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I’ve written a couple articles for Homefront United Network concerning big changes to military benefits and compensation. Last week the MCRMC (Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission) just release their final report. It is a length report but I feel it is incredibly important for everyone, military and civilian alike, to understand fully what is at stake here. Not all the recommendations are bad; and in fact there are some really good ones. Check out my latest articles….

Military Healthcare, the DoD’s Moneypit
Military healthcare; the earned and deserved benefit of our military force is under attack again. It seems as though we were just on this ride, a ride that is quickly becoming terrifying for military families to be on. Early last year we were battling a devastating commissary threat, cancelled pay raises, and other benefits that were on the chopping block. It is not lost on me, and perhaps most of us actually living the life of a military family, that almost all of the people doing the talking and decision-making are not those who experience the military lifestyle. It makes these commissions, panels, and councils seem grossly out of touch and a political version of the Wicked Witch of the West to our Dorothy.

Learn more about the National Guard/Reserve life. I believe a full understanding of all aspects of military life can create some really good conversation about how each of the recommendations in the MCRMC will affect different military families.

Suffering From Support Services Envy: National Guard Life Reality
It may not be a technical medical condition, but the side effects are real, make no mistake. As the spouse of a National Guard service member, it is a condition I have been faced with and felt frequently. There are times when I feel awful about it, selfish and ashamed that these feelings could have their way with me. But, it’s hard for a person to know how they will react until they feel utterly alone.
The HUN’s guest writer, Randi Cairns, recently addressed some of the side effects of “choosing” this life. Recounting almost verbatim many of my own feelings, Cairns story only goes to show that this life is far more common than it seems. Going from Active Guard Reserve to a somewhat “traditional” status is a difficult transition. We live the life of an active duty family, to a certain extent, and then are suddenly ripped from all the comfort (and apparent respect) of what that life brings. Sure, we have transitioned to a wonderful civilian career that is almost interchangeable with the military one, but it’s not the same.

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of the recommendations, or even your experience as a Guard or Reserve family.

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