Sunday Social – I love fall!!

Sunday Social

This week is a little different for the link-up! Eeeee!!! No real constraints or specific questions to answer? What’s a blogger to do?

Instead of all that we are charged with telling you what we love about Fall?  The question really should be what don’t I love about Fall?  I love so much about it, but this year I am more excited then ever.  Why?  Well, if you’ve read my blog, or any of my most recent posts you may or may not have heard me mention how super excited I am to be on the East Coast.  Ever heard of “Leaf Peepers”?  Yeah, I’m going to be one of those this year.  Next year I promise to be one of those snobby East Coasters that is so incredibly bored with the leaves and rolls their eyes at all the annoying tourists that come and look at our leaves.  But, until then I will soak up all the leaves I possibly can!!!

Another fabulous thing about fall is the clothes, so warm and snuggly, and layers!!!  There’s only so much you can peel off in the summer time and still be decent…and heaven knows I DO NOT possess a bikini bod, LOL.  This year I’m on the hunt for the perfect fall boot.  I’ve been on the hunt for THE perfect pair of boots; unsuccessfully, might I add.  For some reason I seem to see these boots everywhere I go but can’t even find them for myself.  When I do happen to come upon some that are close to what I want they either look terrible on me or they cost a million dollars.  I don’t know what to do…but I will find them!!!!!  If anyone has some good leads on some great boots let me know!
Until that day I will keep wearing my current love of fall shoe – my doc martin mary janes.  I’ve always been in love with them, ever since I saw someone wear them in jr. high.  They’ve never gone out of style.  I saw someone wearing them in college and I made the confession to my hubs.  What did I get for Christmas that year?  My very own pair. *giggle*  He said, “why didn’t you just go them?”  LOL!  I have them in this wonderful brown color.

And now that you’ve all seen that I am a ridiculous shoe nut, I might as well mention the other thing on my list of things to get this year – some darling rain boots!

Fall is also about cute scarves and warm wool jackets, and all those other fun things that make you warm and toasty.  Sitting by the fire, sipping hot chocolate and apple cider.  Playing in the falling leaves, crisp afternoon walks with the kids, Halloween fun, and thanksgiving at Thanksgiving.  We will be by ourselves for the first time ever, but I will have the hubby home for Thanksgiving so that will be a wonderful blessing!

and in a little shameless plug, I made the above hat and scarf and make them in my spare time!  you can stop by the facebook page to check out some stuff in pics! 

Happy Fall!!!

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Fall Celebrations in the DC/NoVA!

Fall is here and I am so excited for my first East Coast fall.  I’m going to be one of those ridiculous Leaf-peepers this year.  I’m just so giddy with excitement.  Cute sweaters and boots, walks outside with the kids.  Seeing the beautiful leaves.  Taking drives   Needless to say, I am very happy about the upcoming Fall fun.  We had our first two tastes of the season and I can’t wait to experience all the fun.  If you want the real low-down on all the awesome fall-ness make sure to check out fellow DC area blogger KidFriendly DC.  It’s my one stop shop for everything that is fun that’s going on around here.  It’s really helped me while I get acclimated to everything there is to find.

First on our Fall Fun Fest was Montpelier Farms in Upper Marlboro, MD.  It was about a 35-40 minute drive from our house, but it didn’t feel that far at all.  I scored the admission tickets on Living Social (you’ve gotta sign up!).  Montpelier Farms is great because the general admission includes most of all the really fun stuff that you would want to do while you were there.

We did the Hay Ride, the giant Hill slides, the corn maze, the bounce houses, the cow tractor ride and the pedal tractors – all a part of the general admission.  The kids races little rubber duckies as well.  We went inside the gift shop and also did a little munching.  We were really disappointed that on a Sunday Afternoon they were out of hot apple cider, apple donuts and apple pie.  To be honest I was more than disappointed.  I was kinda really annoyed.  They had cold cider and an apple cider slushie (which the kids loved).  We munched on hot dogs and chips.  The hubby even had some sort of pumpkin pie, cream thing..but it had nuts so I was not a fan.  We purchased some Elderberry Jelly (Yummy) and some Bean salsa, which we haven’t tried yet.  I also got a copy of the book Spookley the Square Pumpkin.  There is a movie of the same title available for the kids to watch, as part of the general admission.  The actual pumplin patch wasn’t open yet, but it was still September. The kids had such a great time doing all of the activities, and feeding the goats.  We may go back and give it another chance.  Hopefully they have all the yummy munchies available next time.

Next, we took a trip over to Fairfax, Va for Kids Fest – Fall into Fairfax!  We didn’t have the chance to stay very long, but they did a fabulous job.  There were tons of booths that were set up that I didn’t get to, which I was bummed about.  Lots of stuff for kids on the Kids’ Midway, and everything was reasonably priced, including an all day pass for unlimited rides.

Make sure to check out all the fun fall happenings in your town!! Where I’m linking up today

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