Rustico – fancy leather gifts for fancy people…

{I have taken part in this program as an influenster with Entertainment New Media Network, partnering with Rustico Leather.  As always my reviews reflect my own thoughts and opinions.}
So I said Rustico Leather is fancy leather for fancy people….it’s not too far from the truth.  The stuff is out of this world exquisite to look at, and incredible to touch.  Just feeling it in your hands tells you that its quality leather.  I’m not typically a fan of the look of leather, but this stuff is beautiful; and I mostly chose it for my husband.  He is quite the traveler, and making sure he had nice things is the cool part about being an adult.  You know that person that you don’t know what to get them because they have everything, or they have the money to buy whatever they want?  I have several of those people in my life, and getting them a gift card is just boring sometimes.  So, you put the money out for a small, high quality item, that is unique.   That is what Rustico Leather provides you.
This journal is absolutely beautiful.  You feel as though you are transported back in time
when you open this and turn the rough-cut paper pages.  This is perfect to record your thoughts in and
beautiful enough to passed on to your children and grand children, so that they can relive
what you did.

This is one of those unique items perfect for that hard to shop traveling person. This is one of the reasons why I chose this review set.  Mr. Air Force is quite the traveling man, and this is kind of a cool thing.  You will pay $18.00 for it, but you are paying for the quality leather, and this particular one is hand-sewn.  There are tons of colors to choose from, including a really cool turquoise color.
The second reason why I chose this particular package was the passport cover.  If you have someone in your life that uses their passport frequently how cool of an item would this be to give them.  Sure its small and pricey, but you would probably end up paying about $25.00 for a present anyone.  So what if its a small one.  For ten more dollars you can get it personalized.  Maybe you know someone who is leaving, maybe go in for a group gift.  I think that is would be a cool gift if I was going out of the country.
While Rustico Leather items are pricey – that isn’t in dispute – and one could reasonably argue that they may not be worth the price, I believe they have their place.  As we get older, and our friends are finding them at a place in life where they can buy what they want for themselves – and gift cards are just super lame all the time – Rustico offers unique items to purchase as gifts.  I also think these gifts would be perfect for our parents.  Talk about people that are getting tougher to shop for, AND can usually buy the things they want for themselves….right?!

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Sunday Social – Week 57

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday peeps…its been a little while since I linked up with Ashley and Neely for Sunday Social, so why not jump back in and start off the week right.  I’m also excited to say I just made #34 on Circle of Mom’s Top Military Mom Blogs.  Didn’t make the Top 25 this year, but the competition was pretty amazing.  Some wonderful military mom blogs made the list.  You should go check out out.

Okay, now on to the fun stuff!!!

1. What is the best trip you’ve ever been on? 

Gosh that is tough.  The hubby and I have had the opportunity to go on a couple really amazing trips, including our cross-country move.  I think two of my favorite trips we’ve taken was to (Ashley’s stomping ground!!) Oklahoma City and also to Savannah, GA.  We went for some military conferences and we got to go without the kids.  It was pretty amazing.  Two places that I never would have thought I would go and probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to otherwise.

OKC baseball
leaving a note at the OKC bombing memorial

of course, had to go to Toby Keith’s

2. what is your best idea for a girl’s weekend trip?

I think going to Las Vegas would be pretty awesome with just girls, or a night on the town in San Francisco.  I’ve never been on a girl’s trip before, so I think I would be super thrilled about any trip!  LOL!

3. what is your best idea for a couple’s trip? 

Well, for me, any trip with just the hubby is pretty awesome.  Like I mentioned before we have had the opportunity to take some trips by ourselves.  Our honeymoon to Hawaii was pretty awesome as well.  I think anything at the beach is the perfect couple’s trip.  Just something low-key and simple.  No TV, no phones, no computers.  That’s what I love.

4. what is the best vacation on the cheap

Okay, so this week’s questions are great!  The absolute best idea for a vacation on the cheap is a staycation.  Get yourself a no frills hotel in town and experience where you live.  Hubby just recently returned from some time away (more on that later) and we are blessed with some pretty amazing friends who told us to get a room (LOL) and stayed at our house with our kids for a night.   We stayed in the heart of DC and hung out.  We were like tourists in our own city and I loved it.  We just were with each other, hung out, walked, went to dinner, had breakfast in bed. It was truly lovely.

 photo IMG_4984_zps47f78c61.jpg

 photo 7054f2ed-fac1-41a9-babf-9075694407f1_zps5e6b8169.jpg

Hanging out with Kermit and The Wicked Witch at the Smithsonian American History Museum

 photo 03965eec-f493-4789-8a28-f74d8af34e41_zps3b7604bc.jpg

 photo 8d7a7ea7-9ef4-43bf-ac74-5c2c7af95d91_zps30b7ddce.jpg

WWII Memorial, Washington, DC

 photo 327b8f2c-bc02-4b4f-9469-23828ff6427f_zps08e0add8.jpg 
Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC
5. What is the place you most want to visit
I really really really want to go to Europe…..very badly.  Hubby has already been (cuz I’m an amazing wife) and I really want to go.  Just to experience everything.  It seems like a dream….and I’m totally doing the whole rose colored glasses/Sabrina thing.  But I really can’t help myself.  I think about it all the time.  silly girl.

can’t wait to read what everyone else has to say.  And if you’re a new follower make sure to let me know!!!!

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