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As a mom of three, staying at home, and a military spouse I don’t have a ton of time and money to be spending ridiculous amounts of money on most of my beauty products.  I have a few rules about what I do spend money on, but one of them is NOT my shampoo. Stay tuned for more in these series where I’ll be talking all about my favorite budget-friendly, mom-friendly products!

Up first is Finesse Restore+Strenghten Shampoo and Conditioner. While I was super lucky to try this out thanks to Brandbacker, I absolutely would recommend this shampoo. I feel like shampoos and conditioners are always claiming to accomplish something and I never see the benefits. Trust me, I’m always looking!! I almost immediately noticed the benefits of this particular one. What I noticed in particular was the softness and life my hair seemed to have, especially after the winter wreaking havoc on my hair. I also noticed that I was able to go a little bit longer washing my hair and having it still look good. I’m only expecting to see even better results as I continue to use it. And if you needed more encouragement, Kendal Jenner and Kim Kardashian use it…..so there you go.

But what’s the best part? The price you guys!!! Isn’t that whole point of this new series? You can snag these at Wal-Mart for less than $6.00 for the big bottles! What?!!! Online, the price the shampoo is coming up for less than $2. Stop it right now!!! Make sure to catch me on Instagram to see me talking about my hair all this week.

This post is “Powered by BrandBacker” ~ I received product in exchange for this post.
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