Always a Painted Nail {Taking Time For You}

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I’m a busy mom and a busy military spouse. And while I desperately try to work in time for myself, sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day.  But one thing I do make time for no matter what is my nails. My toe nails are never without a polish on them. It just doesn’t happen. Its just that little something that makes me feel girly and put together. The finger nails are another story. If there was one thing I would spoil myself with that would be a regular manicure. But, frankly, who has the time and money for that. Enter IMpress manicure.

I know, I know…..I was a little intimidated by the charm as well. But it stayed on!! Say what? But what is really amazing about these nails is that they have come along way from the press-on nails of yore. I was thoroughly impressed (pun intended) with the variety of styles and colors available; and the fact that they are on-point with what is in-style right now. The colors are vibrant and fun, and the patterns are just as cool. They are easy to apply and stay on surprisingly well. I definitely got the advertised 10 days of manicure. That is with the busy – cleaning, dishes doing, outside playing, owie fixing – life. I couldn’t ask for more than that now could I?

– Simply peel backing and press on
– No drying time and no mess
– Safe on natural nails
– Mega gel shine
– UltraHold Technology keeps nails on
– $7.99 / Walgreens
I can say without a doubt that as adverstised IMpress met my expectations and then some. There was almost no damage to my nails when I removed the manicure. They are easy to apply and stayed on. My one issue is the sizing. With all the people in the world, packing a small box of fake nails with enough of the right size of nails for every figure is probably an arduous task. I get it. Its something that I have noticed previously with press-ons, they just don’t get it right on some of my nails. There’s always at least one on each finger that doesn’t quite get the coverage that the others do. And making sure the fake ones cover the real ones well is the key to making them look less fake. That’s my only complaint about these nails.

so if you’re a momma, looking for a little fun in your life – and fun that takes less than 5 minutes to apply….then scoot yourself on over to Walgreens and snag yourself an IMpress Manicure set stat!!

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