Smile Brilliantly with Smile Brilliant

Happy Friday Ya’ll!! I’m so excited to be sharing with you an amazing at home teeth whitening kit. I know, another sponsored post; but for someone with a huge fear of the dentist being able to provide myself this service at home limits my need to interact as much. Because lets face it, momlife is real and coffee is my lifeline. While I’ve limited my soda intake and significantly reduced my coffee drinking I still needed some help in the teeth whitening area. I was thankful for the opportunity to give this product a try! Hop over to Smile Brilliant’s website for more info, FAQs and anything else you need to know. They are amazing and will answer any questions you might have.

What is Smile Brilliant?

Let me share a little bit of the details before I get to the good stuff! When I was doing some research on teeth-whitening I discovered that most of the time you are looking at spending over $500 for professional teeth whitening services that provide a high-quality and high level of results. And while you can run yourself over to Target and grab some over the counter strips, what will the results actually be, and will they be long term? This is one of the reasons giving Smile Brilliant a try is a good thing. Not only are you paying less than $200 for quality, scientifically backed services, you are doing so from the comfort of your own home. Smile Brilliant offers you a 100% money-backed guarantee, and Google offers a personal purchase protection plan of up to $1000 just because they believe in Smile Brilliant as a company! How cool is that?! 45 Days to try it, 2 yr tray replacement plan!

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Time to get real!

Here’s my before pictures guys!!


before close up picture

before pics

So I guess its not too bad, but I can definitely tell that my teeth aren’t as white as I’d like them to be. And I’m already a little self-conscious about the whole teth situation.

So What about the Process?

The process was a little intimidating at first. I’m a perfectionist by nature and tend to be a little hard on myself. The instructions you receive are very thorough, but very easy to understand. You can head over to my instagram and watch my “Reviews” Highlights and check out the process that I went through. My teeth also happen to be sensitive, which I was nervous about. Smile Brilliant provides a gel specifically for people like me. I noticed some sensitivity issues the following day after my first session. They were very minimal, but still there. I simply waited a few days longer to do my second session, and the issues were even less the second time!! Wait if you have to. They want you to get results, so waiting wont’ mess you up!! Promise!


after teeth whitening

after Teeth Whitening with Smile Brilliant

I am so thrilled with these results guys! After only 4 sessions!! After I’ve seen no going backwards between sessions, or even after the break I took from the whitening. Because lets face it, life gets in the way and kids make you crazy. Sometimes you just can’t fit another thing in. If can’t, guess what….its okay!!! I really can’t wait to continue with the process because I know I will continue to see results. Thank you Smile Brilliant for making me Smile Brilliantly!!!

Easy At Home Teeth Whitening Kit with Smile Brilliant

This post is a sponsored post. I was given a product to try in exchange for providing my honest and open review.  The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. I was not compensated in any other way. 

Thank you Smile Brilliant for this opportunity!!!

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Must Have Summer Products + Amazon Prime Day is Here!

Summer Products

We are smack-dab in the middle of summer here in Northern Virginia – no school, crazy kids, chores, reading our books and living at the pool are what we are all about right now. My main goal in life is to remember the sunscreen for myself, because thankfully I can only seem to get it together enough to make sure the kids are lathered in it every break time. And while summertime is mostly about my kids, being a wife and mom doesn’t mean I don’t get to focus on me ever. So I put together a list of some of my favorite summertime products; and coincidentally its just in time for Amazon Prime day!!! If you STILL don’t belong to Amazon Prime first let me say, “What the what?!!” You’re missing out guys!!!! Before you read any further click here and join and get a 30 day free trial just in time for this year!!! 

**click on any of the images to be taken to the direct product site – affiliate links present**

Jergens In Shower Moisturizer
I first bought this product at the very beginning of summer while randomly strolling the aisles of my local grocery store. That’s usually when I find the coolest products. So, while I bet you can snag it at a store near you, it is much cheaper on Amazon right now. This stuff is amazing and i’ve been recommending it to everyone. It is great for my pale friends who don’t tan well, its great for those that like to stay out of the sun but what a little summer color. And even though I do not not fall into either of those categories I love it for its super moisturizing abilities. And the in-shower concept isn’t as weird as I thought it would be. 


Sure you can snag yourself any ole floatie, but this hello!!! Cupholder! Need I say more? You can snag a two pack for $20. Deal!!!!!

Sunscreen with Glitter!!!!!!

You had me at glitter! Gold Gitter with no PABA or parabens….and its loaded with antioxidants to leave your skin feeling nourished? Just take my money ya’ll!


So Cozy Brand Hair Products

These super affordable SoCozy brand products were a total fluke find when I was scouring the earth for leave in conditioner/detangler for my daughter and her massive main of hair! We keep these in our pool bag, plus I use the regular version of this detangler year round. I’ve used a $30 leave in conditioner before and these ones are exactly the same for a 1/3 of the price! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t steal the leave-in stuff every once in awhile.

Get Your Gut and Hormones Under Control!!! {click picture to check it out!}

I’ve talked about this product before on my blog and social media. And in 100% truth and honesty I technically sell it. However I purchased the ambassadorship simply to get the product cheaper. My sister is a pro at selling this stuff and talked me into it originally just because she was my sister and I love her. A year later I even have the hubby convinced that this product radically changed my mental health! Originally designed to help people with diabetes, this product has been supported by those that practice natural medicines, Doctors, Chiropractors, celebrities (Thomas Rhett and 3 Doors Down talk about it regularly on instagram) and even Olympic Athletes. If you want to give it a try I’m happy to send out samples but Plexus believes in the product so much that they offer it with a 60 day money back guarantee!!! It has radically changed my time of the month, and the hormone issues I was having during that time. My gut issues have dramatically improved and so much more. Message me with any questions and I’ll do my best to answer. Click on the picture to check it out!


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Favorite Things for 2018!

We are about half-way into the first month of 2018! So, it’s a great time to share some of my favorite things that you should try, read and get for the new year.


First up, beauty supplies! 2017 was the year of trying all the beauty supplies. I can’t even begin to tell you how many I’ve tried this year. From cleansers, to lipsticks, and even some muscle rub!

beauty supplies



  1. REDKEN No Blow Dry NBD – Since blow drying my hair is my least favorite thing to do, even at its short length, when I spied something specifically meant for that I jumped at the chance to give it a try! This stuff is actually designed to help your hair air-dry faster, while being able to style it! I use it every day. There are three formulas – for thick hair, find hair and medium hair. available at ulta and amazon
  2. Skinfood Egg White Pack, Korean Skin Care – I have several Korean friends that are always raving about Korean skin care products. This is my first one, and I’m going to head back for some more. This product is basically like a Biore strip, although I felt like it worked so much better. Plus, I love a brand that prides itself on quality ingredients, working with eco-friendly and responsible farmers across the world. That’s something I can get behind. available at ulta,, and amazon
  3. Clinque Take the Day Off cleansing balm – I picked this up on whim in the check out at Ulta. You know how that happens. This little tiny purple container is literally amazing! It is light, doesn’t make me greasy and goes a long way. It does a pretty fantastic job on my color-stay lipsticks and eye make-up. available at Ulta and amazon
  4. AP24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste – Now I’m going to admit to you right off the bat that I totally committed the ultimate blogger sin and didn’t do a before an after photo. But lets be real, I’ve got three kids and life is crazy!!! I head about this from my girlfriend who competes in the Mrs. America pageants. She raves about it. So I’ve been using it, with the kiddos as well. I definitely would recommend this to anyone looking for something like this. It takes good, my kids like it, and it does an amazing job at whitening teeth without harmful peroxides. available from an independent rep, or amazon (for an amazing price!)
  5. RimmelLondon Provocolips 16 Hr Kiss Proof Lipstick – Obsessed is probably a light way of explaining how much I love this lipstick. I think I have about six colors and I wouldn’t mind adding in some more. While being a lover of lipstick means I have a lot in my collection, I also love my husband. So my first foray into kissable lips was when I got married thirteen years ago, and I’ve been on a constant hunt ever since. Of all the ones I’ve tried recently Rimmel’s Kiss Proof knocks it out of the park. It goes on smooth, doesn’t automatically adhere to your teeth (which I had found with similar brands), and while it is Kiss Proof I don’t have to take one million layers off my lips to get it to come off. Go get some!!! available at most drug stores (CVS, Walgreens, and amazon (i linked my favorite color)
  6. Cover Girl TruNaked Smokey Eye Pallet – this is a brand new product I got to try thanks to Influenster (if you don’t use Influenster you have to give it a try! You don’t need a blog – use my referral link ) The pigment on these colors is crazy amazing and this is perfect for creating those smokey eye looks for date night! available at drug stores and amazon
  7. Revitalift Intensive Overnight Mask – Oh man I love this stuff! Being honest with myself about taking care of my skin as I settle into my mid-thirties was a battle. But here I am, accepting it, and valuing the amazing skin genetics has given me by not taking that for granted. Extra bonus of this is that it keeps my skin looking and feeling amazing in these brutal East Coast winters! Yuck! This California girl does not like what this weather does to my skin. $24.99 seems steep but when you are investing in the future of your skin, its totally reasonable. available at CVS, Walgreen and Amazon
  8. Sugar + Spruce Muscle Rub – previously known as Ladyburg, Sugar + Spruce is a military family owned business located in Fredricksburg, Virginia. I love love love this place! I may just make a whole post devoted to all the products I love from them. For all of you that are re-dedicating yourself to getting back to the gym or running (like me) this is exactly what you need. Make with pure and quality oils infused with natural muscle soothers like Capscian and St John’s Wart, this is my go to product post-workout.



  1. Frumos Palazzo Pants – These pants are life, and I secretly dub them my period pants. When I’m tried of wearing leggings these are my pants! I’m already trying to decide what color I’m going to order these in next. They are so comfortable and I’m excited to style them for all types of occasions, not just lounging around the house (available in plus size!!) Way to go amazon fashion! click image to purchase


                2. Leggings Depot Leggings – I was on the hunt for some plain black leggings that were buttery soft and I had heard from someone that they had                              gotten some leggings off Amazon. Since I now apparently buy everything on Amazon, why not give it a shot! They aren’t see through and they                              didn’t fall apart in the first wash so I could that as a win. click image to purchase



  1. Jamie Farrell, Officer’s Ex-Wives Series – I love this series and I keep bugging her to write more! If you’re looking for a fun series to read this year add this to your list. Her Rebel Heart is book one.
  2. Jamie Farrell, Misfit Brides Series – I may be a little partial to Jamie. She’s a fellow military spouse and a lover of all things southern (including Luke Bryan, so you know…).  Blissed is book one.
  3. Kim Mills, Way Home Series – Another military spouse, but this time Canadian, Kim Mills is a new writer on the scene and her books are fabulous! There are two books in the series, All the Way Home is book one.
  4. Finding Chandra Levy – If you like true crime, this was on my list for 2017. It’s written well and an easy read. I picked it up, having known some of about the case since I was living near where she was from at the time of the case. Now that I’m living in Washington, DC I thought it was time to pick this up and see what I could learn.
  5. The Killer of Little Shepherds – This is a true crime genre book all about the birth of Forensic Science, and the case involved in the creation.
  6. Becoming Winston Churchill – My mom read a book about WC, so I too set out looking for one. If you also were a fan of The Crown and became intrigued by this interesting character, that was towards the end of his life during that story line, I suggest you learn a little bit more about the great man.
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Getting Smart with Hive Smart Home Techonology

Its not oft that I fall in love with a new product like I have with this new product in my home. You guys, it is really the coolest thing that I’ve come across in awhile and I am so excited to be a part of the company’s US kick off. Smart technology is everywhere, people use it for their home safety and to get in their door. The closest we’ve come is our doorbell and I was excited about the concept of upping the technology in our home. Living in an older home might make a little more difficult, but I am anxious to keep my cute, quaint home and add a little modern flair to it.

So what is Hive?

We ran into a slight hiccup when we were connecting our HIVE thermostat, but all it took was figuring out the wiring (old house problems), but it ended up being a color issue. As long as your home has been updated with a central heat/air program with continuous power you should be all right. The only problem will be the wiring color, but you should be able to figure it out in no time.

Mr. Air Force was the most excited about the programmable light, that he promptly added to our security lighting that we had trouble controlling with a switch (again, old house problem). I’m excited about the fact that I can now turn on my coffee machine from my bed, and I always can make sure my curling iron is in fact turned off.

What do you need? What do I get?

All you need is a broadband/wifi connection and to chose your Hive plan! Its as simple as that.
Pick a monthly plan of 9.99, 24.99 and 39.99. Each plan comes with a different number of products that can all be controlled from an app on your phone. You can be alerted with your door or window opens and control the thermostat from your can on your evening commute.

What do I think?

So far we’ve loved it. I’m excited to really experience over the next few months and share with you our experience with these products. Stay tuned for a full video and written review in the coming months! But I encourage you to check out the products and ask me any questions.

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Dreaming of Summer with Carolina Clover

The weather here in DC is toying with me…is it warm or cold? Should I be wearing shorts or a parka? While part of me is ready for the heat, I know that I’m not really remembering the humidity that comes along with it. One of the lovely things that I have had to adjust to living here on the East Coast. But what I am longing for is the beach, summer day trips to the city, spending time with my kids doing anything but sitting in a classroom all darn day! Playing, swimming, jumping on the trampoline. All of the fun things in life!!! 

And what do you need for a successful summer? An adorable pineapple bag with a monogram silly!!!

I love this bag so much!!! It is the perfect size for a day trip beach outing! I could see myself throwing snacks or lunch in it. It could be the towel bag, you could wet stuff in it no problem! It fits all the way over my shoulder WITHOUT falling off, which is a huge deal!! And all my purse-shopping ladies totally get it.

 what would summer be without a little silly fun?

It sits up without any problems, but isn’t rough and stiff. It’s semi-reinforced bottom is awesome!! and the smaller inside zip pocket is perfect to hold your id, money and keys in, for a day at the beach!

If you’re looking for a bag like this check out Carolina Clover for some amazing and adorable patterns, or snag this pineapple one for yourself! Plus, if you’re looking to make all your monogram dreams come true, look no further than Carolina Clover!!

visit Carolina Clover on Instagram!!!

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