Sunday Social 119 – Current Favorites

This week’s Sunday Social is all about my current favorites.  If you’ve never participated in a Sunday Social you are missing out. It’s lots of fun and I always find great blogs to read, and some time to catch up on some of my favorites.  Make sure to come back to my blog for the Rewind 365 link up! In the meantime you can link up with this month’s until then. It’s a fun little link-up of my own creation that I’m trying to get going. So please join in and spread the word!

1. Favorite Scent
My all time favorite scent in general is Tommy cologne, by Tommy Hilfiger. Hubby has worn it for forever, since high school.  I love it and I can’t get enough of it. So many good memories attached to that smell
For me its a toss up between Love Spell, which is the purple body spray from Victoria Secret; Lavender Honey scent from Bath and Body Works and Beckham, Victoria Beckham’s perfume.  I love perfume so if you have a favorite tell me!
2. Favorite Food
I’ve been in a “cooking new food” kick recently, as well as doing a lot of things from scratch (homemade enchilada sauce – what?!!  My friend recommended these Garlic Noodles from Budget Bytes, which are absolutely amazing!! I made some substitutions, gluten free and otherwise, so stay tuned for that post on the blog. This is my new favorite food! I’m going to have to resist from making it all the time.
3. Favorite Sound
Currently, its this little guy!  He’s my little buddy in general, but since its been just me and him during the day its been a whole new level of fun.  We have the best conversations and he just cracks me up.
4. Favorite Picture Currently on Your Phone
It’s a toss up guys….how to pick?!
This is my little man and his newest little pal Rowan. Rowan’s mommy and I have know each other for almost 30 years (whoa!!).

This pick was our most recent family outing.  These are cherished moments since the
kids and I usually experience this type of thing by ourselves. Go Nats!!
5. Best Memory of the Year So Far
Seriously, the hardest question.  I’m not really sure.  Finally getting to go inside the Washington 
Monument is probably right up there.  I posted about that here.
We’ll see what else the year has in store for u!

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