10 MORE Podcasts You Should Be Listening To {And I’d LOVE to be a guest on}

Four years ago I made a post about podcasts that I love and I would be so crazy excited to be a guest on. FOUR YEARS ago. I feel like podcasting has gotten even bigger since then. I’ve started two podcasts and dabbled in it as well, and am getting ready to launch another one. It’s a medium that I absolutely love and can get behind. It’s so great for staying up to date on things, learning things and just being entertained. And while True Crime might be a lot of people’s favorite type of podcast there’s a ton out there.

Here are some new favorites and make sure to check out the old list These Are Their Stories! For all my True Crime fans here is my old list of These Are Their Stories.

  1. These Are Their Stories – This is one of the newest podcasts I discovered randomly scrolling through the lists. Its an entire podcast dedicated to the Law and Order series (original, CI and SVU). Since I was born and raised on Law and Order and wish every darn day that the original series would come back…..and have ridiculously strong opinions. The commentary is funny, and everyone on the show takes it as seriously as I do.
  2. Red Handed – These cheeky ladies hail from across the pond and I absolutely love it. Part commentary, part true crime. they do decent research and it hasn’t transcended into some weird stand up routine as some true crime podcasts do. They do a lot of foreign crimes that I don’t know so it makes it even neater. I’d love to chat it up with these ladies. I have a Criminal Psychology Degree….maybe I can be an American guest on their Stateside tour?! Come on ladies!!! Come to DC!!
  3. Crime Junkie – Essentially what everyone who loves true crime podcasts wishes they would have thought of first. Similar to Red Handed, the stories are well-researched discussions from a true “crime nerds”. I love the length of these episodes. They aren’t too long and aren’t prioritizing comedy at facts expense. The ladies are witty and have good conversation. It’s just a really good podcast.
  4. Hot Marriage, Cool Parents – I’m a recent fan of this show and of the show’s hosts. Jamie and her husband met on Married at First Sight. This crazy thing, that God used for so much good is the backdrop of their pretty amazing story. I would love to chat it up with these guys. It’s just a most of the time funny, sometimes serious, take on life, parenting, and marriage.
  5. What Should I Read Next – This should be on the podcast list of every book nerd. I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect when I started listening. Would it be just another review podcast? Not really. It’s so much more. Guests, and host Anne, talk about why they read, what they look for in a book and {Like me} how connected and affected they are when they read. It’s such a fun show to throw in the mix, especially if you are an avid reader. Sometimes it’s easy to simply fall back on what’s comfortable, but listening to a podcast like this you’re able to get ideas from people with different tastes than yours.
  6. PS I Hate This Movie – Perhaps the greatest podcast idea ever, PS I Hate This Movie addresses the very real feeling of loving to love {and hate} romantic comedies. With their most of the time absurd plot lines they still make us feel good. A hilarious look at some of our favorite romantic comedies.
  7. We Hate Movies – This particular podcast doesn’t reserve its “hate” for easy targets like rom coms, but for all movies. Comedy podcast at its finest. Movies so terrible we love them….and also movies we just plain hate….but in the most loving way. It’s all the conversation you would have with your friends and its amazing.
  8. Crime in Sports – combining two of my favorite things – Sports and True Crime. I mean, what more could a girl want? Crime with a sports twist? I’m in!!! Hosted by two comedians…so you know its more comedy than crime, but in the best way.
  9. Sports? with Katie Nolan – I love love LOVE Katie Nolan. Being a female in the sports world, still in 2020, sucks! If not only because there still just not a lot of them. What could girls possibly be contributing to the conversation? Not only does Katie contribute to the conversation she does so extremely well, eloquently and frankly, gosh darn hilarious! IF you love sports add this podcast to your list.
  10. There are so many Doctor Who podcasts….like a lot. I even have one called Two Nerdy Girls (you can find us on iTunes). Some of my favorites that I would love to be on include Debating Doctor Who, Doctor Who: Gallifrey Public Radio and Bad Wolf Radio (There’s literally so many more! And they are all pretty darn good!).

There are so many podcasts I love to listen to, but not that many make the list (comparatively) of ones that I’d like to be on. No matter what the topic is, you can’t make a good host out of thin air. I’d love to hear some of your favorites. Comment below or join the conversation on social media. Follow me at @RheChristine on Twitter and Instagram and @cammostylelove on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by!


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10 Binge-Worthy Podcasts to Feed Your True Crime Addiction

While we are waiting for Season 2 of making a murderer we might be trying to satisfy our love of true crime. And while many people have hopped on the bandwagon of crime with what I like to think of as “crossover crime” like some of my favorite true crime podcasts “White Wine True Crime”, “My Favorite Murder,” the need for a more detailed show is real! Audio Investigative Journalism, when done right, is a beautiful thing. Some of these podcast reside more in the “history” category, then traditional true crime, but the investigator inside of me loves them just as much. So, I’m sharing with you 10 of my favorite that you should check out.

  1. American Scandal – American Scandal is a podcast covering one topic per “season”. The first season talks about a subject I knew very little background about. The doping scandal that plagued baseball and several Olympic athletes. Amazing research and detail was put into this podcast, and the narration is amazing. The story behind how this podcast came to be is equally intriguing, proving that good investigative journalism is so important.
  2. Dr. Death – This is the podcast that has shocked me the most. A story I had never heard, and one that made me more mad than I already was with the medical field as a whole. I can guarantee you will not only love this podcast, not be able to stop listening, you will be desperately waiting for more when you’re done.
  3. Gladiator – Hosted by one of the team members from Spotlight (remember that amazing movie about the outing of the Priest scandal?), The Boston Globe has partnered with Wondery to bring us the story of Aaron Hernandez, an extremely talented yet tormented football player that ended his life after immense tragedy to many. If you don’t know the story of Aaron Hernandez you should. It goes beyond the terrible story of him personally, but delves into the issues surrounded head injuries and football. This podcast is currently ongoing, so you can all wait along with me for new episodes to drop.
  4. Happy Face – Focusing on a serial killer that doesn’t get discussed as much as some that have been emblazoned on the general public’s mind (Ted Bundy, Golden State and Jeffrey Dahmer), this podcast follows the story of the daughter of Keith Jesperson (The Happy Face Killer).
  5. In the Dark – Two seasons in, In the Dark is brought to us by APM Reporting (American Public Media). Fifteen years of investigative reporting working with public radio in Minnesota and California and does way more than podcasts. The first season covers the Jacob Wetterling story. I have opinions about this case but I can’t ruin it for you!! So if you want to talk to me about it hit me up on Instagram! The second case covers the equally shocking Curtis Flowers case. Also….no spoilers!
  6. Slow Burn – Sitting more in the history camp of things, SB is also a season podcast. The first season discusses the Nixon scandal…which I know what you’re thinking. What more could we need to discuss about Nixon. Just listen. The second season tackles Bill Clinton. This one even the hubby was getting into, and he generally just rolls his eyes at my morbid loves.
  7. Someone Knows Something – From CBC news in Canada comes this amazing podcast. Host David Ridgen has now jumped high up on the list of people I’d like to share a cup of coffee with. We are already into Season 5, so hurry and catch up! I’m not sure which season has been my favorite, but Season 3 was pretty darn amazing. David is a stellar journalist and interviewer, getting those he talks to to open up and tell him the stories that really make investigative journalism amazing.
  8. Uncover:NXVIM – Its easy to fall down the podcast rabbit hole, but once I discovered Someone Knows Something I discovered all of the amazing CBC podcasts. This one combines my interests of crime and history with Cults, a cult I had never heard of, but involves some celebrities you might. And skirting really close to a more well-known cult that has recently come under more public scrutiny of its own here in America.
  9. Teacher’s Pet – We move now into Australia, for a one and done podcast about a handsome footballer, turned teacher and his missing wife. This one, of all the ones I’ve shared, is less binge-worthy but still incredibly interesting. Plus, listening to an Australian accent for awhile is pretty nice.
  10. Unobscured – If you listen to Lore or Cabinet of Curiosities, you probably have already heard of this podcast. If you haven’t, first go bookmark the other two I just mentioned, and then come back to Unobscured. If you can’t tell I’m a fan of series podcasts, that take multiple episodes to cover one topic. In-depth research and attention to detail are what keep me interested. And while I know that’s not for everyone its something I love. This inaugural season of Unobscured discusses Salem Village, and exactly what you think of when you think of Salem.

Looking for other podcast ideas? Check out these podcasts I’d love to guest on.

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Common Sense and Sweet Tea, Episode 12

Hi ya’ll! I’m so excited to have another episode of the podcast for you. Please check it out on Itunes and google play, subscribe and leave a review (pretty please with a cherry on top!!}

Today I’m talking with my friend Sonya, mom, blogger, Christian, powerful woman all about all of those things. While we barely scratch the surface of this topic (one I hope to visit again soon) I hope it starts some conversation and at least get you thinking. Check out Sonya on her blog and on Instagram. You can also follow along with her writings over on Coffee and Crumbs.


Recommendations from Me: True Crime Addict – James Renner

Trouble Maker – by Leah Remini

Brides of Bliss Series by Jamie Ferrell (look for the links on my sidebar)

VEEP on Amazon Prime (HBO)

Recommendations from Sonya: British Baking Show on Netflix

The Bright Hour – Nina Riggs

Sacred Rhythms 

Madeline E’Ngle – Walking on Water

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You I’m Sorry by Fredrick Backman

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Common Sense and Sweet Tea: Episode 11

Common Sense and Marrying Young


I’m so excited to be officially kicking off the podcast again. I truly love doing it. It provides such an amazing opportunity to have real, authentic conversations with people. You just can’t get that type of conversation in a blog post sometimes. On this episode I am joined by Jena, a young married mommy of almost 2. Jena is a fashion and beauty blogger with about a million and one side-hustles, as most moms do. Join us as we talk about getting married young, having kids young and all that entails. I’m excited to that the podcast is back and that Jena is helping me kick it off! I’d love for you to listen to the other episodes as well. Subscribe on itunes, google play, or listen below. I’d love for you to leave a review!


show notes

 Rheanna Recommendations –

Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara

Cammo Style Love blog 2018 Favorite Things

New Girl on Netflix

Cults Podcast

Heaven’s Gate Podcast

Atlanta Monster

Get Hulu so you can watch 90s TGIF!!!

When Calls the Heart by Jeanette Oake

Jena’s Recommendations –

Instagram – @jenamorgan

Sweet Tea and Style blog

Maskara Beauty – just check it out guys!

Jena’s Sweet Tea and Style Blog Group! – go join and tell her I sent you

Tarte Lights Camera Flashes Mascara Found it for 16.99 on Amazon guys!

Tarte Shapetape Concealer

Juvalips – lip plumper

Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo Clean Freak

Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo Texturizing

Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo Thickening

S Town Podcast

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10 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To {and I dream of being a guest on}

Podcasts are my new addiction. I’ve always been the kind of person that needed to have ‘noise’ around me, whether that be the tv, music or just sitting out in the middle of the house while the kids are running around. Silence drives me nuts! So really, listening to podcasts are the perfect way to have ‘noise’ going on around me. There’s no reason for me to look up at the tv, and a smaller chance of getting distracted – oh look, something shiny!!! There is also this little part of me that loves the concept of listening to my entertainment. I remember as a kid listening to the radio with my parents. Talk radio, Adventures in Odyssey, and an A.M. station that used to recreate old-time radio shows. Love!! Podcasts to me are as close as we can get to the days of radio entertainment right? So grab a cup of coffee and sit back and listen to some amazing podcasts.

podcasts to listen to

Not only have I fallen in love with so many podcasts, I have secret dreams of being on all of them as a guest star. And if perhaps, some of these amazing podcast would love to a fan-girl segment I’d be okay with that. But no, seriously…..I could figure out something to say, maybe. I have, in fact, been on one podcast and it was such a lovely experience, and really put a bee in my bonnet. All right, so on to the list!!

1. Gilmore Guys

I’m a Gilmore Girls addict, and you might frequently hear me quote lines from it even if I’m talking to people who are not GG fans. You can catch my post about GG, where I talk about how it may or not may not affect how I raise my daughter. This is a longer podcast, one of the longer ones on the list. So just be ready for that. You’ll love it and the time will fly by!{language}

2. The Lively Show

Jess Lively is just so fun to listen to. Her podcast really is a lively, uplifting and positive podcast for women. There is so much fun and good discussion. I just love it and almost don’t want to go into any more detail because you just have to listen to it.

3. Elise Gets Crafty

The woman behind the Get To Work Book (for all you paper planner nerds like me) podcasts here. This is a great podcast because it talks a lot of what real entrepreneurship  and success looks like – which is so subjective. And that’s kind of the point. There are so many different kinds of things that can make you an entrepreneur, and many more things that make someone successful. You can find podcasts about authors, blogging, travel photographers, finding your passions and more.

4. Real Crime Profile

So this is where my true crime nerdiness comes out. Most of the people that are currently in my life {post DC Metro Area move} do not know about my schooling and my life pre-kids. I have a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology, focus of Criminal Psychology and dreamed of snagging an internship at the BAU. I had a cat named Luminol. This show is headed by Jim Clemente, who is a retired FBI profiler. Also on the show is the casting director for Criminal Minds (who works with Jim – he’s a writer on the show) and Laura Richards, who worked with Scotland Yard and founded an international stalking advocacy group. So, its some amazing people. {intense topics}

5. Lifegiver: A Military Spouse podcast

This podcast is hosted by Corie Weathers (and a lot of the times her sweet sweet hubby), who was the 2015 Armed Force Insurance Military Spouse of the Year. This has been such a wonderful podcast for me, and if I had to rate the podcasts this might rate pretty close to being the top.  I have been so encouraged and moved to tears during this podcast. It has offered perspectives on marriage, words of advice and validation. It has challenged me in my faith. I’m feeling emotional just writing this description. Even if you aren’t a military spouse I feel like this would be an excellent podcast. Corie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is married to an Army Chaplain.

6. The Way I heard It, with Mike Rowe

This is the shortest podcast on the list. Running on an average of 8 minutes you will hear about stories in politics, pop culture and entertainment from a different perspective with the words of the amazing Mike Rowe. And, its Mike Rowe, so I’m not really sure what else you need to know.

7. Probably Wrong Podcast

Two dudes talking about music, culture, faith and beyond…is the description of this podcast…and its about accurate. Although its way less formal sounding than it is. I’m biased on this one only because I know these guys and they have a special plate in my heart. Its really funny, thought provoking, maybe a little hot topic like. But the best part about it is they’re “Probably wrong!” See what I did there? {language}

8. Pulp: the podcast based on a true story

This is an interesting podcast. It started out talking about The People Vs. OJ Simpson, then they’ve talked about other crime related things like Anita Hill, The Bling Ring…so crime, but through a pop culture lens…by young Millennials? I’m not really sure how else to describe it. They know their stuff, they read, they watch, and somehow it works. There’s been a couple times that I’ve laughed because they don’t remember the OJ Simpson trial like I do. Its a fun listen. {language}{intense topics}

9. A Purpose Driven Wife Podcast

So this is one of the podcasts on my list that I have actually been on! Yay! So make sure you find my episode and listen. But Trista is so lovely. Its uplifting, its real, its funny. She is such an encouragement to women, whether that be by faith, by her drive in entrepreneurship avenues, blogging. She’s even written a book. You can find topics relating to motherhood, military life, business and faith.

10. She Percolates

This is THE first podcast I ever listened to. I am lucky enough to have met one of the lovely ladies on this podcast {plus she’s my go to fashion guru – because of her I now am confident in my pattern mixing ability!} way before podcasting. We worked together in the military non-profit world, her working/me volunteering, for the same organization. So when she announced this whole podcast thing I was fascinated. And its amazing. The description describes it as a podcast, “serving up a fresh perspective on success” and its true. Its empowering and encouraging, uplifting and fun. The hosts personalities really come out through their conversations and its a fun listen.

bonus podcasts!!!!
so i added two bonus podcasts to my list, because, well….I can!!
When I was making my list I just found that I couldn’t narrow things down like I had originally wanted to. So I just thought, well this is how its happening now! So I have two bonus podcast choices for you. 
1.  NextGen Milspouse – This is a military driven podcast that talks about issues in and around the military community. There are tips and advice and so much more. what I really love about this podcast and what I think really makes it unique is that it isn’t just about being a milspouse. And I think that is something that is true for the NextGen brand as a whole. They have a great online magazine/blog format, and that really translates well into podcast form.
2.  We Are the Mighty PodcastThey have had some really good interviews – Noah Galloway and Bryan Anderson, and I just think the guys are funny. The episodes about POWs and the best characters in military movies were pretty good as well.  I’m pretty sure talking to a lame Air Force military spouse would be low on their list…but I think they are hilarious. Their podcast can run a bit long sometimes, but they are just starting out. {language}

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