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Happy Military Monday!  Today I have a guest post, so it is kind of a three-for deal here.  Military Monday+Military Support Series+Guest Post= Amber Turner and MilSpouse Minute.  I first discovered MilSpouse Minute only a couple weeks ago; so when Amber asked if she could snag a few moments to share her cool new site with my readers, I said “of course!”  Here’s a little bit about Amber ~

Amber Turner is an Air Force wife and mother of 2. She started blogging with to share her passion of motherhood, fitness, health and wellness.  She created for other military spouse entrepreneurs to help spread the word about their ventures.  She has B.S. in Business and Information Technology and is pursuing her Master’s in Human Services.
Thanks for stopping by everyone and I hope your week is a great one.

As military spouses, many of us are faced with several challenges when it comes to our careers.  This is why I created MilSpouse Minute.  MilSpouse Minute is our moment or “15 minutes” so to speak. Our mission is to create a platform for military spouses to share and promote who they are and their ventures with others using video. Video has a huge impact on consumers and customers. 

I know that military spouses are talented individuals and it is my goal to bring them to the forefront and have them share it with the world.  The forum will give military spouses that voice that they desperately need. My goal is to be a blog platform for military spouses that will lead to business growth and success. I solicit business owners, Etsy shop owners, crafters and everything in-between to create a MilSpouse Minute. 

Why do I use Youtube and social media?  Because these are key ways to get immediate feedback, cut down time, waste and increase virality.  What is virality you say?  Virality is the degree in which internet content is shared via the internet therefore increasing the reach of the content.  In my struggles, I realized as military spouse entrepreneurs and business owners we have to rely on our best resource and that is ourselves.  Relying on our fellow military spouses to promote our ventures other via social media can help us to succeed.

Where it all started (dream sequence/blurry dreams lines)….

“Honey, I got an assignment to New York…” These were the words that I echoed in my head when I found out my family and I would be leaving the longest place I ever lived, Georgia. Needless to say Georgia is not New York, so the drastic change had me a little nervous. Besides the culture shock I knew I was going to experience, the second thought I had was “I gotta find myself another job!”.  The frustration and pressure from not finding employment proved to have affected me mentally as well. I didn’t have an outlet. So I created one for myself. One that gave me my voice and visibility in a world where I felt I didn’t have one.  The struggles I faced led me to Milspouse Minute.

So come join me and let us be each other’s support for success!

visit MilSpouse Minute and their Brother site

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