Finding Time for You in the Midst of it All

**This is a sponsored post, brought to you by Simple Skin Care – reminding milspouses to remember to take some time for you and be encouraged….you are not alone.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was given product to review and items to giveaway.

As I sit here in my hotel room, thinking about me and taking some time isn’t really high on my list.  I had this whole thing planned out for this post.  And then Murphy came to town.  You know him, Murphy is feared by all MilSpouses.  Its a joke but, for reals yo…..its real!!  This last week we had some unexpected, emergency, repairs that needed to take place in our bathroom.  The first fun part is that we only have one.  The second fun part, and where the whole Murphy thing comes in, is the hubby is gone.  Yup, he’s gone and won’t be back for a whole other week.  So here I am, having our most recent move flash-backs (when we lived in a hotel for weeks!!) in a hotel room with my sweet precious children, trying to write a post about taking time for myself.

What I do know, is that even in the midst of upheavel, you can keep some things going that remind you of home.  Keep as much of the routine as possible and that always makes transition easier.  Coming from someone who has had to experience more than their fair share of “transitions”, that’s the golden rule right there.  I had always been a fan of Simple Skin Care’s cleansing cloths, but thanks to Simple I’ve been able to try out their new moisterizer and eye make-up remover.  Keeping a routine in taking care of me is important.  That time at night where I’m going through the motions of taking off my make-up and washing my face is my moment to decompress.  In one of my previous posts about skin-care you may have already read that Simple is a brand I alread love and recommend.  I can safely say the same goes for these new products.  The make-up remover is amazing!  That has always been the hardest thing for me to find, a quality product that did leave an oily residue.  Two thumbs up here.  The moisterizer has also proven effective.  It is light and airy, and it carries the Simple standard of clean and simple (hence the name).  While I generally use moisturizers that have anti-aging qualities in them, this is a time fresh alternative for night time.

                                                         my view currently
So here I find myself, not really knowing how long we’ll be in the situation, making the most it.  Taking some time for me currently consists of hiding under the covers after bedtime, with the my earphones in, watching Netflix…no judgement right?! *wink*
Thanks to the Simple Skin Care people I get to pass on a little joy by giving away a $25.00 Commissary gift card.  So light a relaxing candle, open up your favorite book, put on a fuzzy robe and enter to win!!

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