Happy Family Celebrates the Month of the Military Family

November is the Month of the Military Family, and Happy Family is joining many organizations and groups in honoring our service members and those who wait.  President Obama issued a proclamation saying:

“Military families exemplify the courage and resolve that define our national character. For their country and their loved ones, they rise to the challenges of multiple deployments and frequent moves — spouses who care and provide for children in their partners’ absence, kids who make new friends and leave known comforts behind. They are the force behind the force, patriots who support their family members in uniform while enriching the communities they call home.”
 Happy Family is a company that reaches out to all kinds of happy families, through their Happy Mamas, their blogs and their products.  Military Families are important to them as well.  So important that they have their own Military Happy Mamas that share helpful tips on their blogs, as well as Happy Mamas on location at Joint Base Charleston, Eglin AFB, Fort Stewart and Fort Carson.  Their mission is provide babies and toddlers with healthy and delicious food.  These tasty treats have the essential vitamins and nutrients to ensure your little one is an official “Happy Baby”.   The Happy Military Mamas educate families on base of healthy options in feeding their families, and providing samples and organic food classes.  Make sure to stop by Happy Families Blog and read their post from National Month of the Military Child.
The lovely people at Happy Family provided me with some wonderful samples of their staple items and some of their newest products.
I was especially thrilled to try out one of their newer products (I just started seeing it in stores!), Super Toddler Bars.  The Super Toddler Bars are gluten free, which was a huge mom-win for me.  Myself and my littlest little are now Gluten-free, and sometimes the lack of new and fresh options is frustrating.  We haven’t made a full turn-over in this house.  I just couldn’t do it, and so far it has gone fairly well.  Phillip is just my little sweetie-pie.  We tasted the berry, honey and kale bars, and while the Kale one wasn’t totally my taste, Phillip gobbled up all of them!  
Happy Family products are also affordable, and line up closely with other similar products.  While you can’t place a value on the health of children, as a military family I know that budgets can be tight.  Providing good quality food for our kids, on the go, while meeting a budget makes this mama VERY happy.  I’m able to do that thanks to this wonderful company.  We’ve been a happy Happy Family for about two years now, and look forward to seeing what this wonderful company brings to us in the future.
Have you ever tried Happy Family before?
You can enter win your very own Happy Family Tot Pack!

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disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary Happy Families Toddler package.  I was not compensated in any other way.

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Preparing For a Little One – Babyproofing your home

Welcome to another week of Preparing For a Little One (PFALO).  I’ve truly been loving this link-up.  It helps me write about all the things I’ve always wanted to, but the list was getting so long that I didn’t know where to start.  Even though I’m on the tail end of the “little one” thing I’ve really enjoyed reading the stories of like-minded mommies.  No matter where you are in life sometimes you just feel like you’re alone.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find there are other bloggy moms out there doing things like I do.  It’s been a real treat.  Thanks Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals for putting this together. 

Preparing For A Little One

This week’s topic is Babyproofing your home.  I’m going to talk about it this from more of a philosophy stand-point then an actual doing.  In our house we babyproof as little as possible.  The philosophy behind that is that we would like to train our children to be able to “handle it” when they are at homes that aren’t babyproofed.  Right now someone has a light bulb going off over their head!  It’s true, there are some things that I really feel should be babyproofed regardless – chemicals and medicine, rooms with dangerous items that can’t be put away and things like that.  It’s like a swinging pedulum.  I’d like to be somewhere in the middle.  If you walked into a baby store, or stores with baby items, you might find every babyproofing gadget for every item in your home: door handles, toilets, refrigerators, stove knob covers and the list goes on and on.  People remove magazines from their tables, books and movies from shelves and every cabinet has one of those annoying plastic things that breaks after using it once.  My home however has very few things babyproofed.  Instead we “trained” for lack of a better word, our children to leave those things alone. After about a week (the time frame it usually takes to change or implement anything when it comes to kids) my magazines are on my coffee tables, my knick-knacks our out and no one turns on the stove.

One of my other favorite tips that I’ve told to lots of my mommy friends is the one drawer/one cabinet rule.  There’s always a drawer or a cabinet without rules in my kitchen.  Usually its the tupperare drawer, sometimes its the drawer with their stuff in it (spoons, plates and such).  If I’m cooking, and they are little, they can follow me around in there and keep themselves preoccupied.

So far this has worked for us through three kids, and no major baby-proofing incidents (knock on wood).  What is so great about this, and where I really see the fruits of our labor, is when we go to people’s homes that don’t have kids or have older children.  Usually we don’t have any problems with kids going nuts knocking things over or breaking things, or opening up every single cabinet.  It might be different, but its a formula that has worked for us and I tell everyone I know about it.

Food for thought is always good.

Do you babyproof?  What are your babyproofing tips and tricks?  Any horror stories you want to share?

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