#FitnessFriday – update time!

Happy Friday ya’ll!  I know, I know, when was the last time I posted an update on me and my fitness.  It’s really been a long while.  So, let’s update…

What I’ve been doing:

Paleo Challenge

For the last six weeks I’ve been doing a Paleo Challenge. It’s a weird Paleo/Whole 30 hybrid type challenge.  I’ve had a couple cheat days along the way – Mother’s Day, my birthday….days when I just needed an ice-cream (I did put fresh fruit on it though I promise!)

I lost six lbs!

My digestive system loves me – lactose isn’t my friend and gluten isn’t the best, but its not the worst.  My skin is also amazing.

If you are interested in doing something like this I’ll be posting some of my favorite recipes soon here.  They got me by.  I’m just really proud I did what I did.  It was so hard but it was an amazing learning experience. I hope to ease up a bit, moderation is the key, but try to live as closely as possible to the idea surrounding the challenge I participated in.

**Because I did this challenge I learned that I can’t have gluten.  I haven’t been confirmed as having celiacs.  but myself and my youngest son are now living gluten free**


One month of the program and I hurt my knee.  There wasn’t a moment where I remember injuring it, but it was just swollen one day.  I tried to be careful, got a brace…but it didn’t get better and I started lazing on the working out.  I didn’t want to lose momentum though.  One of my bff’s here as the 10 Minute Trainer Program.  So right now I’m borrowing that, and being really good about icing and heating my knee.  I mean, how do you rest your knee with three kids six and under?  *can I get an amen from momma’s out there*

10 Minute Trainer

my new favorite work out!  I can customize it to fit what I can do during the day.  This proved to be super helpful while the hubby was gone recently.  Some days I found I had more time, so I worked in all three 10 minute workouts, sometimes I only did two.  They were quick and easy and I still felt like I was getting a work out.  I might not have been building muscle mass but it was good stuff.


Holy calorie burner batman!  It is so fun and I try to do this twice a week.

Creative Bio-Science 90 Day Challenge

I finished my first 30 Days of Creative Bio-Science’s 30 Day Diet.  This isn’t a diet pill.  It contains great herbal extracts like Raspberry Keytones, Lychee Fruit extract and African Mango.  It is designed to help curb your appetite and help increase your energy.  I noticed an immediate change in my appetite.  Combined with my diet and working out I lost the weight I already mentioned.  Now that I’m not as restrictive of a diet and my work-out plan will be changing I’m excited to see if it continues helping me like I think it did.
Check out Creative Bio-Science’s website for information on this and many other products they have.

**Disclaimer – I was provided a free 90 Day supply for Creative Bio-Science’s 30 Day Diet in exchange for my honest opinion and thoughts on the product.  My opinions are my own.  No other compensation was given.

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90 Day Challenge with Creative BioScience

Happy Saturday everyone.  I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a wonderful start.  Now that I’m FINALLY 30 (dun dun dun) tonight will be the night to celebrate!  Whoop Whoop!  But, if you saw my Happies and Crappies post yesterday you might have noticed another reason for me to celebrate.  I’ve been working my little behind off to lose some weight and just to feel good.  I was really struggling before, with a lot of different things, but I know that working on this part of myself will lead to feeling good in a ton of other aspects of my life.  It started when my neighbor bought a Groupon to a CrossFit gym and the gym started a Paleo Challenge.  Its a six week challenge but is really similar to the Whole30, just tweaked a little bit.  Then after about a week of that I finally felt normal enough to start up on P90X again.  The first time I went through the training blocks I had great results.  I should have kept going but you know….life, having babies, hubby’s traveling got in the way (excuses, excuses).  So, now I’m committed to keep it going and I’m super excited about it.  I’m already seeing results and I want to make sure to keep you all updated.  I want to provide hope and encouragement to someone else like me.  If I can do this, with three kids running around then I know other people can do it too!

Here’s where the 90 Day Challenge comes in.  Thanks to the wonderful people at Business2Bloggers I was connected with Creative BioScience.  After speaking with one of their awesome consultants about what I’ve been doing and what my plan is she recommended I try the 30 Day Diet.

30 Day Diet Product Image 
Quick slimming is not a new idea. Hollywood is famous for crash diets to trim down before the red carpet night, and we’ve got the right diet supplement to get you ready for your red carpet. The difference with 30 Day Diet™ is it doesn’t put a vat of cabbage soup in front of you and shame you into shunning normal food. Instead it combines clinically supported herbal extracts such as Lychee Fruit Extract, African Mango, and Raspberry Ketones for weight loss, increased energy, and greater appetite control. With a faster metabolism, more zip, and fewer cravings, you can’t help but lose weight.
So, not only will I keep you posted on my Paleo/Whole eating, my P90X, but also my 90 Day Challenge.  I’m really excited about the results I’ve seen already, as well as the reading I’ve done on Creative BioScience.  Check out their website and read for yourselves.  I will be also be giveaway some products to some of ya’ll…my amazing readers, so keep an eye out for that.  If you’re a blogger and what to have a chance to be involved in Creative BioScience’s blogging program check out the for more information.Creative BioScience Blogger 90 Day Challenge

**Disclaimer: I am being provided this product and opportunity in partnership with Business2Blogger and Creative BioScience.  My thoughts and opinions are my own and I am not being compensated in any other way**
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#FitnessFriday Fembody Science!

           Hi everyone. Yes, I realize its Saturday, but lets not split hairs.  I’m really trying to focus of keeping the momentum going.  This seems to harder than I thought it would be.  Keeping a momentum of working out, and eating healthy is becoming harder and harder for me to stick to.  Having multiple children, I realize, isn’t an excuse but for me it seems to be the root of my problem.  Although I will say that having my oldest in school has been helpful on many levels.  I’m walking roughly four miles every day, taking Brian to school.  Then I’m usually able to squeeze in another workout – either one of the workouts on my iphone workout app or P90X.  I feel like I’m finding my new rhythm.  It’s a new and different one of course.  Adaptation is key; and I think we women are really good at it.  I find myself getting frustrated and I tend to fall into a sort of trap if you will.  One in which I find myself getting ridiculously frustrated with commercials that talk about how easy it is to lose weight.  Track your food, get your “coach”, order your six weeks of food and get two weeks free. *insert eye roll*  Here’s the thing, you and I both know anyone can initially loose weight if they have the money to order months of food, perfectly portioned out, pay for a person a personal trainer, or pay for someone to watch their kids so they can go to a gym (because their husband is literally almost never home) or go grocery shopping so you can actually pay attention to what you are doing.  I am so super proud of myself though, because I’ve gotten really good at my meal planning, which helps with budgeting and eating better.

         So, what have I been doing…what am I doing to combat this?  I’ve been doing P90X.  I decided to put the calendar up on my bedroom door, in a prominent place so that it will help me to remember.  I’m tracking everything on My Fitness Pal.  I know, I know, everyone does it.  But writing down what I’m eating really helps me stay on track.  I also discovered an amazing app called Workout Trainer.  It’s a free iPhone app.  There’s an upraded version that costs like $2.99 I think.  Whenever I need something short, or something to concentrate on a particular area because I want to mix it up, I go to this app.  So many kinds of workouts of varying difficulty, length, in home or at a gym.  There are even user reviews, which is also really helpful.  It’s an amazing app and I’ve really enjoyed using it.  I can do it while I’m watching tv or listening to Pandora or whatever else.  Along with that I’ve been walking my son to and from school, pushing the double stroller, with my middle and youngest in it.  Sometimes Ami walks, but mostly she takes advantage of the free ride, wouldn’t you?

         I also decided to partner with Fembody Nutrition.  You can see my review for the appetite suppressing gum here.   Paula Abdul (I know, I know, yuck it up!) is one of the celebrity endorsements of FemBody.  You can’t argue with the fact that she actually looks pretty darn good.

Most women don’t always get the nutrients their bodies need. Naturally, our bodies constantly change as we grow older. Listen to your body and pay attention to your needs. Taking care of you is one of the most loving and caring things you can do for yourself and for your loved ones.
Eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, and taking the right supplements for your body are keys to maintaining health, looking and feeling great, no matter what your age is. Paula, who is 50 and fabulous, has found her health supplement support solution in Fembody. It looks great on Paula and it will look great on you, too. Healthy is the new sexy, and Fembody is the new healthy support for women like you.

         I’m using the Slim Select GT300 –  Breakthrough formula with EGCG Green Tea Extract and Raspberry Ketones, which helps accelerate fat burning and support healthy metabolism; and the Appetite Control 100 – Breakthrough Satiereal® Saffron Extract demonstrated a substantial reduction in the desire to snack among study participants.  I’ve been taking them for about a month.  Results should be seen in about 8 weeks.  I plan to keep everyone updated.  I’m excited!  If you know of any awesome Fitness Friday link-ups, let me know.

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Fittness Fri….errr….I mean Saturday Aurorae Yoga *review*

Yes, its Saturday not Friday…but that’s really only a day off so I say its pretty close.  I really want to be committed to working out and loosing this baby weight…from Brian, Ami and Phillip.  I sort of loose most of the weight but not really.  I’d really love to fit back into my wedding dress as my first goal.  Ultimately I’d like to lose more than that, but one goal at a time.  I’ve never been a skinny gal, ever.  Even at my smallest, where I was working out the most with dance.  It’s just not the way I’m built.  I’m stacked and thick.  Being the proud owner of P90X I really got motivated after Ami was born.  I lost quite a bit of weight and got close to that wedding number.  Then came Phillip, which I didn’t gain a lot with and was really committed to working out during that pregnancy.  Then after Phillip, you know, you take it easy like you’re supposed to take it easy, then I had gall bladder surgery, only two months after having him, then we moved across country.  Not exactly prime workout motivation circumstances.  Yes, I know its all about motivation.  It is really hard to work out with any sort of consistency with three littles at home.  Once Brian starts kindergarten I really hope it will get easier.  That’s why I decided to bring this part of me to my blog in the hopes that blogging will help hold me accountable and help me track my progress.  I would love to be FitFluential for all you mama’s out there that are in the same place as me.

 This is me about 6ish months pregnant
 This is me about a month after giving birth at my friends Tea party shower – see my awesome vintage hat?
 This is me on Day 2 after Phillip was born

So What I’m Doing?

P90X, walking with the kids, My Fitness Pal App and a Workout App called Workout Trainer (great workouts when you want to spice things up).  I’ve also decided to add in SlimQuick.  It worked out well for me the last time.  They have reformulated it so I’m excited to try it out this time.  It may not be what everyone would do or likes, but that’s what I’m doing for me.  I really love that it is formulated just for women and helps with other issues.  Stress is a huge part of my life and I’ll be the first to tell you Stress Management is not something that I have under control.  One of my bloggy friends who I had the awesome opportunity to meet blogged about something similar – stress and anxiety (which I have in spades).  Her blog is amazing and you should take the time to check it out.  But anyway, she absolutely saved me when she talked about visiting her doctor and the symptoms that appear on your body when you are stressed out to the max.  Having a baby, surgery, moving across the country all in like 3 1/2 months?  yipes!

So in honor of starting out I have a review for you.  It’s an awesome cool Yoga Mat.  If you are friends with me off line you may have heard me talk about the fact that I loathe yoga.  I really do.  Seriously!  I just can’t get into it.  I find it absolutely maddening (anxiety and stress much! LOL).  But I wanted to start fresh with this Yoga thing, and really get into it.  So when I was given the opportunity to review a product for Aurorae  Yoga I jumped at it.  The perfect motivator!

I tried out the Aurorae Northern Lights yoga mat.  

It is a great yoga mat and I’m excited about it furthering my new friendship with Yoga.  It is also just as beautiful as it looks in the pictures.  You can purchase the mat on sale for $39.95 (reg 59.95).  Now I don’t profess to know too much about Yoga mats.  I’ve tried a cheaper mat before and I’ve got to tell you there really is now comparison with the comfort and support I felt when I tried out the Aurorae mat for the first time, and I have bad, picky feet.  So take that for what it’s worth.  I love it!  Aurorae has tons of other products as well including two other yoga mat types, bags, mat spray, rosin, and other tools to help make your yoga experience good.  Their customer service was wonderful and you can easily order from them through Amazon!  Yahooooo!  I’m a fan of easy.  If you are in the market for an awesome yoga mat check out Aurorae products.

And since this is a crazy kid house, what better way to show off the mat then to share the pictures my 6 year old took of me using it while my 3 yr old pranced around with her pink blanket trying to steal my picture thunder.  Yes, we apparently have no shame in this house

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