Rhe’s Bookshelf: PTSD: A Spouse’s Perspective

There are some books you read that you just don’t know what to do with them.  What do you say?  How do review it?  This is one of those books, and I’m frankly still not sure where this review is going to take me.  I’m fairly certain that this is the first time I almost decided to not review the book at all.  But, then I realized that this is my job, and this is what I’m supposed to be doing for my readers.  The topic of PTS, or PTSD, is such a huge deal right now, which is the reason I chose this book.  I know it may pop in the searches of spouses looking for books and resources on the topic.  Ultimately that is why I decided to choose the book, as well as follow through with the review.


Has PTSD invaded your world?

Are you always walking on eggshells? Feel like nothing you do is right? Are you the victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse? Are you in a relationship with someone who suffers from PTSD? Then this book is a must-read for you. There is hope!
 So many spouses of PTSD sufferers have the false belief that nobody can understand what they are going through. Believe me when I say, you are not alone. There are literally thousands of victims just like you. Facing the same issues everyday that you are facing.

This book is written for you, the spouse, to offer hope by giving you detailed knowledge of PTSD and Secondary PTSD and also offer you coping mechanisms for living in a world of PTSD.

What I Thought: I feel like this book set out meaning well.  There was so much of me that was craving a good book about this very topic, from a spouse’s perspective.  I wasn’t looking for some clinical book, but a REAL book.  You know, something that said, “I know where you are coming from, and feel what you feel.”  This book was terrible, and didn’t meet any of my expectations.  It upsets me to speak so negatively about someone that has gone through something that I know is very real, but there are many reasons why this book just didn’t work.  For one, the style in which the book was written was all over the place.  It wasn’t written like a memoir, but wasn’t written in a clinical manner either.  Part of the problem with the book is the writers own PTS, and secondary PTS.  This caused the book to have an overtly angry tone that was very difficult to break through.  I felt sad and depressed after reading it, not uplifted.  It was so conflicting because I so wanted to find connection with this book.  It just wasn’t there.  However, despite all that there was one nugget within the pages that really struck a cord with me.  At one point the writer spoke about viewing the treatment of the spouse, by the person suffering with the PTSD, as abuse.  It was with that knowledge that she was able to protect herself and seek the help she needed.  Now, it comes off weird.  When a service member comes home with PTS, after experiencing the things he/she has, its not their fault.  And while the author did a poor job of verbalizing it, by viewing the treatment as abusive (with the malicious intent that we see in abuse normally) she was able to better deal with what was happen.  If it could have been explained in a better way, it would have been just the best part of the book.
Rating: One Star
disclaimer: I received this book in partnership with Booksneeze.  I was not compensated in any other way, and am only asked to give my open and honest opinion.  My thoughts and feelings are my own.

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Rhe’s Bookshelf – Robert Griffin III

Seriously right?  A sports book.  I know, I know, it’s probably the most crazy thing ever.  This is the very first sports related book that I have reviewed on my blog.   However there are several reasons why I chose it.  First, I’m a local now and RG3 is a Washington Redskin.  Despite the fact that my father raised me as a Niner fan, I find myself wanted to get involved with the local team.  I haven’t actually ever lived somewhere where a team physically is located.  Its a different feeling, living where the team actually plays.  It’s like being a Kings fan in Sacramento.  Its in the air when there’s a game.  We haven’t been to a game yet but I want to.  I won’t ever give up my love to the 49ers, but I could go for a home team game.  The second reason I chose this book is because he’s a military kid, a dual military kid no less.  His mother served 12 years; and his father served 21 years.  It’s pretty cool.  He seems to be a decent kid, went to Baylor and so far (even though it hasn’t been that long) he hasn’t had any incidents that would make me erase him from the athlete idol for my sons.  The truth remains to be seen if he will stand the test of time, both on and off the field, but I have high hopes (for the off field part for sure).

What’s it about:

RG3 explores the athletic prowess, faith, and leadership of the NFL’s hottest star.

Robert Griffin III is a world-class athlete, a Heisman Trophy winner, team captain of the Washington Redskins, and NFL Rookie of the Year. Just twenty-two years old, he has begun his ascent as a game-changing NFL quarterback and living testimony of Christian faith. RG3 goes deep into the pressures of the NFL to showcase this young superstar’s abilities, faith, and leadership.

How does RG3 maintain his competitive edge? How does he deal with the pressure of carrying a historic franchise on his shoulders? Can he take the NFL pounding, week in and week out? What is the likely outcome of his career if he remains a “running quarterback”? How does he balance on- and off-field commitments? What’s his character like? What role does his faith play in all this?

RG3 is a great football book that offers an in-depth look at practices, media appearances, off-field commitments, on-field exploits, and quiet moments of leadership over the course of a season. Peek behind the curtain of an athlete in progress as he seeks to make a world-class impact with his talent and his faith at the same time.

What I thought:

Loved this book!  More then just learning about RG3 I actually learned a lot about the current state of the NFL.  Truth be told I am much more knowledgeable about football back in the day, probably about 10 years ago.  I absolutely learned so much.  This was not only an excellent analysis of the game in general, but the realities of the game today.  It was interesting because I was expecting more of a biography of him, but it really wasn’t.  It talked more about his career during high school, a little bit about how his parents chose to raise him.  Ted Kluck is extremely knowledgeable and the way that he is able to write – whether you knew about football or not you would be able to read, understand and enjoy this book.  Like I said it really was a comparison of RG3 and many players of the past and present, comparing how the game was played then and now, and similar ideas.  No one can argue that the game is vastly different then back in the day, like basketball and baseball.  It is difficult to explain more without giving away the book.  I would recommend this book for your husband or son, whether they are a fan of Griffin or not.  This is a great football book in general.  And while “faith” is including in the title, this isn’t really a book about faith or necessarily the faith of Griffin, so don’t let that concern you if that would make you hesitate in getting the book.

3 out of 5 stars
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Rhe’s Bookshelf – two more down!

Today I’ve got another review from Robin Jones Gunn and the Glenbrooke Series! I’ve become such a fan of this series.

Summary: This bestselling former Palisades release is book five in the new Glenbrooke series by award-winning author Robin Jones Gunn. Shelly Graham has moved home to Glenbrooke, where she’s flooded with memories of her high school sweetheart, who took off for Europe after they broke up. But when Shelly travels to Germany, she suddenly runs into the former boyfriend who has filled her thoughts. Learning that Jonathan is engaged, Shelly hides her feelings for him. After returning home, however, she must face these feelings, especially after her path crosses Jonathan’s yet again. Only this time, if they can find the strength to be honest, they just might discover what God has in store.She remembers their childhood with longing their parting with regret…

Coming home wasn’t supposed to feel this way. After five years as a flight attendant, Shelly is home again, in a house alive with happy memories. Yet she feels strangely lost. Without direction. Alone.

Where is Jonathan Renrield when she needs him? Jonathan, her best friend nearly all her life, her first and only love. Shelly hadn’t meant to hurt him when she left him behind to chase her dreams. And she misses him more than she’s ever admitted. When they unexpectedly meet in Germany , Shelly manages to hide her feelings from Jonathan—and his fiancée. But she can no longer hide them from herself. Will she ever be ready to tell Jonathan the truth? Will she have the chance?

Not until a business trip takes her to charming Glenbrooke , Oregon does Shelly finally understand: only the truth can set her free. But is it too late for her and Jonathan?

What I Thought: Clouds is Book 5 in the Glenbooke Series, and the third one that I’ve read. Its yet another great read for me, and it only makes me love the series more. I haven’t read the series in order (I’ve read books 1,3 & 5, but I haven’t felt disoriented in doing so. That’s what I appreciate about Ms. Gunn. Even though the book is a series and each book plays off the next, I haven’t had a difficult time transitioning through the stories in the books.

The characters are wonderful, the story is touching – and the way she weaves the whole “God works in mysterious ways” that may seem outlandish, somehow work again. I mean, what are the odds right. I know the cynic that is in everyone might say that about some of the books in this series, but that’s the whole point. That’s why I love them. Sweet romance that you can find in the Christian/Faith books section. How great is that?

Thanks Robin for another great book!

 5 out of 5 Stars
**I received this book in partnership with Blogging for Books and Multnomah Press, in exchange for my review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  My views and opinions are my own**
source – Booksneeze.com
Summary:  At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, a father and son struggle to trust in and follow God’s will. Farmers, preachers, and shipbuilders, generations of the Matthews family struggle to live according to God’s will. Through the Revolutionary War, droughts, and floods, they strive to hold firm to their belief in the love and forgiveness of their Creator, but will the outsiders they take into their homes and hearts reaffirm or destroy their faith? In this engrossing historical novel, set during the American Revolutionary War, readers will find a wholesome and detailed look at life and faith in the late 1700s.
What I thought:  I’m trying to decide still how I feel about this book.  It is meant as a juvenile fiction, but I’m just not sure what age of boy would read this book.  I didn’t find the story very exciting, although the premise and the idea behind it is great.  There seems to be too much stuffed into one book.  I almost think this would have made a great series of books following this family.  It seemed too simplistic and too fast.  There was a second where I thought maybe I’m too old to know whether or not this is a good book for juveniles.  I just don’t know about it.  Like I said, I feel like it could have been great.  Lots of great potential, but just missed the mark.
2 out of 5 stars
*I received this book in partnership with Booksneeze, in exchange for my review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  My views and opinions are my own.**
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Rhe’s Bookshelf – Six Hours One Friday

Happy Monday everyone.  Its been quite a weekend here at the Cammo Style Love house.Mr. Air Force has been taking some leave time, and that has been wonderful. We’ve gotten some rest, the kids have gotten some daddy time. We were able to go to church and Awana as a family,which hasn’t happened in awhile. I’m looking forward to a whole week of time at home.

I still wanted to stop by a bring you another great book review.  This one is brought to you by my partnership with BookSneeze. I was able to review Max Lucado’s book, Six Hours One Friday.



Does life feel futile? Doesn’t have to.
Do some of your failures seem fatal? They aren’t.
 And your death. Does the grave appear to be the final stop? According to
Christ, your death is just the start of the something great.  There
 is a truth greater than all the losses and sorrows of life. And it can
be discovered in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In Six Hours One Friday,
 Max Lucado delves into the meaning of Jesus’ last hours on the cross.
Through his death, your life has purpose and meaning. You are forgiven
and loved by a Savior who died for you. And an empty tomb proclaims that death does not have the final word.
“Peace where there should be pain. Confidence in the midst of crisis. Hope defying despair.”
Does death have the last word? I can see Jesus wink as he gives the answer, Not on your life.

What I thought:

It all comes down to those final hours.  His life is obviously so much for than that,when you read the stories of the healings, of Lazarus, the grace given to prostitutes and tax collectors.  But it all lead to those final hours, the culmination of everything.  I have no read a Max Lucado book before, but had heard man good things them.  I really appreciated the readability of this book.  Even though this isn’t a light topic, it felt that way, in the sense it is comfortable to read.  The mix of real life stories, brought together with the main message of the final hours of Christ, was done extremely well.  They were funny, insightful, emotional, and serious.  Mr. Lucado does an excellent job of showing the reader you aren’t weighted down in your life by all the junk.  Those final hours made sure of that.  This is a subtle book for a small fellowship group, bible study or yourself.  The study guide included the back is done equally as well as the book itself. 

4 out of 5 stars

I received this book in partnership with BookSneeze.  I was not compensated for a postive review.  My thoughts and opinions are my own, take them or leave them.
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A Path Toward Love – by Cara Lynn James

 A Path Toward Love

Katherine came home to forget her past.

The last thing she expected is a hopeful future.

Young widow Katherine Osborne returns to her family’s rustic camp on Raquette Lake in the Adirondack Mountains. She’s determined to live a quiet life, but her socialite mother is equally determined to push her into a new marriage while she’s still young.

Andrew Townsend has known Katherine since they were children. An attorney who is successful, but not wealthy, he knows she is socially out of his reach. But he’s curious what changed the free-spirited girl he once knew into this private, somber young woman.

Katherine has kept hidden the details of her unsuccessful marriage. When past sins come to light, she must turn to God for the courage to be honest. But how can she trust the God she feels has let her down? When she confides in Andrew, their relationship takes a dramatic turn into uncharted territory.

Amid impossible obstacles, two young people must learn to trust enough to walk the path that God has cleared for them. A path that leads to healing and restoration. A path toward love.

This was my first opportunity to review an e-book.  I only have an iphone so I was kind of concerned about that whole experience.  I’m a die hard book person, like in the flesh, the smell of paper, flipping pages, book person.  But this book looked so interesting that I could pass up the opportunity.  It proved to be much easier than I expected, especially after the first chapter or two.  Even though it was a great experience, don’t count on me becoming a strictly e-reader girl!  You can always find me perusing my favorite used book store.
What I thought: A Path Toward Love is a wonderful book by Ms. James.  She is a historical fiction writer and award winning at that.  She is currently a Golden Heart® finalist in the Inspirational category.  Yes, this is also an inspirational book.  A Path Toward Love is the first stand alone by Ms. James, who previously has written three books for her Ladies of Summerville series.  
While the historical aspects of this book were absolutely right on (this happens to be a favorite era of mine as well), I found myself getting frustrated with the way things were.  Although if you asked my mother or husband it was probably due more to my personality then the actual book.  I found it absolutely infuriating.  The fact that a woman, even a woman that had been married and not living at home, was absolutely not in control of her life.  I know that was the way life was back then, and despite all the romantic parts of that time – the chivalry, the manners, the clothes and the hats – there’s so much about that life that I think people just forget.  To be in control of myself, to decide what I want – school, career, marriage.  We must be truly grateful.
There were times when the book moved a little slow, and there were lots of anxiety filled moments.  Ms. James has written a really enjoyable book, and if you enjoy this category of book I think it would be a great addition to your to-read list.
My rating:  3 out of 5 stars. 

**disclosure** I received this book in partnership with Booksneeze.  I was not compensated in any other way.  My opinions are my own, take them or leave them. 

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