Three Things to Organize so You Feel Accomplished for the New Year!

I love organizing, I truly do. It always feels good after, cathartic and renewing. Frequently its a good way to relive memories, and sometimes I get a little too sentimental. However, sometimes organizing is really just a fancy way of saying ‘cleaning’. It’s a chore and that’s when the organizing isn’t as fun anymore. However, I have three surefire ways to get some organizing done so that you feel accomplished and refreshed coming out of the first month of the year.

The Kitchen
Oh, the kitchen. My kitchen tends to be a catch-all. Its the closest to the laundry room/mud room where we come in from the outside. It has these amazing counters (okay, they aren’t amazing but they are there) where I can just put all the stuff from the kid’s backpacks. It’s also small…because well, I live in a house built in the 50s. Space comes at a premium and it easily can feel crowded. So here are three easy organizing projects for you to tackle.
The Tupperware Cabinet
I think most people have a cabinet like this, or a drawer. This is also where I keep my casserole dishes.
Going through this area once a year (or even once every six months) is such a good idea. My tupperware goes missing all the time, we lose it, we buy new ones. So go through it, line everything up and even if you think you might find the missing lids later (you won’t I promise), get rid of anyone missing its mate.
This is my after….
it also happens to be an excellent place to hide the juice boxes from three year olds

**super big tip alert** – take advantage of that door space!
hang insulated cooler bags like my adorable one from Thirty-One Bags.
hang your pot holders and cleaning rags. I used my door space alot. My kids Norwex
rags are hanging in our bathroom for easy access for the kiddos when they are doing chores!

The whole cup area where all the kid stuff goes. Oiy! Go through this frequently. I find stuff I shouldn’t
keep all the time, cups with chewed edges or sippy cups we really don’t need any more (cue sentimental crying…sobbing)
The Silverware Drawer
I have two of these, plus a jar on my counter I keep stuff in, one for the larger cooking utensils and one for the everyday stuff. Of course a silverware holder is amazing, and I’m assuming most people have one. I also use this space for my most frequently used larger utensils ~ can opener, apple corer, and my cute sandwich cut outs. Keeping the kiddie forks and spoons here is good too because it is easily accessible by them. They know where it is and they can get at it. Encouraging independence in this area is important, especially since my oldest now puts away the dishes as a regular chore of his.
Hopefully these three tips help you feel like you really put a dent in that new year organizing! You know, fresh start and all. I know for me, throwing stuff out really helps me feel more like I did something for some reason. Getting stuff out of the house and thrown out is just awesome. Start here and see where it goes from there!
Do you have any easy organizing “cleaning” tips for the new year?! Do share!

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