Valentine’s Day Nails with Julep

Nail Polish is one of my many loves, in fact I might classify myself as a hoarder of polish.  I love getting my Julep box every month, although occasionally I have opted for some of the make-up products that they have recently started including.  The latest box was full of fun Valentine-y goodness (is that even a word?), including a free polish, called Love.  I was seriously in heaven, two glitter polish’s in one box!  This month’s box also include a new eye sheen, which I’ll be posting about later.

So here’s the box!

My first pairing was a full-coverage glitter polish, Cameron, which is on my toes; and Love, which is a sort of glitter polish, but with a goldish base.  It has hints of pink and red in it.  It’s really a cool color.  Love was actually a special edition polish and you can’t find it on their website.  Maybe some day they will be make it available.

Next I decided to mix it up with several different colors for a fun, Valentine’s themed mani.

All but one of the shades is a Julep shade. I really, absolutely love this pink color which is why I use it
despite my almost total allegiance to Julep.  It’s an amazing quick drying polish called “In a New York Minute,” and it really does dry in about a minute.

From the left: Rebel, Myrtle, New York Minute – MoMA (not available any more) and LOVE
I still will be putting on one more Valentine’s Themed polish, so check my instagram for that.  I am so hard on my nails, with the kids, and cleaning and cooking…its ridiculous.  So i seriously paint my nails every 4 or 5 days.  But, like I said, I’m addicted and I love it!!
Are you wearing a Valentine’s Themed polish?  Do you have a pic or a post…I wanna see!!!

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