Dreaming of a California Fall

You can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the girl.

Never has a truer statement been made. I haven’t lived in California for close to thirteen years, but its where I was born and raised. We moved to Nevada about five months after we got married and then moved to the East Coast in 2012. But its really hard for me to let go of the sense of style that I created when I lived on the West Coast. Most of it is just because we have some of the best weather ever. I mean Northern California is pretty darn awesome. You drive two hours in any direction and you can find yourself in a different climate – Forrest, lakes, ocean, city, coastal towns, desert….whatever you’re looking for we’ve got it close by. And we don’t have to deal with snow or earth quakes. It’s about as amazing as it gets. 
So when I get the occasion to bust out some of my west coast style I jump on it. There are very few weeks here where I can combine my fall and summer looks to create “California Fall”. You know flip flops and jeans? It’s the classier, and less basic, version of Uggs and skirts {don’t get me started on that one}.  Thankfully I have Old Navy close by which never disappoints when I need some California inspired love. Where else can I purchase a cute tank top, and go one rack over and find a boyfriend Cardi? The key is color and confidence. Combine some Summer and Fall colors together, throw on some Rainbow flip flops and some cute sunnies are you’re good to go. And while you might not be able to afford the Ballenciaga handbag pictured below, its the perfect Summer to Fall purse color!

California Fall

What I’m Wearing
Sandals: Rainbow Braided Flip Flops (Tilly’s Gives a Military Discount In Store)
Sunnies: Palm Eye Wear – Bocca

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Just like Mommy {Mother/Daughter Fashion from Old Navy}

I love that she still thinking dressing up like Mommy is fun! It’s my favorite thing to do – color coordinating, matching with my kids. I’m kind of a succor for it. It won’t be long before she won’t want to do this, or at least she won’t think its fun but will probably (hopefully) just roll her eyes and humor her mother. But for now she thinks its fun so I’m going take advantage of that. 
When I saw that Old Navy had some ‘Mommy and Me’ outfits in their collection I was thrilled and I high-tailed it over there. Old Navy is the perfect place to get your ‘mom-trend style’ on. It stays on trend for the most part, it still carries classic work pieces and its within my affordable range of clothing prices. Who wouldn’t love to shop at a boutique or Nordstorms? I frequently stroll past Lord and Taylor with longing eyes. Walking by all these adorable boutiques where I live, staring longingly (never mind they almost never carry clothing in my size!) almost always make me sad. But one quick trip over to Old Navy with their bright colors, great sizing, and affordable price tags and all is well with the world. Shop the looks down below!

Old Navy, you missed a great opportunity with this mother/daughter line of clothing! It proved to be kind of a frustrating shopping trip because the girls/baby sections is so far away from the women’s section. None of the collection was grouped together and there was no cheat sheet board or poster advertising. I heard later from some friends of mine that they too starting taking clothing off the racks and hauling it back and forth between the sections. I probably would have bought more had it been easier to match the stuff together. So mentally prepare yourself when you go in the store. And no, going online won’t save you any stress. It would also have been even more amazing, and would have sucked more of us mom’s in, if there had been more identical matches! We mom’s love that kinda stuff!! But, I got some adorable clothing and matchy pictures with my daughter…so, it was a win!

Cardigan – similar 
My Pineapple Tank (you can get a shirt version online, which I didn’t see in store)
Ami’s Pineapple Shirt – sold in store

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Dreaming of Summer with Carolina Clover

The weather here in DC is toying with me…is it warm or cold? Should I be wearing shorts or a parka? While part of me is ready for the heat, I know that I’m not really remembering the humidity that comes along with it. One of the lovely things that I have had to adjust to living here on the East Coast. But what I am longing for is the beach, summer day trips to the city, spending time with my kids doing anything but sitting in a classroom all darn day! Playing, swimming, jumping on the trampoline. All of the fun things in life!!! 

And what do you need for a successful summer? An adorable pineapple bag with a monogram silly!!!

I love this bag so much!!! It is the perfect size for a day trip beach outing! I could see myself throwing snacks or lunch in it. It could be the towel bag, you could wet stuff in it no problem! It fits all the way over my shoulder WITHOUT falling off, which is a huge deal!! And all my purse-shopping ladies totally get it.

 what would summer be without a little silly fun?

It sits up without any problems, but isn’t rough and stiff. It’s semi-reinforced bottom is awesome!! and the smaller inside zip pocket is perfect to hold your id, money and keys in, for a day at the beach!

If you’re looking for a bag like this check out Carolina Clover for some amazing and adorable patterns, or snag this pineapple one for yourself! Plus, if you’re looking to make all your monogram dreams come true, look no further than Carolina Clover!!

visit Carolina Clover on Instagram!!!

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Dia&Co {My First Box}

When I first heard about getting a box of clothing, styled for you, delivered straight to your door I couldn’t tell you how excited I was. I feel like I’ve reached a point in my life where I am almost 100% confident who I am. Contentment, which had a whole post of its own last week, plays a large roll in my current frame of mind. I’m trying to love my body for where it is right now. All the Paleo eating, P90X doing, shake drinking, 5K running in all the world couldn’t give me what I really want. And that is contentment. I have goals for myself, but our life up until recently hasn’t really been conducive to goal-setting. One thing I have decided to do is to invest in clothing that makes me feel good, that is made well and is nice. Don’t get me wrong, deal shopping at Target and Old Navy are still high on my list; but having a few pieces of quality are something that is really important to me. Years and years of not wanting to buy myself something nice because I didn’t feel like I deserved it; or maybe I should wait until….until I get into this size, lose this amount of weight or whatever the case may be.

My first attempt to do that was met with frustrations. I’m what you call “Plus Size,” larger than a size 10. Plain and simple. I’m also curvy. This poses a problem, and I was met with a resounding “Sorry, we don’t carry those sizes.” Bummer man!! And then a friend of mine introduced me to the amazing Dia & Co. Everything that I was looking for. I filled out a profile, I connected my Pinterest and Instagram, told them I wanted to try new things, gain classic items and have fun. My stylist was so amazing and clearly delivered; sending me great pieces in the prices I wanted.

This top presented my biggest conundrum.  I loved it, but something about it wasn’t quite right. I wanted to love it and to keep it, but I didn’t LOOOVVEEE it. The idea of it I think was what I loved. The frilly, flowered part combined with something more traditional. I ended up sending this on back still unsure that I made the right decision.

This dress I was so flowy and soft; but the fit was slightly off. I’m curvy up top but I have small and narrow shoulders comparatively. It’s always been an issue with certain clothes, this being one of them.

Both of these items were my top picks in my box. The pants were like butter and fit me so perfectly! I have, however, just literally bought a pair just like it and couldn’t justify keeping it. The turquoise top was what I kept. It was feminine and flowy, without making me feel big. Perfection!!

I’m already anxiously awaiting my second box, and I can’t believe I have to wait two more weeks! It’s killing me!!!

If you are a “plus size” gal and interested in a service like this I’m completely recommend Dia & Co. For $20 you get a completely personalized, styled just for you box, and you get to put that $20 towards any piece of clothing. You get a great discount if you purchase everything in the box. Anytime you want to change what you get in your box you can.  Maybe you are trying to find a specific piece and decide you want just dresses sent to you. You can do that too!

click the link to check it out!!

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