Genevieve Goings and Choo Choo Soul Single Release!!!!!

I was sent the single, “My Telephone Number is,” in partnership with Entertainment New Media Network.  This post is sponsored but my thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.  Thanks for stopping by.

I am so excited to tell you all about Disney’s Choo Choo Soul’s very own Genevieve Goings is gearing up to release her newest album, “Do You Know,” slated for release June 3rd!  You can now hear the first single, “My Telephone Number is,” and it is adorable!!!  I love everything about Genevieve, seriously everything!!  The song is talks about the basics of telephone numbers, including area codes.  There is space included in the song to work on your own number and area code.  With Genevieve’s own brand of fun, and personal touch, this is a song your children will surely love.

 Genevieve Goings

If you don’t know who Genevieve Goings is, here’s a little bit about her:
 Genevieve Goings has spent 10 years teaching toddlers fundamental fun. From her
debut on Playhouse Disney as the hip singing train conductor on the educational
interstitials known as “Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve”, through her remaking Classic
Disney sing-alongs again with Choo Choo Soul, and voicing the learning bumpers
featured on the new Disney Junior network. Genevieve is now welcoming a second
generation of viewers and listeners with the release of her first solo album doing what
she does best – teaching and entertaining children.

Isn’t the best video?!  Seriously, I can’t get enough of her!  The Furbies and the whole 90s thing also gets the parents involved.  So funny, on so many levels.  And my kids adore her.  They laugh and giggle, only those real laughing sounds you can get from kids when they hear something that is really funny. 

I’m also super excited about her new app, “Sing with Genevieve” that she launched as well.  It is perfectly designed for children ages 2-7.  The songs and videos talk about things like telephone numbers, potty training, telling time and putting themselves to bed.  I definitely don’t want to give away too much, but you get the idea.

"do you know" genevieve goings

Genevieve’s album is set for release June 3rd, and if you pre-order you will get immediate access to the next single, “Gotta Do My Business.”

Connect with Genevieve Goings on Social Media to keep up with all things Goings and Choo Choo Soul!!!

Twitter: @ChooChooGirl

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Rustico – fancy leather gifts for fancy people…

{I have taken part in this program as an influenster with Entertainment New Media Network, partnering with Rustico Leather.  As always my reviews reflect my own thoughts and opinions.}
So I said Rustico Leather is fancy leather for fancy people….it’s not too far from the truth.  The stuff is out of this world exquisite to look at, and incredible to touch.  Just feeling it in your hands tells you that its quality leather.  I’m not typically a fan of the look of leather, but this stuff is beautiful; and I mostly chose it for my husband.  He is quite the traveler, and making sure he had nice things is the cool part about being an adult.  You know that person that you don’t know what to get them because they have everything, or they have the money to buy whatever they want?  I have several of those people in my life, and getting them a gift card is just boring sometimes.  So, you put the money out for a small, high quality item, that is unique.   That is what Rustico Leather provides you.
This journal is absolutely beautiful.  You feel as though you are transported back in time
when you open this and turn the rough-cut paper pages.  This is perfect to record your thoughts in and
beautiful enough to passed on to your children and grand children, so that they can relive
what you did.

This is one of those unique items perfect for that hard to shop traveling person. This is one of the reasons why I chose this review set.  Mr. Air Force is quite the traveling man, and this is kind of a cool thing.  You will pay $18.00 for it, but you are paying for the quality leather, and this particular one is hand-sewn.  There are tons of colors to choose from, including a really cool turquoise color.
The second reason why I chose this particular package was the passport cover.  If you have someone in your life that uses their passport frequently how cool of an item would this be to give them.  Sure its small and pricey, but you would probably end up paying about $25.00 for a present anyone.  So what if its a small one.  For ten more dollars you can get it personalized.  Maybe you know someone who is leaving, maybe go in for a group gift.  I think that is would be a cool gift if I was going out of the country.
While Rustico Leather items are pricey – that isn’t in dispute – and one could reasonably argue that they may not be worth the price, I believe they have their place.  As we get older, and our friends are finding them at a place in life where they can buy what they want for themselves – and gift cards are just super lame all the time – Rustico offers unique items to purchase as gifts.  I also think these gifts would be perfect for our parents.  Talk about people that are getting tougher to shop for, AND can usually buy the things they want for themselves….right?!

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Disney Classics CD Set = A Disney Fan’s Heaven on Earth

When I opened the package I was squealing with delight.  I knew what it was, and I was pretty sure I was more excited then my kids were.  Disney has been a part of my life, and is officially my first memory.  When I was three I went to Disney Land for the first time and those are some of my very first memories.  From then on Disney was such a huge part of my life – I’ve been Snow White and Sleeping Beauty for Halloween growing up,  anyone else remember Totally Minnie?  Family nights usually consisted of The Wonderful World of Disney, and I loved my Official Walt Disney World music record (you know the black on with the Electrical Light Parade on the cover) that about two years ago I finally found one on ebay and bought it.  I really wish I could find some of the Disney Encyclopedia books somewhere…they were white and there was a whole series of them.  Just as Disney was a huge part of my childhood, I hope that many treasured memories of my own children are associated with them.

What better way to keep the Disney magic going in our home then with the new Disney Classics box set (available now!).  Pretty much every song you could ever want is included in this set.  It is broken down into four categories: Classic, Modern, TV and Theme Park.  I’m not really sure which is my favorite, but who could really pick?

I’m sure that it was a difficult feat for Disney music historian and Grammy Award winning producer, Randy Thornton.  “From the Studio’s earliest days, music has always been an integral part of the Disney creative process.  But when ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf’ debuted in 1933, it began a musical legacy that remains unmatched to this day — probably the most recognizable and beloved song catalog in the world.  Even though the musical styles range from inspiring ballads, novelty songs, folk, rock, to Broadway show-tunes, Disney Music is a genre in and of itself.”  I don’t think I could have said it better myself.  Thornton’s correct, Disney songs are probably some of the most recognizable songs.  It spans generations and can garner the same attention and reactions from both the young and old alike.

As an added bonus, when you purchase the box set, you will receive the “Disney Classics Medley” from  the YouTube a capella sensations Alex G and Peter Hollens as a download.  Seriously, if you have a couple minutes this is a much watch video!  The Disney Classics box set is available wherever music is sold (and on itunes!)

You can follow Disney Music on Facebook and Twitter

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New Television Addiction – Hart of Dixie

A couple of years ago when Hart of Dixie premiered I remember wanting to watch it.  You know, when the new seasons start and all the new shows come out.  We TV junkies try to figure out how we are going to squeeze new shows in, while maintaining our old favorites, sometimes keeping fingers crossed that our favorites won’t go the way of Go One, one of my favorite shows from last year that got canceled (NBC, I’m sad now *tear*).   Over the next two years I’ve tried to watch Hart of Dixe, I caught an episode here and there, but I couldn’t make it stick.  I loved it too!  That was the weird part.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t get into it, life just happened.


Source: The CW

So when I happened upon it on Netflix I was thrilled.  I just figured I’d be behind a season as we went along.  I gobbled it up like my favorite junk food, powering through two season in a couple weeks (can you say addicted?).  Then I decided to see just how far they were into the new season.  Some shows don’t start until later so maybe I hadn’t missed too many.  CW is so freaking awesome that their mobile app had all of the episodes so far.  Just like that, MAGIC, I’m all caught up.  Now the tricky part comes, waiting for the episodes to air in the normal fashion.  Dang it all!!  I love the show.  It has been the closest thing to “Gilmore Girls” that I have found.  It’s witty, funny, and actually spends time developing characters and story.  So many shows out there don’t have a story, or real depth, so they just end up throwing a bunch of crude jokes and sex at you.  The writing is great and the casting is perfect.

 Hart of Dixie -- "I Run to You" -- Image Number: HA307a_0088b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Josh Cooke as Joel and Wilson Bethel as Wade -- Photo: Greg Gayne/The CW -- © 2013 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
Source: The CW

In the last episode we were left on a total cliff hanger because Brick’s ex-fiancee was back and pregnant (with probably his baby…what!!!).  Lemon left the Rammer Jammer and didn’t get Fancy’s either, because the ex-fiance had purchased it herself.  AB and the Mayor finally had their talk about their relationship (I really hope it goes the distance), and I guess Joel is finally starting to grow on me…but come on…I’m a total succor for Wade.  He should really stop the whole bad-boy thing.

Source: The CW

I don’t know about you, but I CAN NOT wait for next week!

I’ll be tweeting (#heartofdixie) and writing about all the fun shenanigans that is “Hart of Dixie” over at ENMNetwork.  Chances are, if you haven’t a favorite show you will find some fun over there as well.  Make sure you check it out.

Any other HOD fans out there?

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