7 Record Stores for Vinyl Lovers in the DC Metro Area

Shopping for vinyl is a big deal. It would be easy for me to simply hop on the Ebay and just buy exactly what I want, but 90% of the fun is flipping through the endless racks and searching for the one you want. The thrill in finding your own white whales is the best. If you’re like me you go to different record stores for different things. One might have a huge stock of rotating new arrivals, one might have a killer bargain section and one might be the one that has all the good jazz. After living here in the DC Metro Area for seven years I’ve found my rotation of record stores that I like to visit regularly. And while I do occasionally check out the local thrift stores, those are mostly good for classical and jazz records. Side note – I had a recent experience at a thrift store nearby where I actually think that someone just took a stack of their parent’s records and just dumped them at the thrift store. The records that were in this pile were insane! Blood, Sweat and Tears Greatest Hits, Best of Cream and the very first US Beatles record. Almost a week later and my brain is still trying to process it.

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Anyway…on to the list!

R&R Records and Rarities ~ Springfield Town Center, Springfield

This place has a really large collection of records and this is where I’ve been able to score some of my white whales, and their pricing is fairly decent. They really make sure to rate the records well and I’ve never had an issue. The staff is extremely helpful, and because of their system, they can actually look up a record for you! If you aren’t in the mood to spend forever flipping through the records then that is an option for you. You would have thought such a great place would be in a shopping mall?

Mobius Records ~ 10409 Main Street, Fairfax

Located in the old town portion of Fairfax is Mobius Records, a smaller and funkier record shop. Mobius says that they specialize in new releases and reissues. I would absolutely agree. They have a great section of these types of records, and I would say that if you are going to look for your typical used vinyl you might not find it here. The staff is really amazing and will help you with anything. One time I walked in and was looking around and whatever was playing on the speakers I was like “I don’t know what this is, but I need this right now!” They walked over to the rack, found one for me and told me all about it. I love that. They interact with their customers which I think is another fun part of record shopping. They clearly love records as much as I do so we can talk about them while I shop around. My very favorite part about this store is their bargain section. While the shop might not have your typical selection of used vinyl, this section is where it’s at. I’ve found a lot of good jazz and more random rock n roll stuff in there for only a couple of dollars. IT is probably one of the better bargain sections in this whole list.

Record and Tape Exchange ~ 9448 Main St, Fairfax

Record and Tape Exchange is the very first record store I went to in this area. It is has been around since 1976! Not only can you find vinyl here, but i’ve also been known to pick up a few movies and CDs as well. When I shop here I painstakingly go through the New Arrivals section. Unlike other stores in the area the stuff in here moves fast! I’ve gone within a week of each visit and have seen over half of the new arrival section be completely brand new. Their regular section is small, so very few records make it past New Arrival. They also have a crazy collection of 45s, which I have never seen anywhere else! You can also get Laser Disks here, which cracks me up! Since these guys have been around for so long they know what they are doing. Their pricing is decent and they have amassed quite a collection of really collectible records, which are neat to look at. R&T also repairs records, xbox discs and cds! I know, how cool is that? I don’t know of anywhere else that does that as they do. As a result of that, you can trust that the vinyl they sell is going to be in really great condition. This is a great place to add to your shopping rotation.

McKay Used Books ~ 8345 Sudley Rd, Manassas 

Not exactly the place you would like of for records, but McKay does have some, and is worth being added to my regular rotation. The benefit of going here is that they have a killer used Book collection (which is their main bread and butter) as well as used DVDs for as low as 25cents! The vinyl section is small and doesn’t rotate quite as often as the other stores in the area, but I have stored three of my most recent random Chicago finds at this place, as well as my most recent Rhapsody in Blue vinyl. So, you can’t count it out for sure!

Dragon Song Records ~ 8767 Mathis Ave, Manassas

One of the more random record stores I’ve been in is Dragon Song Records in Manassas. Located out of the way, and little hard to find, its near McKays so I can easily add it in when I visit there. It is small, and therefore has a really small collection of vinyl AND  a super weird one! The other thing about this place is that the records are more expensive here, priced at Collector pricing that you might find online. The flip side of that is that I think is that you will find some really cool stuff here that you won’t. I found Chameleon by Maynard Ferguson here, which I figured I would eventually have to search for online. There isn’t an obvious listening station but the owner is super nice and very cool. Just let him know you want to check the records out. He’ll probably insist that you do when you bring them up to the record. Be prepared as this shop also sells incense (it’s such a weird little place) and I usually get a headache by the time I leave. I’m kind of a pansy though. For a serious collector who is willing to pay higher prices to find that one hard to find place its worth checking this place out.

Red Onion Records ~ 1628 U St NW, Washington, DC

Moving into our first DC record store we have Red Onion Records. It is a small record store, so there is not a huge inventory. They do have a lot of rare and strange records, which are cool to look at. I also believe that they have a lot of regular turnover in records, so going back often is recommended. The pricing is also very good, and you can get a decent record without breaking the bank. They also have a lot of vinyl in the bargain area, but that’s not sorted in the best way, so make sure you have some time to check it out. Their Jazz section is probably the best out of all the sections. They also have listening stations right by the front window.

Smash Records ~ 2314 18th St NW, Washington, DC

Smash is one of my top ones in this list, and a part of that is the vibe inside. I can’t actually explain it, so you’re just gonna have to go in and check it out for yourself. They have a very large collection of records. It might be the largest on this list, up against Record and Tape Exchange. They also carry a lot of new, or more modern vinyl which is nice for a lot of collectors. Pricing is great and the selection is also wide. I’ve found several white whales here as well, including the Best of Cream that I’d been searching for!


               do you have a favorite DC Metro Area record store that didn’t make the list?

I’d love to hear from you!


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I want to Live in Music Video….

You’ve seen those music videos. You know, the ones that have everything – the music is right, the story is right, the feel is right. You’d give anything to catapult yourself into the video because, seriously, it looks like so much fun! I had this feeling recently and I figured there are about a million more music videos that would come to mind if I thought about it. Think about it and make your list! I’d love to hear it.

So, without further adieu, the five videos I’d give anything to live in…in no particular order

1. Boy’ Round Here – Blake Shelton ~ come on, doesn’t it look fun? Country, a little hip hop, dancing, house party..its a dream!

2. Bang Bang – Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicky Minaj ~ I feel like its self-explanatory. I mean, street dancing, a good beat..Hello!

3. (You Drive Me) Crazy – Britney Spears ~ no list could really be complete without Brittney Spears; and while I know Baby Baby is iconic, Crazy is pretty awesome and one of my favorite. It was also a pretty awesome late 90’s movie.

4. The Right Stuff – New Kids on the Block ~ can I just be one of the girls in the video? I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want to run around in a cemetery with Joey Mac? I know I would…..

5. Bigger – Backstreet Boys ~ a list that I make that didn’t include BSB wouldn’t really be a list. And while I can’t think of one I wouldn’t want to be in, this one just look particularly fun. Its one of their newer songs and it most takes place in the streets of Japan (where their longest and most dedicated fan base has been). But a fairly good portion of it takes place in Karaoke bars. So fun right?

Leave me your favorite!! I want to know where you would live if you could?

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Sing Into Spring with Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas from Disney!

Having small children in my house it would only stand to reason that Disney would have a significant place in my house.  Disney Soundtracks are a rather new addition to the repertoire, but a very pleasant one.  For as long as I can remember music has been a huge part of my life.  Music is attached to memories, sometimes in a very emotional way.  Music is the way I connect with a lot of things, places and people; and as silly as it sounds, it speaks to me.  Thankfully Disney always has good music, because it really makes the movies, and the tv shows.  You can’t go wrong with good music.

These great Disney Soundtracks would be a great addition to your Easter Baskets!  Bringing music into your home is wonderful for you and your kids.  We get up in the morning and instead of turning on the TV we turn on some music!  Get our blood pumping and start the day off on the happy side of the bed.

These are some of the best albums and my kids love all of them!  On the top of their list would be the Frozen soundtrack and the DJ Shuffle.  The Disney Jr, DJ Shuffle album has the perfect mix of all your favorite Disney Jr songs, including two songs: a new Disney Jr. Anthem and a song performed by Sofia The First cast, Sofia and Clover; and who doesn’t love Doc McStuffins or Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

If your Easter Basket is already full, definitely keep this in the back of your mind for your stocking stuffers (don’t worry I’ll remind you!!!).

You can purchase all of these albums on Disney’s music site right now!

Disclosure: I received this “Sing into Spring” Disney CD pack in exchange for my honest opinion, review and product statement.  I was not compensated in any other way.  This is in partnership with Entertainment New Media Network.

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Disney Classics CD Set = A Disney Fan’s Heaven on Earth

When I opened the package I was squealing with delight.  I knew what it was, and I was pretty sure I was more excited then my kids were.  Disney has been a part of my life, and is officially my first memory.  When I was three I went to Disney Land for the first time and those are some of my very first memories.  From then on Disney was such a huge part of my life – I’ve been Snow White and Sleeping Beauty for Halloween growing up,  anyone else remember Totally Minnie?  Family nights usually consisted of The Wonderful World of Disney, and I loved my Official Walt Disney World music record (you know the black on with the Electrical Light Parade on the cover) that about two years ago I finally found one on ebay and bought it.  I really wish I could find some of the Disney Encyclopedia books somewhere…they were white and there was a whole series of them.  Just as Disney was a huge part of my childhood, I hope that many treasured memories of my own children are associated with them.

What better way to keep the Disney magic going in our home then with the new Disney Classics box set (available now!).  Pretty much every song you could ever want is included in this set.  It is broken down into four categories: Classic, Modern, TV and Theme Park.  I’m not really sure which is my favorite, but who could really pick?

I’m sure that it was a difficult feat for Disney music historian and Grammy Award winning producer, Randy Thornton.  “From the Studio’s earliest days, music has always been an integral part of the Disney creative process.  But when ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf’ debuted in 1933, it began a musical legacy that remains unmatched to this day — probably the most recognizable and beloved song catalog in the world.  Even though the musical styles range from inspiring ballads, novelty songs, folk, rock, to Broadway show-tunes, Disney Music is a genre in and of itself.”  I don’t think I could have said it better myself.  Thornton’s correct, Disney songs are probably some of the most recognizable songs.  It spans generations and can garner the same attention and reactions from both the young and old alike.

As an added bonus, when you purchase the box set, you will receive the “Disney Classics Medley” from  the YouTube a capella sensations Alex G and Peter Hollens as a download.  Seriously, if you have a couple minutes this is a much watch video!  The Disney Classics box set is available wherever music is sold (and on itunes!)

You can follow Disney Music on Facebook and Twitter

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Sunday Social, week 58

So last week I totally sucked at wandering around to other posts from the link-up.  I’m still catching up on new blogs from that.  sigh.  It’s been a busy couple weeks since hubby came home (Homecoming pictures to come!) so I’m blaming him, LOL!  But I will definitely be doing better this week.  Thanks for taking time to stop by.

Sunday Social

1. What is your all-time favorite song?

I’m at a loss right now at how I’m supposed to actually come up with one all-time favorite song.  I mean, I don’t even know where to begin.  Music is such a huge deal for me, and my family.  Most everything that happens in our life can be coupled with a song.  Its just how we are.  So, that being said I think I’ll have to pick a least a couple.

1. Faithfully – Journey
2. The Dance – Garth Brooks
3. Whenever You Call – Mariah Carey and Brian McKnight
4. That Way – Backstreet Boys (yeah, I said it, you wanna fight?! LOL)

2. Your favorite singer/band?

Just bought tickets to go see Backstreet Boys…..AGAIN!! Yes, seriously again and I’m so excited I could pee my pants.  I’m also an All American Rejects and you will frequently find bands and singers like Def Leppard, Maroon 5, Pink, Sarah Brightman, Dolly Parton, and so many others I wouldn’t even know where to start.  I love so much!

3. What Songs Remind You of Your Childhood

Definitely relates to the above question.  I can’t tell you how much of my childhood that is tied to music.  So, if we’re talking like my young childhood…songs like these always bring me back.

If we’re talking like my jr high and high school school years…..

oh man…I could watch these videos all day.  I’m in trouble if you all are posting videos! LOL!

4. What songs put you in a good mood?

I always want to get up and dance when I hear –

Last Song – All American Rejects
Vogue – Madonna
Having a Party – Shaina Twain and Billy (oh billy, he’s so cute)

As you can see, I’m an eclectic kinda gal

5. What is your music to rock out to in your car?

It’s almost like asking me about my gym mix.  Its usually different music then I would just pick up and dance to ordinarily.  Its that music that has a special beat to it that you can’t help but move to…you know what I mean.

so Michael Jackson, Christina Aguliera, Brittney Spears, Taylor Swift, some Lady GaGa…stuff like that.

6. What is the most embarrassing album you own?

Gosh, I own a lot of Backstreet Boys, some Spice Girls, N SYNC…gosh, what’s embarrassing?  LOL, I think I’m pretty awesome 😉 

Thanks for stopping by!  I really really really can’t wait to see what other people have said.  Have a great week.

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