Throwback Thursday – 1, 3 and 5 years Ago….

Today’s post is a little inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley over at Ashley Lately.  She did this post a couple of weeks ago.  I though it would be fun as I head into my birthday weekend.  Officially in my 30s now, and whoa that’s a mix of emotions.  I feel like I am crossing so bridges all at once, at times it can be slightly overwhelming.  Mr. Air Force and I celebrated fifteen years together last month.  This year will be ten years married, and our youngest is slowly making his way out of the baby stage.  We’ve been in Virginia for two and a half years already and time seems to be flying by.  So, I wanted to stop and take a moment to look back at where we’ve been.

In 2013….

we had an Easter together and Phillip looks so little!!

the 49ers made it to the super bowl, they lost, and I totally cried (but mostly because I missed by dad)
I went to the White House Press Room for the first time, 
thanks to my friend, and amazing writer, Bianca
I didn’t meet the Presidents, but oh man, to see George Bush Sr, and his adorable striped socks

The kids and I marked down Constitution Ave. in the 4th of July Parade

I met my first NBA Star favorite!!  I was the proud owner of an African Mask Dekembe Mutumbo 
shirt in elementary school.  I loved him!!!!  Fan Girl Moment!!  Who cares if its a terrible picture!
We had a homecoming!

 I turned 30, and the hubby got me VIP at a club in DC! 
While Daddy was gone the kids and I got to go to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House
In 2011….
We spent our last year on the west coast and celebrated babies being born.
my little man, and my littest man!
Two of my girls who are practically family.  we take a picture like this every year!  hated saying goodbye
my Nevada church/military family!  My support system for six years
My adorable niece arrived two months after Phillip
My pregnancy buddy and I, post pregnancy!!  She has an adorable blog
In 2009….
Wow, that seems so very far away!  We were in Nevada and I only had two little munchkins running around!
We visited West Virginia to help clean out my grandparents house, where my mom grew up!  Look at Brian!!!
 Look at Ami!!  Look at how little she was!
 In 2009 we wore bluetooth head pieces! Do you see that?! LOL!!
With my mom and aunt!
2009 was the first New Years Eve we spent together since we had been married
in 2004!  It seems the military had kept him occupied every year since then.  It was nice.
 Hubby and I went to Indianapolis/St. Paul for a little vacation/work trip.  Visited the Mall of
America and celebrated five years together

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Sunday Social Week 98! Five Things….

You guys, it’s almost Week 100 of Sunday Social!  How cool is that?!  I hope everyone has had a lovely Spring Break and you had, or are having a fabulous Easter!  This is by far in my top three favorite link-ups and I have found so many amazing blogs and bloggers through it.  Plus, how could you not love Ashley and Neely, our amazing hosts.  Make sure you check out theirs and at least a few other lovely bloggers on the list.  Comeback on Tuesday for my Rewind 365 Link-up.  I’m trying to resurrect it since I let it fall by the wayside.  Now, onto the fun….

This week’s link up is all about five things

1. 5 songs you’ll listen to the rest of your life
This is super hard because I love music.  There are so many songs that are attached to significant memories in my life. Turn on music, any kind of music, and it will be guaranteed to pull me out of a bad mood.
a. Journey’s Faithfully – my mom sang it to me as a baby/kid, I sang it to my’s a family thing.
b. Angel of Mine – its the hubby’s and mine song, all the way back from high school and we danced to it at our wedding

c. The Killers – Mr. Brightside –  I just love it (PS: they are amazing in concert)
d. All American Rejects – Swing Swing
 e. The Minstrel’s Prayer

2. 5 things on your bucket list
a. Mt. Rushmore
b. Any place in Europe, I’m seriously not picky
c. Empire State Building
d. Meet a Backstreet Boy (I’m so silly I know)
e. See Three Doors Down – their music also holds a lot of sentimental value for me and the hubby, so seeing them would be super awesome.
3. 5 celeb you’d love to hang out with for a day
a. Kate Middleton – she counts right?
b. Zoey Deschanel
c. Angie Harmon (I’ve always loved her)
d. Sean Astin (Rudy best knows as)
e. Harry Connick Jr. – so he can sing to me all day 🙂 LOL
4. 5 things you always carry in your purse
I always care a notebook, pen, lipgloss, chapstick and a nail file
5. 5 books on your reading list
I’m not kidding you when I say that my list is probably about 200+ book long.  I just started a series by Alex Kava – the first one is A Perfect Evil.  The next one is Split Second.  Then I want to continue on with my Capitol Crimes series by Margaret Truman (President Truman’s Daughter).  They all take place here in DC and I’ve been to many of the places, which is pretty cool.  The next three in the series are Murder at the FBI, Murder in Georgetown and Murder in the CIA.

6. Share the last 5 pictures on your phone 

Part of my military family, this little lady is the newest addition to my friend’s family.  They are leaving (see mama below and in the middle) and I’m so sad.  I watched her twins while she was in the hospital having this beauty!

These silly little kids are best pals!  I love everything about them and their silliness

An Easter Preview.  I decided to dress them up to see the Easter Bunny this year.  I just couldn’t wait to
see them all dressed up!

My grandmother passed away last month, and I wasn’t there.  It was very difficult for me.
The engagement ring she gave to me when I got married as my something blue.  My grandfather designed it for her.  My mother sent me the matching band after she died.  I’ve been wearing it for the last couple days, just for sentimental reasons.  Maybe someday one  of my sons will marry a super sentimental gal and he can surprise her with it.  I know I would have loved it and thought an heirloom was cool.  So we’ll see.

What a great list of questions this month.  I’m excited to see what everyone else has to say.

Have a great week everyone!

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Sunday Social – week 37

Happy Sunday ya’ll…..I missed a week or two of this little hop, and I kind of missed it!  If you’re visiting me again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  If you’re stopping by for the first time….THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  Come back on Thursday for my super cool blog hop….Rewing 365.  It’s a little hop all about where you were a year ago that day.  I love it.  It’s so much fun.  There’s a button on the right!  Can’t wait to read all your blogs.

Sunday Social

Thanks to the hosts – Ashely and Neely
1. What is the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had?
That’s a hard one, but I think one of my most favorite’s was when my hubby (then he was my boyfriend) took me to the hard rock cafe’ (which sad to say isn’t there anymore) and then we went to meet my mom and her best friend at this old theater in the downtown area and watched “All About Eve” on the big screen.  Its an old black and white, Bette Davis movie.  I mean, what teenage boy would take his girlfriend to see that?!  Well, one that I would still be with like 14 years later or something.  
2. What is the worst Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had?
I don’t know that i can specifically think of one that was the worst…..I mean, there’s been a few times the hubby has been gone, but he’s a master date planner (I think he should teach a class or something).  So when we are together he does a really great job.  
3. What did you do for Valentine’s this year?
We went to Ruth Chris’ (never been, very impressed) and Bon Jovi…yup Bon Jovi!!  major freak out moment here!  I’m a product of my childhood and my mom and and raised me on 80s area rock…so there you go.  I’ve seen Def Leppard twice!  My first concert was when I was seriously like 8 months old, at an outdoor area…I saw Kansas 🙂  LOL!
4. What is your best Valentine’s idea if you’re single?
I think that I would get some girlfriend’s together, go out, get some drinks, see a movie….I’ve done that when the hubby’s gone before.  The best thing you can do, in my opinion, is go out and have fun and stop thinking about it 🙂
5. What is your favorite Valentine’s candy?
Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups – heart shaped of course 🙂
6. Favorite Valentine’s memory from your childhood?
Wow, this is a great question, but I seriously don’t know that I have one?  I can’t wait to read people’s answers if they do.
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