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Seriously right?  A sports book.  I know, I know, it’s probably the most crazy thing ever.  This is the very first sports related book that I have reviewed on my blog.   However there are several reasons why I chose it.  First, I’m a local now and RG3 is a Washington Redskin.  Despite the fact that my father raised me as a Niner fan, I find myself wanted to get involved with the local team.  I haven’t actually ever lived somewhere where a team physically is located.  Its a different feeling, living where the team actually plays.  It’s like being a Kings fan in Sacramento.  Its in the air when there’s a game.  We haven’t been to a game yet but I want to.  I won’t ever give up my love to the 49ers, but I could go for a home team game.  The second reason I chose this book is because he’s a military kid, a dual military kid no less.  His mother served 12 years; and his father served 21 years.  It’s pretty cool.  He seems to be a decent kid, went to Baylor and so far (even though it hasn’t been that long) he hasn’t had any incidents that would make me erase him from the athlete idol for my sons.  The truth remains to be seen if he will stand the test of time, both on and off the field, but I have high hopes (for the off field part for sure).

What’s it about:

RG3 explores the athletic prowess, faith, and leadership of the NFL’s hottest star.

Robert Griffin III is a world-class athlete, a Heisman Trophy winner, team captain of the Washington Redskins, and NFL Rookie of the Year. Just twenty-two years old, he has begun his ascent as a game-changing NFL quarterback and living testimony of Christian faith. RG3 goes deep into the pressures of the NFL to showcase this young superstar’s abilities, faith, and leadership.

How does RG3 maintain his competitive edge? How does he deal with the pressure of carrying a historic franchise on his shoulders? Can he take the NFL pounding, week in and week out? What is the likely outcome of his career if he remains a “running quarterback”? How does he balance on- and off-field commitments? What’s his character like? What role does his faith play in all this?

RG3 is a great football book that offers an in-depth look at practices, media appearances, off-field commitments, on-field exploits, and quiet moments of leadership over the course of a season. Peek behind the curtain of an athlete in progress as he seeks to make a world-class impact with his talent and his faith at the same time.

What I thought:

Loved this book!  More then just learning about RG3 I actually learned a lot about the current state of the NFL.  Truth be told I am much more knowledgeable about football back in the day, probably about 10 years ago.  I absolutely learned so much.  This was not only an excellent analysis of the game in general, but the realities of the game today.  It was interesting because I was expecting more of a biography of him, but it really wasn’t.  It talked more about his career during high school, a little bit about how his parents chose to raise him.  Ted Kluck is extremely knowledgeable and the way that he is able to write – whether you knew about football or not you would be able to read, understand and enjoy this book.  Like I said it really was a comparison of RG3 and many players of the past and present, comparing how the game was played then and now, and similar ideas.  No one can argue that the game is vastly different then back in the day, like basketball and baseball.  It is difficult to explain more without giving away the book.  I would recommend this book for your husband or son, whether they are a fan of Griffin or not.  This is a great football book in general.  And while “faith” is including in the title, this isn’t really a book about faith or necessarily the faith of Griffin, so don’t let that concern you if that would make you hesitate in getting the book.

3 out of 5 stars
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