Disney’s Cinderella ~ What Did I think and is it for Little Girls?

My sweet princess and I had the wonderful opportunity to preview Cinderella before it came out. You can now see it in theaters everywhere and I definitely would recommend it hands down! Whenever live action movies come out, especially ones where they are recreating an animation classic, I pause. Will they do it justice and will it be appropriate for my daughter? We’ve been watching live action movies for a little while now – we go for the classics and so far haven’t been disappointed, but new is different.

First off Disney did a fabulous job casting. I was a little bit concerned at first, but whoa..blow me out of the water! Disney captured the sweet without being too much you know. I was most impressed by Cate Blanchett. Her ability to be so beautiful while being so horrid and ugly was amazing. Disney has this way of making these ugly/beautiful evil queens, witches and bad guys. It messed with your brain because its not what you expected from Cate as an actor. Simply marvelous! The step-sisters were also cast well and I thought they were perfectly silly!

The one part that kinda did fit was the Fairy Godmother. She was kind of a dingbat and it did not fit with the rest of movie or the image I had of the Fairy Godmother in my mind. I’m not sure why Disney chose to go that way, but it didn’t ruin the movie experience or anything.

Fair warning – the movie is sad. They did cover over it like the animated versions do. Its out there and up front and people mourn. Its sad! I was really worried about how this might impact Ladybug but she didn’t really care. I’m going to take that as a parenting win! Maybe that meas she’s well-adjusted with a good understanding of life. Or maybe she’s only six and who really cares. But, can I just take the win anyway?

5 out of 5 Stars
This will become a part of the household DVD Library!
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