Healthy is the New Skinny!!!

For the last couple weeks I’ve been doing a hodge-podge of workouts trying to accomplish a couple things:

1) Move and get fit
2) satisfy my need for change – which I hadn’t fully realized until I started this
3) and a whole #healthyisthenewskinny mind frame

I want to be positive and confident in myself, but realistic of course.  I have a lot of baby-weight that I’ve never lost, even from my oldest who is now seven.  But realism goes both ways.  I have to stop battling genetics and a little bit of reality.  I have no desire to be ripped or obsessed with being thin and wanting a six-pack.  I don’t want to spend hours every day obsessing and working out.  Even at my smallest, dancing every practically every day, no soda drinking best self I wasn’t a stick.  It’s just not the genetic body-type I was dealt.  I don’t want to pass on those insecurities to my daughter.  She doesn’t need to think about that stuff, and I don’t want her to.  I’m not really sure when that when that set in because my parents never made me feel insecure, and my mom was never obsessed with her body.  Whatever the reasons, that doesn’t need to be passed on to my daughter.

**A Quick PSA – this is in no way judgement on these models and whether or not they are healthy or unhealthy, or anyone that is super skinny or a size 0!   This is about me**
What I don’t need to stare at
Haha What if you walked into a room and these women were all standing like this. Models...when do you ever make that pose/face in real life? neva unless you're really drunk and joking. 
What I do need to look at
miller and ren 
lindsay Miller and Crystal Renn
Robyn Lawley
Robyn Lawley
♥ Be Healthy, Not Skinny ♥ 
 journey-tohealthy:  biggerhairsmallerbody:  Katie Green, Size 10. Plus Size Model  I’m a size 0 just because I have a small frame, but I still like the message of this! Be healthy for your body type.  WAIT WHAT? SHE’S CONSIDERED A PLUS SIZE MODEL? the fuck? Im a size 18 what would that make me!? I swear society thinking this is plus size scares me. SMH She looks more amazing than 0 size models thats for sure. 

Catch me this Friday for my Fitness Friday recap on all my really cool workouts that I’ve been doing, and how I feel after two weeks!

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