Lincoln – 2012 Movie

I’ve to say its been awhile since I was really excited about a movie….actually I guess that’s sort of a lie.  I was really excited about seeing J. Edgar, with Leo DiCaprio and Armie Hammer.  I had spent what seemed like an eternity reading my J. Edgar Hoover book (review can be found here) that when I finally got to see it I was so utterly disappointed that I can’t even tell you.  Being such a history nerd, biographical, non-fiction type gal I kinda irritated when movies that claim to be as such are not.  I particularly love when they say things like “based on a true story” when the based part is really a loosely based, maybe even barely.  I also really enjoy historical fiction, for what it is, especially if its done well.  One of my favorite, and one of the best done of this type, is The Other Boleyn Girl.  Phillipa Gregory did such an excellent job that if someone had told me they there had somehow been magically tape recorders back then so they knew this had happened this way I would believe it in a second.  Thirteen Days is probably one of the best historical movies that I have seen in a long time.  I really loved the black and white to color for actual recordings, and I really respected and could feel the time and care and concern that was put into making this movie.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything that really rivaled it.  The last thing I watched of Steven Spielberg’s was The Pacific, which was an HBO miniseries.  If you haven’t seen it then I would highly recommend it.  It was absolutely wonderful. 

Coming soon from Dreamworks/Disney Touchstone is the movie Lincoln!  I am so excited about this movie and I really hope it does him justice.  I’m not as worried about this movie as I have been other historical movies as of late because it is Steven Spielberg.  I firmly believe that that man wouldn’t put his hand on something that didn’t go as far as it could to make sure it was historically accurate.  Where do you start though, in the amazing life of Abraham Lincoln (who happens to be one of my favorite Presidents)?   This film will be focusing on the last few months of his life, abolition and the end of the Civil War.  The movie is based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s biography, Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, which I will be trying to read before I see the movie.

The poster alone makes me excited!!!!

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