Military Monday – Warrior and Family Center opens in Bethesda

The USO recently opened their second Warrior and Family Center in the DC area.  This particular one has opened its doors steps from the National Medical Center Walter Reed.  It couldn’t be a more perfect location for one to open, and trust me it has been a long time coming.  When I had the pleasure to speak with then President of the USO, Sloan Gibson, he was bursting at the seams to talk about these facilities.  It was one of my first interviews with someone like that and I was a littler nervous.  But to hear him speak about his dream of opening these immediately put me at ease.  There was a lot of thought that went into designing and building these two buildings, which started to be discussed way back in 2009.  Warriors and their families were interviewed concerning design, and the number one request (which was granted) was a learning center of sorts for transitioning.  Within these walls you can music therapy, recording area, playing area, art classes and fly fishing.  TVs, computers, quiet areas and game rooms.

And while the name Warrior and Family Center implies that this is specifically for our nation’s wounded, however this is not the case.  The USOs doors are open to all military, and I have experienced the building myself.  They are both truly beautiful and feel like home, which is the whole purpose I’m sure.

The second facility is beautiful, and I almost like the design of the second better.  It is a much more open facility, as far as the feel.  Lots of windows with very wide hallways, sort of an open great room if you will.  The ribbon cutting was a wonderful time, hearing the words of those that designed and constructed it.  How it affected them, and how many of the construction and design team have signed on to become to volunteers themselves.  It affects people and hearing that is really touching.


The excitement over the building was electric, everyone was smiling and they all spoke of the same things.  They were beyond thrilled to see this building in action, so close to where it is most needed.  I will say this, we are in desperate need of an overhaul in the way we are treating the wounded.  And we aren’t speaking of just the physical wounds.  There was a Forbes article that discussed some of the startling numbers of “Invisible Wounds” as they are referred to.  The numbers were listed as reported on the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center.  The total number of TBI diagnosis by the DoD is over 290,000.  It is important to note that not all of the injuries are deployment related.  In fact 80% are the result of a non-deployment injury (ex: car accident).  But the injury is there, regardless of how it was required, and should be treated.  When broken down the study doesn’t reveal how the injuries were received, just the severity of them; however according to the Rand Corporation in a 2008 press release 20 percent of those have returned report symptoms of TBI and depression.  Most, as we are all aware, do not receive treatment because of the stigma attached to physiological issues; but for those that do, only half of them receive treatment considered “minimally adequate”.  This is one of the reasons why I believe what the USO has to offer is extremely valuable.  This is a chance to make things right.  To operate off the concept that I heard repeated over and over that day – a 360 degree concept of care.  I wish there was one of these centers at every single base.


With the President of the USO DC Metro                  My total geek moment with Miss America!!!!

It’s a step in the right direction; and when you hear those in power express understanding and an actual concern for what is happening it helps.  I wish they would talk about it more, all the time, every day.  This will change, I know it will.  Soon, the stigma will be less and less.  It won’t happen overnight, because it took longer than that for the problem to happen.  But this is an opportunity for those in power, either at the National Level of the military and individual unit leaders, to really effect change.  I’m excited at the possibilities for our military members.
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Avoiding Cold and Flu Season

 *this post contains affiliate links*

As a mom, writing this seems akin to putting up a giant neon sign saying “Cold and Flu Wanted Here,”  like cheating death.  Maybe I should knock on wood or throw salt over my shoulder.  However, I’m a huge fan of the Babyganics line (one of the few products that started out simply as a review, but I’ve gone on to continue to buy from them) and when given the opportunity to try , and share with my readers I decided to tempt fate. The BabyGanics Alchohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer is a great addition to your cold and flu fighting arsenal.  It’s a refillable product (which I love), and it’s also available in an on-the-go option as well.

Most moms are worried about their little ones getting sick, I know I do.  A little sniffle here or there is to be expected: but its that nasty cold that I fear.  It seems to come with you least expect it, and most certainly when you don’t want it.  of According to the National Institute of Health, and the CDC, 22 million school days are lost annually to the common cold.  Here on the East Coast we don’t really need any help missing days at school (thank you Polar Vortex).  And while I’m not a fan of scrubbing my children from top to bottom every five minutes, or following them around squirting hand-sanitizer in their hand every time they touch something; I believe a little germs here or there never hurt anyone and building up immunity is good.  But if I can point the odds in my favor, and do it with a trusted, natural product I’m all for it. 

The Babyganics brand is one dedicated to providing a quality, safe product for babies and children.  Babyganics products, including the Hand Sanitizer, are free of all those toxic things you don’t want near the ones you love.  The Germinator is also alcohol-free.  What I love the most about the Babyganics brand is that it is affordable for everyone.  Most of the time you have to go to boutique stores, order through the mail, or very high end grocery stores to find products like this.  When you find them they cost you an arm and a leg.  Every single one of their products is affordable.  I purchase mine at Buy Buy Baby, but BG products are available on Amazon (see my sidebar for some links to products), Babies R Us, Target, Meijer and Safeway.

Check out some of my favorite products 

Babyganics Benzocaine Free Gel Teething Pods BabyGanics Cover Up Baby Moisturizing Sunscreen Spray

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Fitness Confidential – It’s not About Fitness

“This is a sponsored post.  Cammo Style Love received the products mentioned in this post as well as compensation.  I still strive to provide honest and open opinions and commentaries for my readers.  All of this is in accordance with FTC guidelines 16 CFR , Part 255 set up to define the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.
America’s Angriest Trainer, Vinnie Tortorich, exposes the nasty underbelly of the fitness industry while getting you into the best shape of your life. For over 20 years, Vinnie has been Hollywood’s go-to guy for celebrities and athletes looking to get fit fast. Now, in this hilarious and often r-rated memoir, he holds nothing back. What’s the best piece of fitness equipment money can buy? What’s the fastest way to lose weight: diet or exercise? Why are health clubs worse than used car lots? In FITNESS CONFIDENTIAL, Vinnie tells all. So get ready to get fit, get inspired and get the dirt with Hollywood’s most outrageous personal trainer!
Summary: When I was asked to review this book, there was a couple seconds that I almost hesitated.  I’m not really into to fitness books and dieting books.  In fact they kind of scare me.  They do one of two things, set me up for failure or make me want to throw things.  This book didn’t do either of those things.   I know right?!  This is not a fitness book, and this is not a diet book either.  One of the main things that I loved about it was the fact that he spent a good amount of time talking about how all those diet and fitness crazes don’t work and how celebrities are like us, and just all these amazing little tidbits that I’m dying to share with you but I don’t want to give away.  His totally “I’m calling you on your BS” way of laying it all out there and the realness of him makes you absolutely love love love him.  I’ve been perusing his website and listening to some of his pod casts. I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, and I probably won’t start now.  However I will continue to work on the things I’ve been working on, with maybe a little more focus.  There were thoughts and ideas that I already had, and he confirmed them.  Instead of trying to make me believe in some health myth, he actually reinforced practical ideas that I had already!  Since when does any fitness or health guru do that?   Vinnie delivers practical advice with practical application.  Seriously, anyone can do this!  
Make sure to check out Vinnie’s website, listen to some of his podcasts, check out some of the things he’s got to say.
You can purchase Vinnie’s Book on Amazon in paperback or kindle formats.
One of my lucky readers has a chance to win their own digital copy of the book (yay!!!) and a $25 Amazon gift card.  Good luck!!

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FEMBODY Nutrition – Review

I’ve been struggling with losing baby weight since I had my first.  Weigh-loss has never come easy to me and the only way I’ve ever maintained my weight was when I was a dancer, dancing many hours a week.  I’ve struggled with depriving myself – whoa that was deep.  Soda is really my weakness.  I’d give up most anything sweet if I could have a soda.  I’m kinda anal about the rest of my eating, counting calories, not eating candy, fruits and veggies…Soda is my total love.  Sigh.  I’m working on getting it under control – dang hubbs.  He’s not a coffee guy so Soda is his way of staying awake.  So when I received the chance to review something to aid in my weight loss journey I jumped at it.  Usually I would call myself a skeptical person, especially about products like this. 

         Let me introduce Fembody Nutrition Appetitle Control 100.  A product I firmly believe in, and have seen it help me get over some craving/snacking humps.  Here’s some more info about the Fembody Product:

         Summer is all about getting out and having fun, but road trips or days at the beach can lead to impulse eating and unhealthy snacking habits. Stay swimsuit-ready all year long with Fembody Appetite Control 100™ Gum with Satiereal®, which helps control hunger and reduce calorie consumption.
         There has been a lot of buzz about the breakthrough appetite control ingredient Satiereal® Saffron Extract since it was featured on a popular daytime TV health show. Fembody is proud to introduce a novel Satiereal delivery system in an innovative appetite-blocking, dual-layer chewing gum that comes in a refreshing Luscious Mint flavor.
         In a 2010 eight-week, randomized, placebo-controlled study of mildly overweight, healthy women, Satiereal Saffron Extract was shown to help decrease hunger, as well as reduce sugar cravings and compulsive snacking between meals.
         Chewing on a piece of Appetite Control 100 Gum for about five minutes twice a day releases enough Satiereal Saffron Extract to help keep snackers away from the cookie jar. Appetite Control 100 Gum may help control hunger between meals and decrease compulsive snacking, thereby supporting steady weight loss when used consistently for 8 weeks. It is stimulant-free and caffeine-free, and can be taken in the evening to avoid late-night snacking.

         I carried this gum around with me, and when I was out with the kids, instead of buying a soda or some other drink I popped in one of these.  It takes great the craving away, gets me over the hump, and it tastes good to boot.  If you are interested in trying a product like this and are concerned about it, I would be too.  In fact, I was totally concerned about this working.  Granted, I was able to try this as a free sample, but in a very stressful and and crazy time in my life, helping me get over this hump, this product delivered.  Thanks FEMBODY!!

I received a product to review, in partnership with Business to Blogger, in exchange for writing a review of the product.  I was not compensated for a positive review.  my opinions are my own, take them or leave them.

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