Nutrisystem Week 6 & 7 Challenges and How I Overcome Them…..

You guys….here we are…week 6 and 7 of my Nutrisystem journey. It really has been a journey. I’m not calling it a diet because honestly…it really isn’t. But it hasn’t been easy. And I’m gonna get real on this post because I want to talk about the challenges and roadblocks that have come my way, because we all have them. What I’ve noticed is there are triggers for me that cause me to come face to face with derailment. My period, high-stress situations and certain people. Its interesting because you kind of know that you crave certain things during that time of the month. For me its salt!! But when you are on this kind of program where you are only choosing from certain foods that you already have you really start to investigate what’s going on. Thankfully I had all sorts of choices that met my cravings, and still fit within my program!! So I wasn’t just adding food to add food!!! I have never been so thankful for a big bag of approved Nutrisystem popcorn in all my life!

Another trigger in my life is stress. The anxiety rises and I start craving things. But focusing on how I can stave off the stress really helped. It’s almost like a reset of the brain. I open my cabinet and I’m like okay…this is how I’m feeling, it’s okay that I’m feeling this way, deep breath and make a smart choice. If I just had a snack its the perfect time for more water and a little bit of crystal light. The trick for me is to not let these cravings or anxieties fester because for me that just makes them worse. That’s a sure way to find yourself in the middle of a total spiral.

Before Nutrisystem I would have probably made some terrible terrible food choices when I was feeling this way. But one of the benefits I’ve noticed about this program is a new-found discipline. It educated me without a forced education. Nutrisystem encourages you to really explore your food, understand the calories in it, understand what makes up a good meal and to do that within their system AND outside of their system!!! That to me has been one of the biggest things that has helped me overcome challenges. There are options for me outside of the Nutrisystem program and life after it will be amazing and I won’t backslide.

So what can I say to you about all of this? Acknowledge your challenges and don’t try to run from them. Accept them!!! Identifying your triggers, whatever they may be, can help you navigate those challenges better.

Find people in your life to either mentor you, or just be an encourager. Someone you can talk to you about your struggles and just be real about it. You don’t want to go this alone that’s for sure. Life alone just sucks, and no one should have to do that. Check out The Leaf for great ideas for navigating your journey, whether you are doing Nutrisystem or not. This article, about the science behind the sugar crash is just one of the fascinating articles I’ve read on there. Educating myself has been one of the greatest things about being a part of this family.

This week’s successes – I still haven’t weighed myself, but I tried on a pair of “skinny” (not actually skinny, but a size smaller than I normally wear) and I am so close people!!!!!! So close!!!! I know that’s a success!!

Favorite Foods – I’m still loving the Loaded Mashed Potato and the white mac and cheese for lunch. I’m still not tired of them!!

Least Favorite – So I’m going to admit that not everything is perfect. I’m not a fan of the Oatmeal Bites for breakfast or the Steak and Cheese hot pocket type thing for lunch. And I got two new dinner’s to try out – Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes and the Pot Pie.  The Meatloaf was good, but the potatoes weren’t a winner. And the pot pie was just meh. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but finding peppers in my pot pie isn’t my thing and the crust that they use is kind of strange and does really break apart easy.

Goals – I decided next week I’m going to weigh myself. Just for curiosity sake, maybe take some measurements. I’m going to be honest and say that I haven’t been working out quite like I envisioned myself doing during this journey; but life has been one crazy mess after another. We’ve had all of the sicknesses during these last eight weeks that one could possibly have. Stomach flu, strep throat, bad colds all around. Hubby travelled and the kids didn’t handle it well. It’s been a rollercoaster. But if I can feel successful despite all of these challenges, imagine what a slightly less challenging time would be like!!!??

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Week 2 Nutrisystem Recap: Uniquely You #spon

Week two of my Nutrisystem program is over and I’m staring my third week right in the face. I decided I was going to lay off the scale because for me that’s a brick wall. I get obsessed with the numbers I’m seeing, while not appreciating all the things that may or may not be happening with my body. How do my clothes feel, how do I feel inside…those are things that are important. The foundation for what I’m trying to do is what’s important. A lifestyle change, and a different way of looking at what I’m eating. The fact that I can immediately notice a difference in my eating and how I feel is really the goal that I’m trying to reach.

The first full week off the Turbo Takeoff week is an entirely different world. I’m not hungry, I’m not cranky and it’s amazing! I’m fueling my body with food that I’m also choosing, which is empowering to me. My favorite fueling food has been hard-boiled eggs and bananas. But so many options are available to me like yogurt, cottage cheese and peppers.

One of the best things about being on the Uniquely You program, which I mentioned last week, was the ability to choose and create my own meals. I think this is such a valuable part of the Nutrisystem program. Learning how to translate the Nutrisystem meals into my ow meals is a motivator. I was able to meet my friend for lunch at Chick-Fil-A, and with Nutrisystem’s Eating Out Guide choose food that fit in the program and satisfied me. There’s something on the other side of this. What I found is that I was simply not eating enough food to fuel my body, and despite what one might think, eating nothing isn’t a great way to lose weight. I was also drinking my calories. Transitioning away from sugar completely was way easier than I thought it would be. The cravings for it have all but completely gone. I know there will be struggles, but the little victories are what get us through.

For anyone that is trying to make a change, don’t let yourself be thrown off course by the little roadblocks that come up. It’s just life. And that’s okay. It’s okay to not be perfect, or thin, or to loose the 1.5lbs a weeks. Everyone is different. It’s how you feel, your body and yourself that matters. If you get wrapped up in these you won’t succeed. At least, that has always been a problem for me. Getting caught up in the fact that I haven’t accomplished exactly what others have in exactly the same way as others.

But I will win!!!!!!

how do you get through the tough times?!
what keeps you motivated?

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Week One Nutrisystem Recap ~ Turbo Takeoff

Well, I finished my first week of Nutrisystem, and if you follow me on Instagram Stories or Snapchat (RheChristinr) you know it was a doozy of a week. As someone who has previously followed other plans I can say there are definite differences, but also some similarities. One thing that I love about this program is that provide almost everything for you. And what they don’t provide for you they help you a ton to make sure you get what you need. One of the greatest things about this program is that it truly is designed to help you achieve a new way of life. I know for some people, having to still shop while also paying for a program might be an annoying aspect of it. But truly it is for the best. With the tools they slowly introduce to you in the program, you will surely succeed outside of the program.

The down and dirty of the program is that the first week was hard! Like, really really hard. It reminded me of when I did the Paleo program. Any abrupt change to your diet can have that affect, so stay strong and get through it. Know that it is truly worth it on the other side.

Favorite things – the shakes! So yummy! I get kind of worried when you are making a shake from water only. I worry that its going to be super watery. Not the case. The food! Despite the fact that I was adjusting to the calorie drop and the sugar crash, the food was amazing. Probably one of my favorite things was the loaded mashed potatoes. Yummy. I can’t wait to fully dive into my full program! I even made a dedicated area for all my food!

Change is hard. It really is. But sometimes change is the best thing for you. So make sure you follow me along my journey with Nutrisystem. Click the link on my sidebar for more details on the program. Also, feel free to catch me gabbing about it on instagram stories and snapchat and leave me a comment! If you’re a success story I wanna hear!!!!

instagram: RheChristine
Snapchat: rhechristinr

**This blog post is brought to in part by the Nutrisystem Blogger Program. I am being provided food in order to complete my review, but am not being compensated in any other way. As you may or may not know, I strive for honest and real content. My views and opinions are my own, take them or leave them.**

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A Life-Changing Body Positive Journey #NSNation #spon

Late last year I received an email that I’d been waiting for. I was going to be able to be a part of the Nutrisystem Blogger Nation! You don’t know how thrilled I was to discover the news. Very rarely do you get the opportunity to get amazing assistance and a program tailored to you to help you on your journey. I plan on taking full advantage of this opportunity and frankly, blessing, that has been placed before me.

High School me struggled with my body. At the time I was a dancer and I loved it. It was my passion, but my body didn’t fit the passion. Balanchine had created this image of these tiny, flat-chested dancers and that was the very opposite of me. No matter what I did I was never going to be that. Being constantly told that my arms and hands were beautiful, and that I had the poise of a ballerina didn’t help. My feet were perfect but my body wasn’t. I found myself not getting anywhere, knowing that I would never be a ballerina in a company no matter what my skills were. That was devastating. Something that helped ease the pain, and eventually helped me become more confident was my choreography skills. I found my way through by helping others dance, winning awards and being acknowledged for my choreography up and down the west coast. It healed my broken heart and gave me confidence. Of course my life as a military life has taken me slightly off course, making it more difficult for me to get employment as an instructor or choreographer. Having to rebuild my name after so much time has passed, who is going to give me the chance to show who I am. But that’s another post entirely. This one is about me and my body.

Having “struggled” so to speak with my weight wasn’t really a thing until later in college and when I got married. Not dancing as much as I once did really changed things. Whoa!! I knew that I would always have to work harder but it was manageable. Then, I had kids. This is a story that I’m sure many woman can attest to. I didn’t gain a ton of weight when I was pregnant because I already wasn’t skinny. I gained anywhere from 10-15lbs. But the problem is that no matter what that weight wouldn’t come off. So the lie of “don’t worry, breastfeeding will help that weight come off” is just that, a lie. There’s so much more to that then simply breastfeeding = weightloss. There are so many things that mess with women’s heads. Sizes keep changing, we are continually assaulted (yes, I said assaulted) with images on TV, magazines and movies that show what men and women want to see. Or what the ‘Industry’ thinks we want to see. We blame it on oversexualization or men not respecting women. But yo, women of the world…you can say no! If we all stood up and said no at the same time we would see a change!! Have normal sizes in stores people!! And of all the same clothes! don’t give me different styles or clothing or segregate me off in another section! What makes you think I want to wear something different than someone who is a size 4? Most of the time I don’t.

So here I am a, a grown woman of 33 and I still struggle with how I look. I obsess about what I’m eating, and how much I should be working out. When I hurt my ankle I couldn’t walk and the I gained almost 10 lbs in a month or so, simply because I wasn’t moving. Our bodies are crazy and there’s so much involved in our weight gain and loss. Stress and our hormones kill us continually! Thankfully, I know I am loved and my husband worships me. If he didn’t I’d be worse off I know. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can identify health vs simply trying to get skinny, something I know I’ll never be. So I’m thankfully for this opportunity to try Nutrisystem…but to also get a valuable education on eating and what is good for my body. That is what I love about this program. I’ve already learn so much and that is the point. They don’t want you to be on it forever! They want you to learn how to do this for yourself, and that I can get behind.

So join me on my journey! Follow me on Instagram Stories (@Rhechristine) and on Snapchat (@Rhechristinr <— notice the r at the end instead of the e) to see how I do and to cheer me on. I need some good cheerleaders!!!

here’s the before pics folks!!!! I’m being me, BRAVELY!!

*This is a sponsored post brought you by Nutrisytem. I have been given product in exchange for this post. But as always, my commitment is to honest, real and true stories on this blog. My opinions are my own*

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