MilSpouse Summit 2013: Will You Be There?

         In the world of blogging I still fill like a newbie.  It’s only been about two and a half years.  It was one of those things where I just jumped in, all in, without really thinking much of it.  From there it has just evolved…and kept on evolving.  About a year ago I attended my first blogging conference, a military blogging conference.  There were several of us “Spouse Bloggers” there and it was one of those celebrity kind of moments for me.  So many bloggers that  I had been following were now all of the sudden right there in front of me.  It’s how I started writing for Homefront United Network, how I met some amazing supporters of the community and how I met one special lady who totally got me, who understood my life and me (secretly snarky and all).  The only down side to this thing is that I spent that weekend being spoiled only to watch us be spread back all over the United States.  What it made me realize is the importance of being in the same space.  Yes, many of us live on base and have that community.  I don’t, so to be surrounded by like women, with similar goals and very similar backgrounds was priceless.  The people that I met and the experiences that I had were far beyond my wildest expectations. 

 The Mil-Blogging Gals!

Me and Angela (Founder of The HUN) and Heather (now Associate Editor @

So, of course I was looking forward to this year’s events.  However, this is going to be a whole different format, not necessarily a blogger thing, and pretty darn awesome if you ask me.  If you are or are going to be in around the DC/VA area April 11-12 then this is the place to be my friends.  Its as close to a once in a lifetime experience that I can think of.  The friendships you will make, the connections you will experience are 1000% worth it.

Me and Jacey (Director of Spouse and Family Programs at
Here’s what you can expect from the Spouse Summit 2013
  • No Power Point (although I’m that nerd that wishes she was still in school…but I have a feeling I won’t be disapaointed)
  • No Panels
  • Representatives from the Center for Deployment Psychology, The Warrior and Family Support Center, USC’s Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and some pretty awesome speakers…perhaps one of the coolest is Sal Giunta – Medal of Honor Recipient.

        This will be the place for you to network, make friends and discover all the amazing things that will truly help you succeed and go forward in your military life.  Whatever is important to you I’m will to be that there will be focus on it, or you will meet someone that is in your position and can help you.  I know that is exactly what happened to me last year.

Visit the Spouse Summit website to learn more and register today!  Can’t wait to see you there.

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Leading Lady Supports the Military!


          I’m totally giggling in my head right now about the title of this post…I hope someone else does too!  Once again I’m bringing you an awesome discount from Leading Lady.  I’m a huge fan of Leading Lady and have been using their bras since I was pregnant.  As a well-endowed chicadee I’m always looking for bras that I like.  There are very few pretty bras for us gals that don’t cost a million dollars.  Thankfully there’s Leading Lady.  This time around I was able to try out two different kinds, the seamless padded wirefree bra and the Lace Underwire Full Figure bra.  I was kind of nervous about the wirefree one, but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it provided a lot of support.  It was really comfortable and it was really seamless.  A+ across the board.  The Lace Underwire bra was also amazing.  Dainty and beautiful and comfortable.  I really liked it.  If you’re looking for a beautiful bra for a full-figured lady this would be an excellent choice.  And as always, the customer service provided by Leading Lady is always par excellence’.  I’m never disappointed with that or the ability to fit myself without having to go into a store. 

Leading Lady is a premiere intimate apparel company dedicated to creating comfortably functional, remarkably affordable, stylish and easy-to-wear bras, camis and sleepwear. A family owned and operated business, Leading Lady has been expertly tailoring nursing and full figure bras for top brands and retailers across North America for more than 70 years. Leading Lady’s comprehensive line of nursing and full figure intimates – including sexy stretch lace wire-free and underwire bras, supportive and seamless sport and yoga bras, and cozy sleep and leisure bras – can be purchased directly on
Leading Lady is proud to celebrate “Leading Ladies” everywhere through its products, programs and philanthropic activities. Leading Lady is committed to supporting military families, as well as a variety of organizations and issues relevant to women across the country. Follow Leading Lady on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

         I’m also proud and happy to say that Leading Lady is a supporter of the military and I have a special discount that goes through tomorrow (I know I’m sorry its so short, but this storm has me all behind).  The Leading Lady Military Discount will score you 20% off when you enter the code MBLOG20.

I was provided samples for my review as an ambassador for Leading Lady, but I was not compensated for positive feedback.  The thoughts and opinions stated here are my own.

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