things I wish I would have done while I was in college, but didn’t. Maybe that just means I’ve gotta go back (ahhhh!!!). I did, however, peruse the student shop on many an occasion and I just might have gotten a little bit more into the School Spirit thing if I had had the opportunity to see clothes like this hanging there. I mean, seriously, these clothes are absolutely the cutest and coolest clothes. Meesh and Mia is the company. Here’s a little bit about them.

It all started at a football game. Looking around a tailgate filled with colorful tee shirts and sweatshirts, baseball caps, foam fingers and face paint. A tradition loved, some would say worshiped, by so many. But something was missing. There were women all around…but no women’s clothing?! Once it was noticed it could not be ignored…and the Meesh & Mia movement began.  
Meesh & Mia has started a female fanwear revolution by taking today’s latest fashion trends and combining them with your favorite school colors and logos. We provide a unique, fashion forward approach to University apparel whether you’re looking for something to wear to the game, to work…anywhere! Providing looks for the diehard fanatic or the closet enthusiast our styles are available with or without school logos, so you can choose whether you want to show your school pride loud and proud, or a little more subtle with just some game day colors! 
Gone are the days of dreading getting out that old tee shirt that everyone else has…now you get to stand out in the crowd! It’s time to make it YOUR game. 


         Being a military family I jumped at the chance to get my hands on some cute moto wear, representing our branch, while giving a little shout out to the Air Force Academy as well.  For you other military ladies out there, you can represent the Army and the Navy as well!

Cute stuff right?  I chose the Asymmetrical Ruffle Top, in black.  It was really hard to decide which one to choose.  The sequin tank, shown above is pretty darn cute as well.

        The fit on this is great.  Right in line with what I would purchase at a store I normally shop at.  That is always nice when you purchase online.  Sure they have sizing charts, but sometimes I feel like those don’t really accurately describe a fit of woman, if you get my drift.  I have small shoulders and a large chest area….that changes the sizing of a shirt that I wear totally.  I loved that this was right on, and fit nicely.  The fabric is great and the sequin design looks wonderful in person and like its done well.  I have no doubt this shirt will be in my collection for a long time.  I really love that it can be dressy or casual.  More importantly, I can share my moto wife love without being too crazy.  Its simple and class, fun and cute!  Totally love it!

Now, as I’m sure you are now wanting to run and grab some product!!!  So, here’s some housekeeping if you do!  Check out my referral link and order something from it and there’s a surprise for you, $15 off!  I can’t wait to order more frankly!  Also, if you order from one of the armed forces branches you get free shipping!  If you are currently serving or a past veteran, but would like to order from a different school, email Meesh and Mia at CustomerService at meeshandmia dot com and they will be happy to help you.  I was truly impressed with the communication, customer service and the all around general respect I received.  If you are looking for something different to support your college this would be the first and last place I would recommend to you!  Please check out Meesh and Mia and buy awesome stuff!!!

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