To Move or Not To Move… {The Extended TDY}

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sometimes in military life, there are curve balls. There are so many opportunities for strange things to happen, or to be faced with decisions that one wouldn’t otherwise have to make. Moving with your service member spouse for long-term TDYs or a pcs to less than desirable place are just some of those choices. So what do you do?

1. Staying Home/Geo Bach – The first option would be not going. I hate this option personally but I get it. In a world where I feel like I’m constantly being separated from my husband willingly doing it just drives me crazy. However, now I’ve got children in school so I can’t really just pick up my life and go anywhere temporarily. It’s one thing to PCS, but a temporary move where I’m going right back to where I came from, nope. Get your countdown calendars ready and prep your care packages! Even if they aren’t overseas, it can be just as difficult to be separated from your loved one for an extended period of time.
2. Going – So you pack up your clothes and anything else you might want and you move with your service member. You like adventure right? You might not have kids, work from home, take online classes, homeschool or just have pre-school aged kids. So why not take advantage of your perfect situation in life and jump on the crazy bandwagon and go with them. When I was pregnant with my oldest we did this. It was really fun. We stayed in a TLF for a couple months, but we were together.
3. A Little of Both – This is option that is the best of both worlds. Maybe it is a really long TDY, and for whatever reason staying the whole time just won’t work for you. Make it a vacation and go for an extended period of time. During one occasion I also combined vacation time with my family. It was a nice diversion that ate up the time. It was great and made the time apart so much easier.

Now that you’ve made your decision you’ve still got more decisions to go! Will it be TLF living, a furnished apartment, housing on base or some combination of the three. Maybe there’s another option? Have you heard of CORT Furniture Rental? I have heard of the company before, back in California years ago. In fact we purchased furniture from them from what used to be model homes. It was coolest thing ever! When I discovered they had a program designed for the Military I was thrilled, and the opportunities seemed endless! Instead of moving furniture, rent a small place and use the per diem in part to rent furniture. How fabulous is that? Elizabeth {a fellow fabulous milspouse blogger} talks more about using per diem on her site,The Reluctant Landlord . It’s got some great information. CORT Furniture Rental is available for to fit the needs of any military family, Geo-Bachelor or single service member. One of the first things that jumped to mind was post-pcs when your furniture gets “lost” what a relief it would be to call up CORT Furniture Rental. The possibilities are endless.

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