My Military Man Smells Legendary….Does Yours? {Sponsored by Old Spice}

I’m one lucky girl, this I know. My man is one hardworking dude, traveling all the time and then coming home to us. As a military spouse I’ve learned to take care of a lot of things myself – I’ve put together bunk beds and various other items of furniture, made repairs and put oil in the car. But as much as I’d like to say that I can do all and be all, its just not true. That’s why I’m so thankful I’ve got one of the hardest working men in my house! And my hardest working man deserves a legendary smell. You know what I’m talking about ladies…especially my fellow millies….you know you do it…after a little while of them being gone. You sneak into their closet and bury your nose in their clothes don’t you ? You wear their sweatshirt when you’re snuggled up alone in bed. And, I have a slight confession to make. Mr. Air Force knows that I love his smell so much when he’s deployed he sends me one of his shirts in a double plastic bag. Yup, that happened.

We both loved what came in the package and were surprised to learn of Old Spice’s partnership with Tough Mudder. I can’t think of anything more perfect for a Legendary man than participating in a Tough Mudder. Old Spice might just have been known for his classic smell, but it will be remembered for its kick butt odor blocking and dirt-destroying technology!  Combine the hardest working collection with the legendary smell of Old Spice and you’ve got magic. {At least in my book} The smell of the bodywash is amazing, and he definitely passed my #smellegendary test.

 see what happens when you use Old Spice? You can ride onthe back whales?!

Mr. Air Force, might not be giving tours on the back of a giant whale, but he works so hard providing for our family and doing his part to keep our country safe. And I couldn’t be prouder. So, that’s kind of like riding on the back of a whale right? If your man is riding on the back of whales, juggling tools, or just wrestling on the floor with your kiddos, take the Old Spice Smellegendary challenge with me!

Old Spice’s #Smellegendary line of products is just what you are looking for, and would make an amazing gift for your Legendary man’s birthday or Father’s Day. Go out and snatch some up for your man with one of these coupons, or stay tuned for an amazing giveaway next week!!

You’ll have a chance to win your very old Old Spice Hardest Working Collection toolkit! 

And just because I love all my readers I’m going to make sure you’ve seen the 1-800-ProveIt Infomercials! You’re welcome…

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Old Spice (P&G). The opinions and text are all mine.

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Keeping Your Identity Safe in the Military and Civilian World – Sponsored

These days, most people have some experience with identity theft or fraudulent charges. We have had several experiences ourselves, and each time it happens its one of the most terrifying things ever. Despite knowing that we have a wonderful bank that has taken care of us when we have had these incidents before; I still find myself close to tearing up and full-blown panic sets in. Who is doing this? Why are they doing this and how did this even happen? It boggles my mind that despite being careful this happens. How can we protect ourselves from something like that especially when our loved ones are traveling frequently, deploying and our families PCS? Our documents and information are constantly moving around which can put us at great risk.  So many people in our community have recently had information compromised through major security breaches. The risks are real and out there; but here are simple easy steps we call can take, military or not, to keep our identities safe.

1. Shred – Shredding documents is an easy way to get rid of documents with identifying information.
Whether they are bills you are done with, old medical and banking information or receipts; making sure you don’t toss these things out is a really easy way to protect yourself. Keep in mind that the criss-cross shred is the most effective. You can also look up more info about shredding in your county. Many times there is a community shred day where people can bring in items to be destroyed. It’s a great program. 
2. Safe – A regular or document safe is another relatively easy step. We own a safe where my husband keeps all of his pertinent military documents, This would also be the place where we keep anything we wouldn’t normally shred. Some people still use safe deposit boxes as well. 
3. Monitoring Service – For those wanting to kick it up a notch, there are monitoring services that aid in keeping you safe. I am so pleased to be able to partner with Lifelock and present their Military offer to you all. Having an extra layer of protection is seemly more necessary these days then it ever was before. Lifelock offers amazing protection for your monetary interests and your identity; and that is something that you can’t put a price tag on. With Lifelock you can expect someone is keeping an eye on your identity 24/7, alerting you the moment something comes up, and taking care of you to fix an issue once it is identified. 

Lifelock stands by the men and women of the Armed Forces, by acknowledging their service to our country and providing these families with an amazing discount for their services. This is something as a military spouse that I appreciate. By signing up for Lifelock you will receive a 30-day trial of their standard protection plan, plus 15% off the lifetime of your membership. With that you receive perks like live US based support, address change verification, reduced pre-approved credit card offers and more. 

Visit Lifelock and make sure the code WESALUTE3 is entered in the ‘Partner/Code” section and you are set. Enjoy the security and comfort in knowing that you are protected.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LifeLock. The opinions and text are all mine.

Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand.

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Ring Doorbell – Peace of Mind at Home

I am really excited to bring to you all my review and experience with Ring Video Doorbell. I had first seen this cool product on my friend’s cell phone. They had received it as a gift from someone and I instantly became obsessed. I immediately thought of all my military family and how having this type of product would not only make them possibly feel better, but their spouses who travel often. Its a doorbell and basic security system {while not technically so} all roll into one. I can tell you right now that I absolutely love this product and wish I could buy one for everyone in my life. The combinations and possibilities to combine your Ring experience to your customized needs is part of what makes this a really neat product.

Meet the Ring, Video Doorbell

It comes in four different finish options, included the nickel you see above, antique brass, polished brass and venetian bronze, which looks very black. There is an HD camera that presents an extremely clear image, microphones that are very clear and very loud {I’ve yelled at my kids across the lawn before!}, motion detection and night vision {you can clearly see out your Ring video even when your porch light is off – seriously cool}. Mobile access is through your android or iPhone devices {check out the app here} and you have several options for installation. For us, we chose to set it up with its rechargeable battery. Our current doorbell is ancient and would require major repair, so we chose this way. The battery lasts for FOREVER even with regular use, which we were pleasantly surprised as it isn’t easy to dislodge the Ring from the plate that is screwed your house. While this is extremely good for security (no one is stealing your Ring) we weren’t looking forward to having to remove it often for recharge. Thankfully that is not the case. You are looking at over a month of constant use (depending on how you have your area of coverage set up) before you have to recharge it. If however, someone does manage to rip you off, Ring comes with a lifetime protection coverage. If someone steals it, Ring will replace it for free. {$200}

Customization Options

So, I know I previously mentioned customization. And other than your faceplate colors, the options to customize your experience with the Ring are pretty neat. 
Snag yourself The Chime, which is a really cool plug-in extension of your phone app. If you are away from your phone, if you have a large house the chime is a perfect option. And don’t worry, you can put it in sleep mode if you have little ones sleeping or just want some peace and quiet. {$29.95}
{via Ring}
You can also add secondary cameras around your home, with the easy-to-install Stick Up Cam! {$199.00}
{via Ring}
Cloud Video Recording comes with your Ring for 30 days, after that a small yearly fee keeps your videos available anytime you need them to look back on them. 

Overall we’ve been really pleased with the device. The app set-up was very easy, and once we got the right screws, installation was easy. We have a brick house, and the we did have to go out and buy a bit for our drill that could cut through the bring better. But once we did that it was a breeze. Setting up the perimeters took a little bit of adjustment. We wanted maximum protection but didn’t want the car going off with every car driving buy. I was very impressed with the fish-eye type camera that detected movement all the way to my driveway and to the opposite side of the house. I had briefly thought about purchasing one for the side door, but when I discovered that the reach was so good I realized I didn’t have to. The cloud recording is a necessary feature in my book. We haven’t yet purchased it, but I plan to. Unless you catch the video right when you are altered by your app you can’t even go back and view the alert, which is kind of a bummer. So if you don’t have the cloud viewing, make sure you are checking every alert. But at about $30 a year, it seems like a tiny fee in comparison to other options out there on the market. I think that for military families, families with spouses who work long hours or travel a lot, this is a remarkable product that could greatly improve peace of mind. It is incredible affordable when you compare it to other types of more complex security services, and I love that it serves many purposes. The two-way talk option is probably my favorite.
One down side is that occasionally we have this problem. And the loading can take forever. But it doesn’t happen often enough for me be frustrated enough to say forget it. 
Check out a Ring Video and visit them on their website or facebook and twitter! Also please feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll be happy to answer as best as I can! Thank you so much and spread the word about Ring!
do you have a home security system? what do you love about it?
Do you own a ring?! share your stories with us!

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Top Posts of 2015

I really can’t believe that January is half-way done. Why must time fly so fast? I feel like when I was kid..even when we were first married without kids, that time went by much slower. And now that I want it to slow down it feels faster than ever. What is that about?! I was looking through some of my past posts and was noticing all the love and I wanted to look back over the last year and some of my favorite posts, and the ones that have been really popular. Getting sappy a little bit here, but I just want to thank all of you for reading my words and making it what it is. It is something that I really enjoy doing and its just such a blessing.

So lets look back at some of my favorite posts!!

1. Halloween Care Package with kids – having just completed a deployment, we of course had to work on a care package or two. This one was really fun for the kids, and we wanted to also bless the mates of my hubby and threw in a couple fun things for them. We included treats and Halloween decorations.
I loved writing this post because I was able to share with you all what books have really blessed
my life as a Military Spouse. Its not always easy, but gaining comfort from the stories of others is 
really what gets you through the rough times. This list will only continue to grow; and if you have books to add I’d love to hear about them!!
This was part of a sponsored post series I did, and I loved doing it because finding ways to thank Veterans is so important to our family. I loved sharing ways that we have taken time out to thank them, and ways that we have been blessed by others thanking us! This was my most popular post of the year!!!
A guest post from milspouse and bloggy pal, Rebecca, from What Rebecca Thinks!
You guys loved this post, and so did I! Sometimes you just need a little dose of real, and Rebecca gives it us here. Make sure to take the time to check out her blog. You won’t be sorry.
This was a little trip I took with the kiddos once while Mr. Air Force was off doing his thing.
It was such a beautiful little town and I really really want to go back!
I was really excited about partnering with Lifelock last year to talk about identity theft. 
It was really great and I learned a couple things. This was a really popular post packed with great stuff so share this!!!!!!
Thanks for giving so much love to these posts, making them some of my favorites of last year!

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What the New Year Brings…..

As I walk through the aisles of Target, binge buying planner accessories, I realized that it was actually a new year. I mean, I already knew it was a new year…but I realized what that actually means. Or, to be more precise what social media wants that mean. I need goals and word that defines what I want my year to mean. But listen guys, my Christmas decorations are still up….so, you know, there goes that.

It’s the pressure you know? And I’ve always been the kind of person that puts pressure on myself, I want people to like me, be happy, not hurt their feelings, make them proud and all those things that really have nothing to do with me. I’m not sure if I’m the only one that does this but I shove those feelings down while trying to be everything to everyone and end up cracking like a glass sitting next to an Opera singer. So I’m putting all this pressure on myself and now what?!! I think time management is going to crucial for me this year, that and knowing and accepting my limits. I want to help and I really feel called to, but I definitely thing that putting all my time into things like that isn’t good. It’s only a quick jaunt till you reach the road to resentment, where you feel like you have no time to recharge. When things like my writing, reading for fun, working out and crafting get taken out of my life because I’ve filled it up with other things I start to feel that crabbiness. It is this feeling of being out sorts and not knowing why. It wasn’t until recently that I realized what that was. I stopped and looking around and realized that  There has to be balance…so maybe I do have word!!

Its the never-ending struggle of life – whether you are a mom, not a mom, staying at home or working full time. I really want to strive for that and I think the crucial part of that is not filling your life with too much stuff. Not saying yes to everything, prioritizing my family, recognizing my limitations, and taking time out for me. As a military spouse I have to realize the limitations that can impose on my life. I have to say no to things that I really don’t want to say no too, and it kills me. But its a season. A season in my life and I know God is blessing me and using me right where I am at. He can help with those feelings of anger and resentment if I just let him. That is why one of the first steps I took for structure and planning the new year was a scripture-writing challenge. Finding quiet time has always been difficult for me and this really struck me as an amazing opportunity. You should check it out on the Sweet Blessings blog. The next was organizing a reading list for the year. And finally I purchased my new planner and got all sorts of goodies to use for decorating and writing in it.

They are small steps, but are profound for me. Getting centered and prioritizing my quiet time in a way that fits me, and also prioritizing and organizing something that is just for me ( my reading challenge). It’s a good start and I’m feeling refreshed and excited about the possibilities for this new year.

what about you? are you overwhelmed with the new year and that means for you? how do you fight that feeling?

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