90s Feels and Vintage Tees

I’m a child of the 80s, but the 90s were my jam! Give me a good t-shirt and jeans and I’m a happy girl. I’ve sort of gotten my tshirt addiction under control, but who am I kidding I have a lot! Some of my favorites are my vintage tees, my band shirts and the vintage-inspired t-shirts. Honestly, they just make me wanna crank up some Bush and sing at the top of my lungs! So where do I find my tshirts?

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Best Places to Find Vintage T-Shirts?

Well, whenever I’m in the mood for a vintage tshirt there are a couple of places that I know I can walk right into and find something. Most importantly I can find something in my size!

  1. Old Navy – They usually have something on their shelves that can satisfy my old soul – but if they don’t they’ve probably got a good sassy saying somewhere that will make me just as happy. Not my go-to, but keep your eyes open! What you can find there is this awesome retro, military-inspired jacket! It’s my favorite and I probably wear it too much!
  2. Torrid – For all my curvy ladies you KNOW Torrid has you covered! Whether you need a Disney shirt for you next trip, a sarcastic saying or a retro t-shirt they’ve got it. I snagged my Back to the Future shirt there. Their tshirts are always so soft and I can count on their sizing. I’m a size 16/18 and I order a size 2 for that perfect tshirt-type fit. I can’t find it in stock, but I’m also here for this Bowie shirt!!!
  3. WalMart – WalMart is another hit and miss, but I can usually find something in the men’s section. I snagged the zip up hoodie I’m wearing below at WalMart though. It complements my 90s vibe. I’m all about the jacket with the hooded sweatshirt under it. You can snag this in stores!
  4. Target – 100% of the time I know I can count on Target for a fun vintage-inspired tee. I can snag these in the men’s section and grab an XL and have it fit perfectly! Their shirts are also always so comfortable and not too tight around the neck, which is a huge nightmare for a girl wearing a dude’s shirt. I recently grabbed a Fender shirt and this awesome Sandlot shirt (which is one of my favorite Baseball movies ever!).
  5. Etsy – Etsy will always come through for you because creatives be creating! And you can also find some real vintage stuff!
  6. Ebay – Always a good bet for vintage shirts, band and concert tees and vintage-inspired shirts that are hard to find. Bidding stresses me out, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!
  7. 6DollarTees – Random find when I was searching for stuff on the internet. Glad I ran across this place because they have some of the coolest tshirts!
  8. UPDATE AND NEW ADDITION TO LIST BoxLunch – I discovered this store while in Cleveland visiting some friends. I had never heard of it before and I was totally smitten by the time I left. I was so excited when I discovered a Gilmore Girls (which I know isn’t technically vintage) in plus size! Score! They have so many awesome tees for popculure and music that you should definitely check them out.
  9. Last but not least, if you’re looking for REAL band and concert tees, that can be a real struggle. There are a few sites that will deliver for you though. Check out Tyranny and Mutation and Collectors Weekly.


Where do you score your vintage and/or vintage-inspired tees?

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Inclusive Sizing in Every Day Brands: Time and Tru from WalMart

Well, if you are following me on my Instagram yesterday you might have seen me trying on a few pieces from Walmart’s new Time and Tru line of clothing. I saw the commercials and read about the brand and was excited to give it a try. Time and Tru does have a plus size (or woman’s) section, but their standard sizing claims to go up to size 20. As the mother of three kids as well as a stay at home mom, having a budget is really important. I can’t always shell out $30+ for a shirt and 50+ for pants or a dress. Its just simply not in the budget. Buying classic pieces that will survive the times and also wear is important, but sometimes you need some clothes and can’t afford the really nice stuff. For curvy girls this can be an even bigger issue. Sometimes our clothes cost more in general. We have to hunt for clothes more and even worse, our sections of stores are teeny tiny. Why we can’t just all be in one section with the same clothes that just go up to a bigger size is still the greatest mystery. As if I didn’t feel bad enough you stick me in a postage stamp sized section next to maternity with NO clothing that looks like the huge womens or juniors section. That rant is for another time.

I picked up five items to try on – a grey, spaghetti strap ruffle jumpsuit, flower wrap dress, cold shoulder top, white jeggings and a pink top with side ruching. First, I’m not even going to post a picture of the jumpsuit. Its super cute but just not flattering on me at all. The waist sits high and the length of the pants wasn’t right for me. I was also annoyed that I would have had to go up a full size. Not happy. Same with the jeggings….they fit but that’s about it. There wasn’t a whole lot flattering about it and it made me wonder what curvy woman would wear these.


I’m really in love with both of the tops – the cold shoulder will definitely work in my standard size, but the other shirt no way. That is simply because of the design of the cold shoulder is more boho and flowy. I’m still not convinced that I like the fit of the other one in that size up either.


The wrap dress is the whole reason I went to try these on. I love this dress so much. The feel of the fabric, the design of the dress should, in theory, be super flattering. The pattern would be perfect for Easter. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit at all like its supposed to. If you want to see the ad for it click here.


In short I was disappointed. The price point is great and the overall quality of the clothing is much nicer than what we have come to expect from WalMart. But the sizing leaves something to be desired. You would have to be curvy but super fit if that makes any sense at all because some of the items will show everything (the dress and the pants). Also, curvy but no boobs.

**the items shown here are a size 20+ which is two sizes larger than I would normally purchase just about anywhere else. The items in my “Fashion’ Stories are a size 16/18**


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Inclusive Sizes in Everyday Brands ~ Aerie by American Eagle

Fashion is for everyone, not just those in standard sizes

I’m so excited to share with you guys my first post in a series I’m working on. It’s really been a labor of love for me personally. As a plus size woman who loves clothes and fashion, I’ve had to fight against two strains on that love. When you’re over the size of 14 your options for clothing tend to fall into two catergories. They are either expensive, in exclusively plus size stores, or not fashionable and limited. In some places I never could quite understand why there needed to be a separate section for plus size clothing, and why the styles looked different. And while I appreciate Target and their Ava & Viv line, why do I have to have my own line next to the maternity section? I shouldn’t have to sacrifice fashion or price just because I’ve had three kids and don’t wear a size ten anymore.Why should my style and fashion be limited by the size on the tags of that fashion? Click To Tweet

I found myself at Aerie, having not shopped there in probably eight years. I was looking for a Christmas present but thought, “Hey, I remember the “Real Aerie” campaign. I wonder if they have included more inclusive sizing?” So I set out to find my size, first looking up the size chart (they operate on a letter sizing, not numbers). Their website says that size XXL is 18 and then you go down from there. My size is typically an 18, but like most women I probably in the middle. Because lets face it, what women is exactly the size made for everyone else. That day I walked out with three pieces of clothing and I was so happy!

Henley top (similar to this one) XL

Aerie Street Hoodie size L (these are sized up for the fit they want)

Plush Jogger Pant size XL



I love this sweatshirt so much and wear it all the time! Its so comfortable, warm and I’m dying over the zip detail and the ribbon on the hoodie. Seriously guys, so cute!!

Overall I’m pleased with my experience at Aerie. The sizing was surprising in a good way. I did have to really hunt for the sizes, which tells me that there are probably lots of shoppers in these sizes looking or that they simply don’t carry enough of that size. So Aerie, get some more XL and XXL sizes in your stores!! And to all my curvy ladies, don’t be afraid to hit up your local Aerie. I remember when Aerie first became a brand ( tells you how old I am) and I loved it! I’m glad to be back.

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Dreaming of a California Fall

You can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the girl.

Never has a truer statement been made. I haven’t lived in California for close to thirteen years, but its where I was born and raised. We moved to Nevada about five months after we got married and then moved to the East Coast in 2012. But its really hard for me to let go of the sense of style that I created when I lived on the West Coast. Most of it is just because we have some of the best weather ever. I mean Northern California is pretty darn awesome. You drive two hours in any direction and you can find yourself in a different climate – Forrest, lakes, ocean, city, coastal towns, desert….whatever you’re looking for we’ve got it close by. And we don’t have to deal with snow or earth quakes. It’s about as amazing as it gets. 
So when I get the occasion to bust out some of my west coast style I jump on it. There are very few weeks here where I can combine my fall and summer looks to create “California Fall”. You know flip flops and jeans? It’s the classier, and less basic, version of Uggs and skirts {don’t get me started on that one}.  Thankfully I have Old Navy close by which never disappoints when I need some California inspired love. Where else can I purchase a cute tank top, and go one rack over and find a boyfriend Cardi? The key is color and confidence. Combine some Summer and Fall colors together, throw on some Rainbow flip flops and some cute sunnies are you’re good to go. And while you might not be able to afford the Ballenciaga handbag pictured below, its the perfect Summer to Fall purse color!

California Fall

What I’m Wearing
Sandals: Rainbow Braided Flip Flops (Tilly’s Gives a Military Discount In Store)
Sunnies: Palm Eye Wear – Bocca

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