Wednesday Walkabout – Perfectly Posh *Review and Giveaway*

Happy Hump Day everyone!  Hope your week is going well.  The count down for the weekend is on, and I know that I’m looking forward to it.  Hubby has some time off and we are looking forward to spending some quality time together.  Hope  you all have a great weekend.  If you haven’t already heard the good news about the 50 Blogs that have been named the best of the Military Blogs by VoiceBoks – The Voice of Parenting, I am one of them, although with some amazing blogs that I am an avid fan of.  Make sure to stop by and vote for you favorite!

Today I have a fun little thing for you all.  A little review and giveaway of a product sold by a fellow MilSpouse.  Not only do I love supporting my MilSpouse Entrepreneurs out there, but small business is something I love to support as well.  You have a dream and you do what you need to do to accomplish that.  If that’s working at Starbucks or selling a product online, you do it the best that you can.

I’d like to introduce Perfectly Posh and Molly Morgan to you today!

There she is showing off some of the great product!
I received several samples of product to try out.  One of the first things that struck me about it was how adorable the packaging it is.  It is super eye-catching, the names are fun and everything is so colorful.    Perfectly Posh is also an American Made product.  Supporting a locally made product when I can is really important to me.  From there the list goes on.  Perfectly Posh is also paraben and paraffin-free, sulfate free and uses only the best phthalate-free fragrance.  They are natural and gentle even to the most delicate of skin AND they are cruelty-free.  You can find something for everyone with their collection.  Perfectly Posh has hair, skin, lip, foot, baby, young girl and male specific products.  Basically anything you can think of they have.  
Some of my favorite products are part of  the Playing Footsie collection.  The Fabulous Fizzies soothe and soften your tired tootsies, then you can exfoliate with the Rubby Scrubby and finally soothed by tootsies with the Soothing Stick.  My feet are one of my problem areas.  I live in flips, and when I can I avoid putting shoes on my feet.  I blame my mom for that one.  It takes a pretty heavy duty product to take care of my feet.  Sometimes I can find myself being skeptical of more “natural” products.  Unfortunately I’ve found they just don’t work as well.  However, that is completely not the case with this line of products.  It felt good, smelled good and did the trick!

The Lip Scrubs are another fun product. I tried the Make-Out Magic Sugar Lip Scrub.  It smelled amazing.  The product sells for $13 for a .5oz container.  This might seem like a small amount, but you honestly don’t need much to put it on your lips.  You don’t need to wipe it off either, just put it on and go!

Overall I really like this product, and the company.  The prices are fairly comparable to a similar company.  Body Washes run for about $18 for 14oz and a moisturizer will set you back $20 (but its a night/day one, so you aren’t buying one for each time of day).  They have some pretty cool and unique products like The Stripper D Tox body mud mask.  This is an aggressive, detoxifying, mud mask for your body.  Very, very cool.

Find Molly’s website and facebook to find out more about her, the products available, to order or maybe host your own Perfectly Posh party!!!

But in the mean time you can win the Lipshot Raspberry Bang-Bang (lip balm)!  Thanks Molly!
Good Luck!

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