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Happy Monday everyone.  Its been quite a weekend here at the Cammo Style Love house.Mr. Air Force has been taking some leave time, and that has been wonderful. We’ve gotten some rest, the kids have gotten some daddy time. We were able to go to church and Awana as a family,which hasn’t happened in awhile. I’m looking forward to a whole week of time at home.

I still wanted to stop by a bring you another great book review.  This one is brought to you by my partnership with BookSneeze. I was able to review Max Lucado’s book, Six Hours One Friday.



Does life feel futile? Doesn’t have to.
Do some of your failures seem fatal? They aren’t.
 And your death. Does the grave appear to be the final stop? According to
Christ, your death is just the start of the something great.  There
 is a truth greater than all the losses and sorrows of life. And it can
be discovered in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In Six Hours One Friday,
 Max Lucado delves into the meaning of Jesus’ last hours on the cross.
Through his death, your life has purpose and meaning. You are forgiven
and loved by a Savior who died for you. And an empty tomb proclaims that death does not have the final word.
“Peace where there should be pain. Confidence in the midst of crisis. Hope defying despair.”
Does death have the last word? I can see Jesus wink as he gives the answer, Not on your life.

What I thought:

It all comes down to those final hours.  His life is obviously so much for than that,when you read the stories of the healings, of Lazarus, the grace given to prostitutes and tax collectors.  But it all lead to those final hours, the culmination of everything.  I have no read a Max Lucado book before, but had heard man good things them.  I really appreciated the readability of this book.  Even though this isn’t a light topic, it felt that way, in the sense it is comfortable to read.  The mix of real life stories, brought together with the main message of the final hours of Christ, was done extremely well.  They were funny, insightful, emotional, and serious.  Mr. Lucado does an excellent job of showing the reader you aren’t weighted down in your life by all the junk.  Those final hours made sure of that.  This is a subtle book for a small fellowship group, bible study or yourself.  The study guide included the back is done equally as well as the book itself. 

4 out of 5 stars

I received this book in partnership with BookSneeze.  I was not compensated for a postive review.  My thoughts and opinions are my own, take them or leave them.
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