Granny! your love is incredible

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Time and tide wait for no man

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Explaining technology is never easy

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That Time I went to Target and Bought Nothing…..Almost

Perhaps no one loves Target as much as me….really it’s true. Second only to IKEA, is my love for Target and how much of my household decorations, furniture and clothing comes from here. The holidays are the best….my favorite Air Force Nutcracker that stays out all year long, my amazing bookshelves, the pillows on my couch and the amazing famous buildings that are framed in my room from my wedding ten years ago.

When Stephanie Giese posted her article in Huffington Post, (and her it, she’s great!) about the situation of girl clothes at Target I ate it up in shovelfulls.  Heavens above, was she reading my mind? I knew the day was coming and I was terrified. I had sort of prepped for it in mind.  What I was most worried about was dresses, and feminine things that were age appropriate. The tightness of shorts and pants, and the length of them I sort of started to combat already and was pleasantly surprised with what I was able to score at consignment sales. Labels like Gymboree, The Children’s Place and even Old Navy have been good to me so far in that category, but only at consignment prices. Her issue is with the Toddler Section (although I’m sure her issue will go right through like mine does the day she starts shopping at the 6-16 section. *dun dun dun* ~ insert 80s horror movie music ~

The Picture Day came.

Apparently something happens at the age (or size) of six.  I’m not sure what goes through a designer’s head when they decide that my kindergartener should be wearing what a jr. higher might wear. A vice versa really.  What Jr Higher wants to look like a kindergartener? On the same hanger you will find xs all the way to xl. Really? I found almost nothing and left the store with a shirt (which I didn’t actually end up using and returned) and a maxi skirt, which had nothing to do with picture day but was just something my daughter wanted to match me. I found one dress that I almost considered buying before I went through the catalogue in my head of her closet. I eventually determined that I thought I had something there for her so I left.  I was mad and sad. Nothing? Really? I even (yes I really did this) went upstairs with the XS from the “Girls” section to see if I could find a more age appropriate dress in the Toddler section that I could “wing it” with leggings. Nope.

 one of the dresses I had to chose from? Really Skulls? For a six year old. I think I’m both lame and
probably better suited to be living in the 40s or 50s I’m sure. So uncool of me I know.
 This is the dress I almost bought, but then I realized its from a tv show called “Ever After High” that no my
daughter doesn’t watch. Why do they have a cartoon geared towards young children set in high school? Again, I’m totally lame I’m sure. So the most feminine and girly, old-fashioned looking outfit, is of course associated, and printed with the name, with a tv show that my daughter doesn’t watch.

Some of the other dresses were again, okay, but not exactly what I had in mind for my six year old to wear to church or to a party. Their Circo Halloween dresses, oh man, adorable and I will purchasing that for her since Halloween is so close to her birthday…but why can’t they carry that adorableness over to all year long. Where Target does do a decent job is with their Penelope Tree by Miss Behave line; but here’s the kicker – not sold in stores and some of their most expensive stuff. I might has well go to Gymboree or Crazy 8’s and get more age appropriate stuff. And its not just Target, Old Navy is fairly guilty of this as well. They have a section dedicated to “Girls”.  That’s all relative though. Girls to these two stores are six 6/6x (S), all the way to 10/12 (L/XL). We aren’t even talking the same planet in my opinion. If you check out Old Navy’s dress options for little girls its slightly better and definitely more up my alley then Target. Thank you Old Navy!

How I long for the days of shopping in the Baby/Toddler section. I actually persue it and wistfully finger the clothing.  Maybe I could rip out seams and re-purpose them?  And while I love places like Gymboree and Janie and Jack, frankly I can’t afford them.  At least not on a regular basis and not without gymbucks or major clearance. This is one of the reasons I’m a die-hard consignment shopper. Its days like this I’m thankful my boys outnumber my girls.

That day I basically walked out with nothing and I haven’t been back. The next weekend I went to the big consignment sale and bought all of my daughter’s winter dresses (Gymboree, Matilda Jane, Macy’s brands and the like). None of the baring the label of a more affordable clothing store.
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Fall in Love with Some Jewels *Majestic Jewelry*

Disclosure: I received this product as part of an advertorial. 

Like most girls I love me some jewelry, mixing and matching them up with each other, with outfits and all that fun stuff.  When given the opportunity to check out some new jewelry and share that with you guys, well…what’s a girl to do?  Majestical Jewelry sent me these absolutely amazing earrings.  They are absolutely beautiful to look at and make quite the statement.



The stones on these are beautiful and flawless looking at them.  These are their Beaded Drop Earrings and would set you back about $6.50.  Yes, that’s what I said.  What is so great about these earings is that they feel really high quality.   The earings aren’t flimsy and the stones are set well.  They hang about two inches off your ear.  Since they are such a statement all by themselves I decided to pair them with a simple necklace with diamonds.


I thought they went well together and you definitely do not want to overdo with with all your jewelry at one time, especially in a daytime look.
One of the reasons why I love the idea of companies like Majestical Jewelry is that they bring trends to everyone by making them affordable.  Majestical Jewelry was started by a small group of jewelry lovers in South Carolina that strive to bring amazing jewelry to everyone, at a cost people can actually afford.  High quality jewelry none the less.   After purusing the site I found so many thing that I would love to have, and tons of things I had seen in magazines and on tv.


These are just a few of the amazing pieces you can snag, and all for twenty dollars or less.  Now that is something that I can get on board with.  I see myself making a swing by Majestical Jewelry in the near future.  If you visit theirwebsite and sign up for their newsletter there just might be something in it for you.
Did you pay a visit to their website?  I wanna know what really cool thing you found!  Are you an earring girl or a necklace girl?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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