Thoughts on Teething – Kebbie’s Diaper Bag Review

Happy Thursday everyone.  I’ve really been trying to get some reviews out of products that I actively use and love.  As a mom and a blogger, talking with other moms (in one form or another) is the best way to get information.  When I was a new mom, not many of my friends had kids yet, but those that did were absolutely invaluable to me.  Getting their opinions so that I could narrow down the overwhelming load of information and products out there saved me time, energy and stress.  Blogging is how I really learned about cloth diapering, but I first found out about it from one of my mom friends.  (You can read my cloth diapering story here

Teething is one of those instances where trading stories with moms can be helpful.  BabyGanics is my go to teething item and I have re-purchased it several times since first reviewing it.  Another new discovery I’ve made is Baltic Amber.  I can’t remember if there was specific instance or who specifically told me, but one of my friends was going to order one and if she ordered several she could get them at a lower price so I went ahead and jumped on it.  After receiving it I put it on and didn’t really notice much.  I figured it was probably because there wasn’t too much in the teething department yet.  Being a naturally skeptical person, not noticing some sort of grand effect probably didn’t help how I initially felt about the amber.  Then I had the opportunity to visit Kebbie’s Diaper bag, IN PERSON, for a cloth diapering photoshoot!  How exciting is that?  In conversation we I expressed to her my skepticism, and noticed that she herself was wearing Baltic Amber.  She said that absolutely she had noticed a difference, especially in her heartburn during this pregnancy.  Her daughter wears one too and has seen a significantly positive effect.  Hmmmmm, I thought.  Then I discovered the possibility that the one I had might have not been totally genuine.  Really?!  Apparently that is a thing, and there is even a way to test them, and she tests hers, even though she gets her from an authentic overseas provider. 

I left that day with my new Baltic Amber from Kebbie’s Diaper bag.  There are several different ways to test amber. (Hazel-Aid website),  but finding a reputible seller is really your key to purchasing authentic amber.

A skeptic no more – I’ve got to say that each time I leave the necklace off without realizing it, and too much time passes, I suddenly realize just how good this stuff really is.  It is rare that it is ever off my little guy.  I’m actually thinking about purchasing a bracelet for me with some of my foot pain.  I wouldn’t say that I never doubt that it might be all in my head, but I would recommend for any mom to give it a try.  My older two children never really had a difficult time teething, but Phillip has.  He has been getting teeth in since just before six months and they keep coming at full force, 2, 3 at a time, poor guy.  Baltic Amber, I believe, has helped him sleep better at night and during naps.  I haven’t had to dose him too much with tylonel and who wouldn’t like that?

Have you tried Baltic Amber?  Are you a skeptic?

Where you can buy Amber – Kebbie’s Diaper Bag sells necklaces and bracelet/anklets.

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When do you know…a hard post

        So, I’ve thought a lot about writing about this. It’s a tough subject for me and I think its a tough subject for a lot of people.  I haven’t really been sure exactly how to talk about it.  I have three beautiful children.  I know that I am lucky and blessed.  Its not that I’m not grateful but there’s a looming question…when do you know you are done?  I know that I can’t be alone in this.  I know there are other people out there that have thought about this.  I mean, isn’t that one of the first several conversations you have with your soon-to-be-husband?  I knew that I wanted more than two, probably three or four.  He said two or…whatever..I never really nailed him down on an exact number; but heck, I wasn’t nailed down to an exact number either.
But when you’re 21 and getting married, living life and having fun who even thinks about such things.

We have three beautiful children, we’re lucky.  I know that.  I wrestle all the time with these feelings.  Why do I even let myself have these feelings?  I’m just being ungrateful and selfish.  Many times I often wonder if how crazy our life has been for the last 11 months (wow has it already been 11 months) has contributed to the feeling.  Having a very busy Mr. Air Force might be another reason.  But telling myself any of those things doesn’t make me feel better.  Keeping them in isn’t doing me any favors either.  I’ve recently been faced with having to decide what to do with all the baby stuff that we aren’t using anymore.  There’s a consignment sale coming up and after the move organization is the key to functioning well.  Every time I go through the clothes I lose it.  I’m putting off finishing the job too.  The items have to be entered in and tagged for drop off in a week.  A huge pile of clothing is building up in the playroom.  There are car seats, a bouncy chair, a swing and various other items in the kids’ closet.  Every time I look at them a lump wells up in my throat.  Tears rim in my eyes.  When my son started kindergarten, I didn’t cry; but when I picked up my youngest from his nap and absolutely lost it at the thought of this being my last one.  Is it just typical, “this is my last baby” thoughts?  I don’t know.  I don’t really know how other people feel about this topic because I don’t really think people talk about it.  One of my friends told me that they weren’t sure and one time they had a scare and that’s when they knew.   That doesn’t apply to me.

         Perhaps its a feeling that will never go away, but we will make a decision based on our financial responsibilities, our situation in life and our age to stop.  I’ll just learn how to cope with the feelings.  I mean I don’t know if having another child will make this feeling go away no matter how much I try to rationalize in my head that it would.  It would have been fun to have another girl – you know bows and dresses and all that stuff.  How do I know if I had had a girl, or were to have a girl – two of each – if that would make the feeling go away.  I’ve talked about it with the Mr., but I don’t really know if he is capable of really understanding.  He’s a man, I’m a woman – the whole Mars and Venus thing.  I’m not really even sure what I want him to do or say.  If you were to ask someone who really knew me they would probably tell you that I’m a sensitive person, rather emotional and I cry.  I cry when I’m happy, sad, something is funny, worried, when a song comes on a radio.  Basically I’m an emotional person….I run on high.  I like a cause.  Sometimes I feel like I have to defend myself and get…well, defensive.  I’m definitely a strong individual but sometimes I can be a bit of a people-pleaser, I worry.  Do all of those things have anything to do with how I’m feeling now?  This ache in my stomach, this feeling that at any moment I just might start crying in the middle of the store or totally lose it in front of my kids?  Maybe.  I also feel completely ridiculous.  Why can’t I “handle” this? I know I just need to get on my knees and pray.  Pray like I’ve never prayed before.  Maybe there’s a part of me that is scared at what the answer will be.

Has anyone else felt like this?  Is anyone else feeling like this now?  Am I alone.

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Let’s Be Honest…with Purex

         So who here just loves Laundry?!  Is that a collective groan I hear?  To be honest its actually one of my more favorite household chores.  Dishes is my kryptonite.  Holy heck I hate doing it.  I have this running joke with one of my bff’s, that if someday we leave near each other that I will do all her laundry if she will do my dishes, or my bathrooms, something along those lines. There’s something about organizing the clothes into piles, getting it down to a science, overcoming all the struggles I’ve had with getting my cloth diaper laundry routine down and stuff like that.  And probably the happiest moment as a mom, Brian is starting to get involved in the laundry.  He helps me sort, and will move stuff from the washer to the dryer, from the dryer to the folding basket….likes to put the soap in.  And although he doesn’t do a “load” perse, he’s a super big helper and we’re well on our way.  So maybe saying “Let’s Be Honest” for me about laundry isn’t really much of anything because I like laundry…but don’t worry I have plenty of my own “Let’s Be Honest” moments.

Here’s some Honest Moment’s from the Cammo Love house.

          You know that change cup, jar, mug, whatever you have at your house, where you vow to put all your change and do something fabulous with it, like an amazing vacation to Disney Land?  Well, that vacation doesn’t seem all that important when its 7am in the morning and you’ve woken up all the kids (Ahhhhhhhh that’s like my number one no-no..let sleeping dogs lie) because you have to take the husband to work for any number of reasons and Starbucks is staring you in the face….good-bye change!

         The time I was too tired so I told my five year old that they were cleaning the pool so we couldn’t go, or that the power was still out at Tae Kwon Do….yeah, I’m that mom.

         You know that wonderful parenting principle you have about teaching your children to eat a wide variety of foods, his/her fruits, vegetables and all that good stuff?  Let’s face the music and be Honest for a second, all around health and goodness goes out the window on day three of your two year old using every ounce of energy they have to lovingly wax your floor as they spend most of their time on it throwing a fit…isn’t that cute…mommy’s little helper.  So what do you do?  You open up that box of mac and cheese and say, “it won’t make a difference this one time.”  And just let me say moms out there, “you are not alone, those moments become more frequent when you start juggling more than one kid, and its okay they will still go on to eat Salad when they are five!”

For some more hilarious “be honest” moments check out Purex.  And please share with me your “Lets Be Honest” moment.

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