Military Caregiver’s Week – Elizabeth Dole Foundation

I’m so late on this, and I hate that.  Today was the last day of ‘Military Caregiver’s Week’, bringing special attention to the amazing people that care for our wounded (physical and mental) warriors, that have sacrificed so much for us.  These men and women are absolutely amazing and go about their days just doing what they have to do, living life, and they deserve so much praise for that – enter the Elizabeth Dole Foundation.  


Their Mission: To uplift American military caregivers by strengthening the services afforded to them through innovation, evidence-based research, and collaboration.

Their Philosophy: 

 One of the really neat things they do is their Innovative Grant Program.  They provide grants to non-profit companies that make it easier for those caring for warriors to navigate the available support programs, through technology.  I think is absolutely wonderful.  Having had to navigate a myriad of these online programs in desperate search for help it can be quite challenging, and frankly absolutely frustrating.  Sometimes all your searching gives you is a website list of suggestions.  How does that help in the real-world?  Technology is fabulous, but not if it simply makes things more frustrating.  Having a way to navigate programs and companies through technology, leading to real human help is exactly what we need and is exactly what the 2013 Innovative Grant recipients have done.  This year’s recipients are The National Military Family Association (NMFA), MOAA and the Military Child Education Coalition.   Having met someone from each of these organizations, and worked with them as well, I can tell you that they are extremely deserving of these grants.  They will continue to do all they can do to not only assist Military Caregivers, our Wounded Warriors and all of our Military. 

I don’t know any Military Caregivers in my real life, although I follow the blog of a military caregiver.  The things that she has had to endure, I know nothing of.  I couldn’t possibly imagine what it would be like to be in her shoes.

Do you know a Military Caregiver in your life?  Find the Elizabeth Dole Foundation facebook.  Tell them about the caregiver you know.  Go to the Foundation’s website and see how you can get involved.

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