Rhe’s Bookshelf – Lean Body, Fat Wallet

Summary – What would you do if you finally lost all your excess weight or had energy to burn? How different would your life be if you were completely out of debt and in control of your finances? And what if you could do both at the same time with just a few simple and sustainable lifestyle changes?

Ellie Kay and Danna Demetre are life experts in two seemingly different fields—finance and fitness. Working together, they have made a remarkable discovery—the principles and habits that are good for your wallet are equally good for your body.
The simple and practical teaching in this “two for one” bargain of a book will help you put those principles and habits to work in your life and create a sustainable and satisfying lifestyle.


Review – You might look at this book think, “what the what?! How could these two things possibly work together in a book.”  I sort of thought the same thing, but was intrigued enough to want to read it.  Another thing that grabbed me was the fact that Ellie Kay is a military spouse, succeeding financially, getting out of debt, all on a military paycheck.  If you ask many milspouses they will probably say finances are hard.  There are a myriad of factors that play into this for sure – moving, difficulting getting jobs and uncertainty.  And for women this means stress.  I know for me this is true.  Struggling with whether or not to get a job, is it worth it?  Staying home with my children is really important to me.  So, what do I do?  Believe me finances and my journey in weight loss are probably some of the most stressful things in my life.  And for the most part fiances has always been.  Being scared to spend, struggling with the prospect of saving, buying a car, buying a house.  Who knew they were so related.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the fact that not only does it talk about both of these things, that they are related and that you can change it; but the book actually tells you how to do this.  It does this with helpful tips and tricks that one can actually accomplish.  These are things you, I mean we, can do.  It’s not easy and it isn’t an overnight change.  It takes dedication and commitment, but it can be done.  This book can also be a pick me up, a recharge, when you need it.  It’s also a book that you will probably find yourself passing along to your friends.

5 out 5 stars

**I received this book in partnership with Booksneeze/BookLook.  I was not compensated for this post.  My thoughts and opinions are my own.
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