First Lady Welcomes Military Kids for Muppets Screening

Last week the First Lady invited military children to attend a screening of the the new Muppets movie at the White House.  We were lucky enough to be included in this group.  It was a huge deal for my kids and watching their little faces register who it was that was talking to them was a pretty incredible expereince.  I loved it!  We were greated by the amazing Kermit the Frog.  He spoke with the kids and took a picture with them.  They were not at all distracted by the man laying on the weird contraption talking for Kermit.  The First Lady was introduced by the always witty and fun, General Martin Dempsey.  He is probably one of the most hilarious people.  I’ve never not heard him speak and it not be funny.  In fact my kids are still quoting the jokes he told to the kids.  His normal repitore of token Irish jokes about drinking and signing probably wouldn’t work…but he actually took the time to come up with three jokes for kids.  It was perfect for them.

If you haven’t had the chance to see The Muppets Most Wanted (it just came out in theaters), here’s a little run-down.  
The Muppets are ready to take their show on the the road with a global tour.  But their new manager is actually a crook, and he works for Constantine, the World’s Number One Criminal!  Constatine, who looks almost exactly like Kermit, plans to steal a priceless treasure and blame it on the Muppets!

I have to say I am a huge muppets fan, and remember watching the old movies…I mean, come on, Kermit singing “It isn’t easy being green,” is probably the most recognizable thing.  They are hilarious and I’ve always loved them. Introducing them to my kids is just a natural thing.  Their first “come-back” movie of sorts I wasn’t all that impressed with.  I mean, it wasn’t horrible…but what I loved about this one is that it really harkens back to the old days of the Muppets.   I mean, the randomness of it all, weird cameos, a live running of the bulls (Hilarious!).  It doesn’t get any more Muppets than that.  The story line is engaging and funny, while maybe slightly over the heads of my two kids, there were lots of funny parts that they laughed out loud at.  Tina Fey is supurb and Ricky Gervais is perfect.  
Muppets Gets 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.  It would really be good for children maybe slightly older than mine, even though Brian did enjoy it.  Some of the plot was a bit complicated for him.  Adults who grew up with The Muppets will love it.  

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