Southern Fried Blues: The Officer’s Ex-Wives Club Series {Author – Jamie Farrell} #RhesBookshelf

I’m a succor for anything Southern or Military related. It’s true I’m afraid. My mama raised me on sweet tea and slaw dogs, where the four food groups include meat, mash potatoes, green beans and that beautifully sweet brown drink. It’s a sensibility. And whether or not I actually ever spent a day of my life living in the South, or the fact that most would argue against calling West Virginia the “South”. I still view myself as such. So I snatched up a copy of Southern Fried Blues by Jamie Farrell with great excitement!! I wasn’t disappointed. Southern Fried Blues is every bit as Southern as I hoped.

A Yankee Lady Stuck in the South
Divorced wasn’t a label Anna Martin ever wanted. Now she’s a thousand miles from home, underemployed, and lonely, but she’s squeezing this lemon life gave her and turning it into lemon meringue pie. Never again will she let any man—especially another military man—get in the way of her career.

A Southern Gentleman Military Officer
Jackson Davis believes in family, football, and Uncle Sam. He treats ladies right, takes his uniform seriously, and he loves his dog, but he doesn’t reckon he’s built for true love. After all, if a man good as his daddy couldn’t do it right, what chance does Jackson have?

One Undeniable Attraction
These two vulnerable souls are as different as cornbread and ketchup, but they fit together like sweet butter on hot biscuits. Short-term, they’re exactly what the other needs. But when their hearts get involved, they’re both gonna end up with a big ol’ case of Southern Fried Blues.


Truthfully I started reading this book wanting to wring my hands right off my arms. The main character almost made me want to go insane! That may sound like I’m about to tell you to not even bother with reading it, but in fact its quite the opposite. I promise. So, the main character is a little quirky, and I might have spent a good portion of the book wondering why the most handsome man that I’ve never seen {Jackson} would be interested in our heroine. But never fear, it will all become clear. There’s something about the two of them that just works. And the romance loving, book nerd, milspouse in me was pleased, just as much as someone who would love to have a heroine 
who doesn’t need a man and accomplishes things on her own without giving anything up. How its possible that Jamie combined those two things with perfection is amazing. Although my most favorite part about this book {caution, slight spoiler} was the fact that Jackson didn’t get out of the military. I’m pretty sure that this is the first military-connected novel that I have EVER EVER read where the service member didn’t retire, find a way to leave early, or was injured and simply recovering before a medical retirement. Never ever! It’s crazy, but sometimes I feel like that the book world is trying to tell me that somehow I can’t find happiness as a currently serving military spouse. But not this book. I couldn’t tell you how thrilled I was when I figured out that this was going to be the case! This book endeared itself to me simply on this fact alone. And Jackson, oh Jackson…probably one of my favorite military heroes in a novel…probably a close tie with CWO Miles Mikowski from Geri Krotow’s Whidbey Island Series.  I love love love this book so much, and I’m so in love with this series. I really hope to see a few more books in it soon. Southern Fried Blues is a book that I will read over and over again, as long as this world has sweet tea and southern hospitality in it. Go now! You can thank me later.

**this book is a Romance novel, and does contain adult content; however it is done in a very Southern and classy way**

                                                               five out of five stars

Buy the book here!!! And if you are feeling wild you can buy the two in the series together!! 

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