Visit Christmas Village at the Gaylord National Harbor!

One of the very first things we did to celebrate our first Christmas in Washington, DC was visit “Christmas on the Potomac”. I can’t even remember how we heard about it, but the indoor display with lights and music sounded like something really amazing. Plus, it snowed inside! Can’t beat that now, can you?  The Gaylord is beautiful even when it’s not decorated for Christmas, but truly it is a beautiful thing during the holidays. Things have changed a little bit since that first time we visited. Christmas Villiage is now in a separate area with a carousel and an indoor ice rink. It keeps growing every year! You can still do your favorite things – Gingerbread House/Cooking making and visit Santa. Visit the ICE exhibit (which is Peanuts themed this year, which just makes me so darn happy), then come inside and grab yourself some hot chocolate and warm up! Christmas at the Gaylord is a great way to spend the holiday season and a really fun place to take any family that is visiting from out of town. Kids of all ages will enjoy it! It even got two thumbs up from the 12-year-old, so you know that’s saying something.

Things to do at the Gaylord National

Cirque Dreams Unwrapped 

If you’ve ever seen a Cirque show you know that they are always amazing! This adorable show is Christmas themed and takes place in the atrium in the middle of the hotel. With brightly colored sets and costumes combined with the amazing acrobatics that Cirque is known for, Dreams Unwrapped is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season. You can get seated tickets to one of the two shows, but you are also able to stand and watch it from different locations inside as it their large open atrium area.

Gaylord Hotel’s Christmas Villiage

Now we get to the heart of Gaylord’s Christmas experience. Shopping, Build-a-Bear, Hot Chocolate, Gingerbread House making, carousel, train and ice skating!

It is quite magical inside and they have done a good job with organizing the layout so there is area to move around. Be prepared that the carousel and train are meant for younger children – my seven-year-old was a bit big for those two rides.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the hot chocolate (two thumbs up from all three), as well as decorating the gingerbread cookies. It was a fun experience and definitely got the Christmas magic going in our house.

And of course, THE main attraction of Gaylord Christmas is ICE! We have been to ICE twice now and its always a super cool experience for the kids. Now I’m not going to give any spoilers, except to say you HAVE to go. This year is Peanuts theme which makes it THE most perfect thing ever. ICE is such a unique and one of a kind experience. Something you should do at least once while living here (for my military readers). Don’t forget to snag that military discount as well!!

Stay for the day at the National Harbor and visit the Christmas tree, check out the Peeps store, and eat at one of the many restaurants they have there. Rosa Mexicano out in the Harbor and National Pastime, inside the Gaylord, are our two favorites!

Cap it all off with a ride on the National Harbor Giant Wheel! I was actually proud of myself for going on and not freaking out! Heights like that are not my favorite thing in all the world, but the kids loved it!

Do you have a favorite thing to do at National Harbor or place to eat? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for having us Gaylord National!!!! We had such a great time!

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Rewind 365 April 22nd – NoVA/DC Adventures


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This is what was going on with me a year ago:
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Hopefully I’ll be able to resurrect this little post here.  I always think its fun to look back on where you were the last year, how big the kids have gotten.  Occasionally I’ll even come across a really sweet memory that I haven’t thought about in awhile.  So, the point is its really fun and you know you wanna!!

About this time last year we made our way to the National Harbor on the DC/VA/MD border.  It was our first time in the Harbor and it was lots of fun.  There is definitely a lot to do with kids.  There are lots of stores to visit, but be prepared for the “I want this” game, which will inevitably follow.  Am I right?!  After we hit up a couple of the stores, the Peep Store (which if you’ve never been, go now!!) and frozen yogurt, we made our way to the little beach/sand type area.  There is a really cool sculpture there called “The Awakening“.  Apparently it used to be by the Jefferson Memorial, but was purchased by the developers of the Harbor.  We went on a weekend and it wasn’t overwhelmingly crowded, but I’m not totally averse to crowded places so keep that in mind. 

If you want to share your memories from last year sometime this week come back and leave me the link!  Want to share your post from last year on this date (ish) leave me the link to that!

My post last year was one of my post popular posts ever.  It was entitled, “Let’s Make a Readiness Folder.”  I wanted to help other spouses like myself.  After having been stationed remotely for so many years, having gone through deployments and separations without the supports one would find on a base, or with a larger unit, I wanted to pass on what I had.  Having a basic Readiness Folder is really important to your piece of mind while your spouse is gone.  Even if you have one, just take a look at the post, see if you’re missing something, or pass it on to a friend.

have a great week everyone!

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ICE! at Gaylord National Harbor

This year the hubby and I took the kids to see ICE! at the National Harbor.  Normally this is a pricey event, but we were able to snag a special deal on LivingSocial.  It was a truly fun event and the kid’s had a blast.  Although I don’t know that it is necessarily worth the full price.  It’s a really hefty price tag for a couple rooms of ice, even if it is truly spectacular to look at.  They do offer a military discount, and Phillip was free!

This year’s theme was Twas the Night Before Christams

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