Let’s Go On An Adventure!!

I’m constantly telling my kids we are going on an adventure. It’s what we say whenever we are leaving the house to go somewhere other than errands or the grocery store. However, Mr. Air Force and I have occasionally hidden the fact we are going to the commissary (cue crying children). Mostly though we use it to get them excited. The importance of adventure in life can not be understated!! There are times to stay home, do chores, clean up the yard, spend the day playing outside and reading books. There can never be to heavy of an importance placed on this. But adventure is surely the greatest! The time spent exploring and discovering something new with your children is so exciting. An adventure could be anything – a road trip, going bowling, visiting the Tulip Farm or seeing a Civil War Battlefield. Our life as a military family can be hard, and frequently our Mr. Air Force isn’t here. The desire I feel to have these adventures is surely compounded by this fact. I never know when he won’t be here to have that adventure with, and I don’t want to wait! Its a feeling only someone who lives a life that me could truly understand. It’s like the feeling that comes when its time to PCS, a strange mix of emotion, excitement and dread. So take those adventures, anytime you can! It doesn’t have to be far or cost a lot of money. An adventure is almost a state of mind, and I want my children to have that.

So…where was our latest adventure? We went to the Tulip Farm! It had been on my bucket list for a couple years now, and it just never seemed to work. There’s a peak time to go, and of course something was always coming up when that time came. This year, I was practically stalking the website and decided to go for it! It ended up being such a fun experience for the kids. We had a blast, outside in God’s creation, have simple fun and it was wonderful. I’m excited to experience Burnside Farms through the seasons, as I’ve heard they have Summer flowers too!!! And for my military readers, you can snag yourself a military discount there too!

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Still Time To Visit Bunnyville USA

I’m a girl all about tradition, and as along as my kids will play along I’ll be taking them to visit the Easter Bunny! And there’s not a better Easter Bunny around then what you’ll find at Bunnyville in the Fair Oaks Mall. Cammo Style Love was invited out to take a sneak peak and take part in a fun little Bunny Brunch. Most likely I would have been making a last minute visit to the bunny, so if you’re like me you might be looking at a last minute run as well.

I would like to thank Fair Oaks Mall and the amazing Kona Grill for the fabulous food! You have until April 15th to see the Bunny. Check the bottom of this post for a special coupon.

And a little extra treat for you all. If you want to make these cute little orange bears yourselves, as my children continually demand, you can learn on youtube! Thanks Kona Grill

Visit Bunnyville USA today!!!

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DC/NoVA Adventures – National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum

Tucked away in a rather innocuous looking building in Alexandria you will find the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum. It’s sitting in the giant office buildings in the US Patent and Trademark Office, with no fancy signage or giant signs. In fact, we were unsure we were in the right place for a minute. But we were pleasantly surprised with a cool little museum with a big story inside!

This display shows all of the Hall of Fame recipients, like Steve Jobs
The museum has interactive display screens where you can swipe through each recipients and read about them and their patents.
Anyone remember the palm pilot? Man, I wanted one of those so bad!
New Inductee into the Hall of Fame, the patent holder for the Epi-Pen!
One of my favorite displays paid tribute to patent holders that are also Veterans.
can you guess?

 This museum was a really cool place, and one that I wouldn’t normally have chosen to go to. But when you’re looking for something interesting and unique you sometimes stumble upon the best stuff. I would highly recommend this experience for children (although my five year old wasn’t that excited about it), especially children interested in this kind of thing. It would make an excellent homeschool field trip with a paper involved.

Want to learn more about the Inventor’s Hall of Fame, find educational materials for kids of all ages and learn who is being inducted next? Visit Invent.org

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Santa HQ Has Arrived!!

While we typically do not begin our Christmas celebrations until after Thanksgiving, we always make an exception when it comes to man up North. Santa has officially arrived in Northern Virginia, so we went to check out the amazing HGTV Santa HQ in Tyson’s Corner! One of the best parts about Santa HQ is the fact that I can make reservation. And mom’s everywhere rejoiced right?


The Santa HQ people are fantastic as well – helpful, efficient, kind….all things that I look for in an experience that can be a little anxiety-filled and stressful. You want this experience to be fun and as stress-free as possible, and every time we’ve stopped by to visit Santa here its been a great experience. For that, I am truly thankful.

Check your Naughty or Nice status, download the elf app to see the special interactive displays, work on Santa’s sleigh, and check on the elves.

And of course we had to stop and get our picture with Tommy from The Tommy Show!! 
You never know who you might run into here at Santa HQ

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Looking for Things to Do in Washington, DC? #AD #Groupon

 This is a sponsored post in partnership with Groupon. As always, all opinions are mine. Cammo Style Love strives to bring quality sponsored post partnerships with companies I use and love.

Are you looking for some fresh ideas for things to do, and perhaps want to save some money? Then do what I do and head over to Groupon! Checking out what is happening on Groupon is one of my first stops when I’m looking to mix things up, or trying to save a little money on a date night. When you’re a military family, living in one of the most expensive places….but still need some quality time with the hubbs, I start looking for a deal.
When my parents were in town this summer I started checking Groupon almost daily for something different and fun to do. I stumbled upon an amazing deal for an evening, open-top, bus tour for four people. Now, all of us have seen DC before, walked around the monuments, drove by them; but this experience was really cool! The tour guide was fun and it was a great experience. It even rained on us during part of the night and that couldn’t dampen our spirits (pun intended). The truth of the matter is I don’t know that that would have ever occurred to me had I not discovered it on Groupon. We loved it so much that we would do it again!!

Awesome view from the top of the bus!!!!

My adorable parents, after a little shower…

From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, one of my favorite places in D.C.

Right now you can snag a Chocolate Tour tickets for 1, 2 or 4 with up to a 68% discount!!! Or maybe you’re looking a fun family day-trip and want to check out the International Spy Museum (which we also definitely recommend!!)

So if you’re looking to plan so date night, family outings, or group fun, head to Groupon here!
Also, make sure you’re following Groupon on facebook and twitter for more fun and updates!

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