Military Support Series: Luke’s Wings

Welcome to another #MilitarySupportSeries post here on Cammo Style Love.  This week’s spotlight is on a wonderful group called Luke’s Wings.  I had the pleasure of meeting some of the folks behind the organization at a Caregiver Fair I attended, and they spoke with such a passion and compassion for what they do.  I knew that including them in a post was necessary.  Please pass the word along.  I am a firm believer that everyone military-connected should know about organizations like Luke’s Wings.  You never know when you might need them, and you can’t wait until you need them to start looking.

When a service member is wounded, going through a life crisis, or an elderly service member is in hospice care, many times there is no notice to make arrangements to make sure loved ones can be near them.  That is where Luke’s Wings steps in.

By purchasing travel agency services and travel tickets for loved ones, Luke’s Wings provides an immediate and invaluable service to the families of our men and women at arms while also helping to encourage and motivate the service member’s recovery.

But Luke’s Wings is so much more, and is continually expanding their mission, and seeing who else they can help.  That’s what I love about organizations like this; they are ever-changing and the desire of their heart is to find a way to help those in need.

In 2011, Luke’s Wings expanded the mission to also include Texas Veterans during major life events and all Veterans in Hospice Care. As such; a Texas Veteran may be with their family during a major life event. A Veteran in Hospice Care may be surrounded by loved ones as they pass away. Today, the majority of requests are for World War II Veterans, Korean War Veterans, and Vietnam War Veterans in elderly care facilities or long term inpatient care facilities. Luke’s Wings regards the Veterans in Hospice Care Program as a “final salute” to the greatest generation that ever lived.
Last year Luke’s Wings made an additional expansion, to be specially involved with one of the best Wounded Warrior programs out there, the SOCOM Care Coalition.

In 2012, Luke’s Wings was asked to provide emergency flights for the families of our special operators who are injurred on special missions. Luke’s Wings is honored to be the “go-to” for the Special Operations Command (S.O.C.OM.). We are honored to be of service to our special operators as part of the S.O.C.O.M. Care Coalition.
Luke’s Wings also partners with other non-profits to provide free and discounted accommodations, meals, entertainment and stuff specific to the locality.

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