Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts: Shave Smarter with ShaveMob

I know there are last minute people out there.  I mean, sometimes that’s me, so I know you’re out there.  Sometimes I’m looking for something extra to add to the gift, sometimes we are celebrating Father’s Day without Mr. Air Force so we have a couple options.  You can do, you can do via Skype, or you can have a post-reunion holiday catch up (which is always fun!).

This particular last minute gift is perfect for all those categories, however with Father’s  Day quickly approaching it would be the perfect last minute addition to your day.

It’s simple and here’s how it works:  Choose your razor – you can choose a 3, 4 or 6 blade razor.  The 6 blade is their most popular one.  Next you can choose with a trimmer or without a trimmer.  This is for your sculpted beard, goatee, mustache type man; or it’s also perfect for your stylish side burn creator. What’s awesome about ShaveMob is that you can then choose your supply.  You can choose a two month supply if you aren’t quite sure which blade you want to try or are just plain skeptical about the razor.  I would put my husband in the skeptical shaver category. He’s an every day, has been known to shave twice a day, kind of dude.  Shaving is a big deal in the CSL house.

Shave Mob videos are hilarous!
This razor passed with flying colors and made it into his rotation of razors.  Hubby actually will go old school with straight razor every now and again (I Know, I live in an episode of Mad Men sometimes).  Now, truth be told, I actually stole the razor to test it out myself.  But never fear ladies, ShaveMob isn’t just for men.  So after you decide to grab some of these for the hubby you can head over to the lady’s razors section.  This razor is amazing!  Seriously, it cuts so close without a single cut!  I’m not a picky razor kinda gal, but this was good.  We have the 4 blade, middle of the road variety.
For more info you can find ShaveMob on twitter and facebook – see for yourself what others are saying.

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