Genevieve Goings and Choo Choo Soul Single Release!!!!!

I was sent the single, “My Telephone Number is,” in partnership with Entertainment New Media Network.  This post is sponsored but my thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.  Thanks for stopping by.

I am so excited to tell you all about Disney’s Choo Choo Soul’s very own Genevieve Goings is gearing up to release her newest album, “Do You Know,” slated for release June 3rd!  You can now hear the first single, “My Telephone Number is,” and it is adorable!!!  I love everything about Genevieve, seriously everything!!  The song is talks about the basics of telephone numbers, including area codes.  There is space included in the song to work on your own number and area code.  With Genevieve’s own brand of fun, and personal touch, this is a song your children will surely love.

 Genevieve Goings

If you don’t know who Genevieve Goings is, here’s a little bit about her:
 Genevieve Goings has spent 10 years teaching toddlers fundamental fun. From her
debut on Playhouse Disney as the hip singing train conductor on the educational
interstitials known as “Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve”, through her remaking Classic
Disney sing-alongs again with Choo Choo Soul, and voicing the learning bumpers
featured on the new Disney Junior network. Genevieve is now welcoming a second
generation of viewers and listeners with the release of her first solo album doing what
she does best – teaching and entertaining children.

Isn’t the best video?!  Seriously, I can’t get enough of her!  The Furbies and the whole 90s thing also gets the parents involved.  So funny, on so many levels.  And my kids adore her.  They laugh and giggle, only those real laughing sounds you can get from kids when they hear something that is really funny. 

I’m also super excited about her new app, “Sing with Genevieve” that she launched as well.  It is perfectly designed for children ages 2-7.  The songs and videos talk about things like telephone numbers, potty training, telling time and putting themselves to bed.  I definitely don’t want to give away too much, but you get the idea.

"do you know" genevieve goings

Genevieve’s album is set for release June 3rd, and if you pre-order you will get immediate access to the next single, “Gotta Do My Business.”

Connect with Genevieve Goings on Social Media to keep up with all things Goings and Choo Choo Soul!!!

Twitter: @ChooChooGirl

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Sing Into Spring with Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas from Disney!

Having small children in my house it would only stand to reason that Disney would have a significant place in my house.  Disney Soundtracks are a rather new addition to the repertoire, but a very pleasant one.  For as long as I can remember music has been a huge part of my life.  Music is attached to memories, sometimes in a very emotional way.  Music is the way I connect with a lot of things, places and people; and as silly as it sounds, it speaks to me.  Thankfully Disney always has good music, because it really makes the movies, and the tv shows.  You can’t go wrong with good music.

These great Disney Soundtracks would be a great addition to your Easter Baskets!  Bringing music into your home is wonderful for you and your kids.  We get up in the morning and instead of turning on the TV we turn on some music!  Get our blood pumping and start the day off on the happy side of the bed.

These are some of the best albums and my kids love all of them!  On the top of their list would be the Frozen soundtrack and the DJ Shuffle.  The Disney Jr, DJ Shuffle album has the perfect mix of all your favorite Disney Jr songs, including two songs: a new Disney Jr. Anthem and a song performed by Sofia The First cast, Sofia and Clover; and who doesn’t love Doc McStuffins or Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

If your Easter Basket is already full, definitely keep this in the back of your mind for your stocking stuffers (don’t worry I’ll remind you!!!).

You can purchase all of these albums on Disney’s music site right now!

Disclosure: I received this “Sing into Spring” Disney CD pack in exchange for my honest opinion, review and product statement.  I was not compensated in any other way.  This is in partnership with Entertainment New Media Network.

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On the Road with Sophia The First: Songs from Enchancia *review &giveaway*

We’re in the car a lot.  Between my need to get out of the house and all the other normal errands, taking kids places stuff one can do in any given week….well, we are out of the house a lot.  We have portable tvs in our car, but those don’t come out of the car unless we are going on road trips longer than an hour.  My go to for the day to day is music, preferably the classical music station.  So when I received the opportunity to try out Sophia the First’s new cd Songs from Enchancia.  I was thrilled.  Not only do I have music fans in the house, but I have a five year old daughter.  A match made in heaven.

This is CD has tons of tracks, which makes this mama happy.  If I’m going to pay money for music for my kids I defintiely want to get my money’s worth.  The coolest thing about the CD is that it has four karaoke tracks on it, perfect for you little ones to belt away and be the star of their show.  Sophia the First is a wonderful little cartoon, good classic fun, and Disney really delivers by including all the favorites from Season 1- Sisters and Brothers, The Love We Share, A Recipe for Adventure and Bigger is better.  

Definitely our favorite was the karaoke tracks.  Its perfect for dancing and playing, even if you don’t want to sing.  This has become something that we keep on during the day as we are playing and doing our chores.  We’ve been doing it for a week now and are still enjoying it.  Occassionaly my daughter will ask to take it in the car and I’m cool with that.
Thank you Disney!!!

You can purchase this album now on Amazon, itunes and other similar retailers.  However, three lucky peeps are going to win a copy of their very own!  Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

I received a product in exchange for my honest opinion and thoughts.  This review and giveaway is in partnership with my membership in Entertainment New Media Network.  I was not compensated in any other way.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Just another dark fairytale…..

If you watched the Grammy’s you might have seen the first sneak peek at Disney’s Maleficient….who, aside from Ursula is probably Disney’s Worst/Best villian.  I mean, come on, you know its true.  She’s got the horns, the raven, the evil animal/human goons doing her bidding.  She’s also one of the most beautiful villians.  Put some hair on her, and make her a little less green and you’ve got the makings of a possible princess.  This is just another in a long line of recent ‘dark fairytales’ that have come out.  Movies like Mirror Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsman, that weird Little Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried.  I’m not really sure what the deal is.  Are we running out of ideas – probably; or is it because we have this whole generation of people who grew up with these classic Disney movies who are now older and want to still be connected to the movies of our childhood.  Perhaps its both.


I didn’t see any of the other movies that I mentioned, but after watching this trailer I want to see this movie…baaaaddd!!  Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite Disney Movies (hello, I named my son after the Prince), a close second to Snow White (the most under-appreciated of the Disney Princesses).  Although there are a couple things I want to know.  First, who cast Aurora…meh…although she did have pretty big shoes to fill.  Second, what is the truth we will be learning?  That is one of the sort of tag lines of the movie – we know the tale, but now we’ll hear the truth.  What truth exactly?  What is up for dispute….and clearly now I’ve crossed the line of overly obsessed with a Disney movie.  But inquiring minds wants to know!!

and PS: Angelina Jolie (I don’t really like her, or any of the movies she’s ever done..seriously none of them), but this was the most perfect casting of a character that I’ve ever seen.  Bravo Disney!!!  And that beautifully, haunting version of “Once Upon A Dream,” is sung by Alana Del Ray, and is beautiful.

Disney’s Maleficent is in theaters May 30th
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Disney Classics CD Set = A Disney Fan’s Heaven on Earth

When I opened the package I was squealing with delight.  I knew what it was, and I was pretty sure I was more excited then my kids were.  Disney has been a part of my life, and is officially my first memory.  When I was three I went to Disney Land for the first time and those are some of my very first memories.  From then on Disney was such a huge part of my life – I’ve been Snow White and Sleeping Beauty for Halloween growing up,  anyone else remember Totally Minnie?  Family nights usually consisted of The Wonderful World of Disney, and I loved my Official Walt Disney World music record (you know the black on with the Electrical Light Parade on the cover) that about two years ago I finally found one on ebay and bought it.  I really wish I could find some of the Disney Encyclopedia books somewhere…they were white and there was a whole series of them.  Just as Disney was a huge part of my childhood, I hope that many treasured memories of my own children are associated with them.

What better way to keep the Disney magic going in our home then with the new Disney Classics box set (available now!).  Pretty much every song you could ever want is included in this set.  It is broken down into four categories: Classic, Modern, TV and Theme Park.  I’m not really sure which is my favorite, but who could really pick?

I’m sure that it was a difficult feat for Disney music historian and Grammy Award winning producer, Randy Thornton.  “From the Studio’s earliest days, music has always been an integral part of the Disney creative process.  But when ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf’ debuted in 1933, it began a musical legacy that remains unmatched to this day — probably the most recognizable and beloved song catalog in the world.  Even though the musical styles range from inspiring ballads, novelty songs, folk, rock, to Broadway show-tunes, Disney Music is a genre in and of itself.”  I don’t think I could have said it better myself.  Thornton’s correct, Disney songs are probably some of the most recognizable songs.  It spans generations and can garner the same attention and reactions from both the young and old alike.

As an added bonus, when you purchase the box set, you will receive the “Disney Classics Medley” from  the YouTube a capella sensations Alex G and Peter Hollens as a download.  Seriously, if you have a couple minutes this is a much watch video!  The Disney Classics box set is available wherever music is sold (and on itunes!)

You can follow Disney Music on Facebook and Twitter

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